The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1059 - Using Death As A Layout

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara -

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Chapter 1059: Using Death As A Layout

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While on the verge of pa.s.sing away while sitting cross-legged, w.a.n.g Siyuan’s many karma threads had already dissipated along with his death, save for a small part that could be used to involve the time after death and the afterlife. Right before Meng Qi’s eyes, the illusory starry night which was boundless around him suddenly disappeared. The sky which was full of bright star lines was gradually disconnecting, and the feeling of denseness was instantly open and clear.

The remaining small part of the karma threads turned into fragments as it extended outward. Among them were three threads that Meng Qi was most afraid of and did not dare to touch. One of it was dark red, thick and big; it was filled with a feeling of chaos and madness. It linked up w.a.n.g Siyuan’s Dharmakaya and real spirit before flying into an unknown high area and squeezing itself into a strange mid-air with ever-changing clouds. Just by the mere sight of it was enough to make Meng Qi feel as if chills went spreading all over his body. It made him anxious and afraid from the bottom of his heart. When comparing the Heavenly Way Monster that he had seen earlier and this karma thread, it was as if it was a firefly vying for the brightness of the sun.

Another thread was filled with Yin aura, condensed with the intent of death, and it was connected with the Emperor of Feng Du’s black fist which was able to manifest the Six Dao of Samsara. If it makes contact with one’s body, the person will fall and die on the spot. If it was for another, it would still be possible to reincarnate as an animal and lapse into h.e.l.l with their body turned into a Preta. However, if it was for Meng Qi, he would completely disappear for he did not have an afterlife!

There was also another thread which was faintly discernible and mysterious as one could not know where it was going. Although he could check what it actually meant, but the hunch Meng Qi got from the Principles of Karma and Arts of Eight-Nine was enough to make him instinctively fearful and not want to make any contact with it.

Aside from these three threads, the rest can be loaded… the ancient Glaze Lamp which was colorless in Meng Qi’s eyes shone brightly. The black separated itself from the white as derivation continued and weaved a virtual reality belonging only to karma. With a light swing of the Invincible Blade in his hands across the side of w.a.n.g Siyuan’s body, he made every single karma thread stick over to him. The dark red was sent into madness as it tried and struggled with great effort with the intention of pouncing on Meng Qi. The Death Will threads were st.u.r.dy and heavy, causing Meng Qi to almost be unable to move due to such stickiness. As for w.a.n.g Siyuan’s Dharmakaya which managed to finally wait until it had fully left w.a.n.g Siyuan, it turned into a trap once again and wanted to cover Meng Qi in it in order to let him replace itself in death!

The mysterious and faintly discernible thread seemed normal, but the way it stuck on the Invincible Blade gave one a lingering feeling of fear.

At this moment, the illusory karma world created by the Dao Yi Glaze Lamp shrunk. It latched itself upon the surface of Meng Qi’s body, making him seem solemn and lofty in an instant as he graced all kinds of karma with his presence.

As he pulled back the Invincible Blade, the threads of dark red chaos, the Yin aura Death Will trap and mysterious and faintly discernible karma pa.s.sed Meng Qi by one by one. It was also because of this that Meng Qi was utterly exhausted, making him unable to decide on which one of the remaining karma threads would be weak enough for him to bear.

Suddenly, a bright star line which seemed normal floated out and became the first to stick itself unto Meng Qi’s body.


Scenes continuously appeared before Meng Qi’s eyes: a child holding and playing with a counting rod, only interest sparkling in his eyes, a young man standing erect quietly as he watched his grandfather as well as his seniors of the legal bloodline pa.s.s away one by one. There were no emotions expressed in his eyes and he seemed cold, when he fell terribly sick for the first time and had almost died. He lay there on the bed with his eyes tightly shut, a beautiful prince attempting to comprehend the Arithmetical Cla.s.sic while endlessly coughing blood. He was refining the Ancient Book without even thinking of anything else, a prince who was a Life Master and was unpredictable, wandering from place to place. Be it zither or chess, he searched for every matter and object that could exceed his expectations, a thin silhouette who was flipping across ancient books, thinking about myths and playing with theories, a silhouette clothed in white who had a pale complexion and a crazed look burning in his eyes…

In an instant, the past appeared once again, and w.a.n.g Siyuan’s life was presented in Meng Qi’s mind in a fleeting manner.

This was a life accompanied by loneliness and craze!

What a weird karma thread… Meng Qi furrowed his brows slightly, his heart filled with doubt. He has never seen this kind of karma thread, nor did he know what he was to bear. But now, Great Mediums were fighting and the Cave’s Restrictive Spell was going to collapse at any moment, making it extremely dangerous. Hence, after he got the blade, he took a long glance at w.a.n.g Siyuan before turning to leave. With the swaying of a green gown, he left the Tomb Mountain instantly.

With the swing of his blade, he floated somewhere far away. This was a graceful bearing of a blade man that Meng Qi had always dreamed of, but now he felt an unexplainable sense of heaviness and discomfort. When he looked for the last time, he saw how due to temporarily losing all his karma, the distortion and pain in w.a.n.g Siyuan’s face disappeared, as if he was finally free of that horrifying matter that he suffered before his death, and had returned to peace.

After that peace, he opened his eyes, and they were clean and clear. The corner of his lips curled up, forming a faint smile. Along with this, his Dharmakaya dissipated quickly, just like an illusion bubble.

In just a short moment, the Grand w.a.n.g Prince completely disappeared from heaven and earth. His time here was fleeting just like that of a short-lived illusion, and when he left he was like the morning clouds, disappearing without a trace. There was no longer any sign of him left in this world.

Just like this, the Grand w.a.n.g Prince has fallen?

With only the heart to seek for death and peace, he has finally gotten what he wanted?

Meng Qi blinked his eyes and did not turn back anymore as he stepped out of the w.a.n.g family’s ancestral hall.

Streams of karma threads were resounding as they wanted to return to w.a.n.g Siyuan’s body. However, since the bubble has popped and the illusion no longer exists, where else could they depend on?

Hence, they disappeared as well, save for that dark red, thick, and big karma thread which was like a whip, twitching everywhere as it deducted chaos and madness.

Finally, it was dragged into the Ancient Guardian Coffin.

“Heavenly Way!”

A mournful and terrifying sound was made from within the coffin. It tugged so much to the point that the purplish-black colored Chaos Ground Lock shook crazily. After making a series of clanking sounds, cracks began to appear to the point that the whole cave was covered with lines that were similar to shattered gla.s.s and the monster that was inside seemed as if it was about to jump out.

Up in the sky, the sound of a zither reverberated. The Fairy Will emerged and washed out the dark red caused by the chaotic changes of the clouds. The slender and good-looking huge hand blocked the top of the Ancient Book. Then, it pressed down with its five fingers repressed, wanting to forcefully take it away before it wakes up.


The two streams of dark and twisted sword power which were swinging towards it suddenly turned and hit straight at the palm of this huge hand. The most original evil came from the soul and appeared in the Dharmakaya; it was extremely sinister. At the crucial moment, the Demonic Monarch blocked this slender and huge hand.

The huge hand emitted a crystal-like glow, and with a tap of a finger, the River of Destiny magnified and shrunk as it swallowed all kinds of futures, leaving only one kind of possibility.


The Demonic Monarch’s sword power was directly bounced off and scattered, and the beard and hair of that skull which was clear and evil had all stood up in anger.

“Fu Emperor!” the Emperor of Feng Du made a low growl. The black fist opened up, and six of his fingers turned into six deep Samsara pa.s.sages. They all connected to form a whirlpool before rus.h.i.+ng to cover that sparking, translucent, and huge hand!

That huge hand which had the sound of a zither lingering on it was actually the Fu Emperor who had lived during the Archaeozoic era and whose formidable renown gave him authority over the early years of the ancient times. He was the emperor before the Celestial Ruler!

He was actually still alive!

And according to the Emperor of Feng Du’s tone, it seemed as if he was quite familiar with the Fu Emperor.

Different scenes of brutes, h.e.l.l, evil spirits and the like appeared, and like a rotation, they all held the Fairy Will’s huge hand back. When the Demonic Monarch saw this, he once again swung out the Demonic Sword Spirit of the Shapeless Sky and cut up the void, successfully causing the Ancient Book to be isolated. In the meantime, high up in the dark red sky, the clouds were changing, and the chaos turned into unstable whirlpools, forming a pair of terrifying and cold eyes!

The Demonic Monarch was not afraid of this. Unless the Nirvana Realm woke up and directly made a move, otherwise there was no way that he would not even have the chance to retaliate. Besides, if the situation was truly dangerous, he could still combine his six bodies and display the Supreme Devil’s prestige. Furthermore, it wasn’t as if he must have the Ancient Book, he had only wanted it to stabilize the Devil’s Claws. If he fails to s.n.a.t.c.h it, he could always take the opportunity and leave. He didn’t need to put himself into a hopeless situation just because he was too greedy.

The environment at the Southern Wasteland was bad, but a natural vigorousness filled this land. There were people who practiced martial arts everywhere, and the noises made by discussions could be heard from every corner. The strong atmosphere of martial arts was comparable to that of the Middle Ages.

At the top of a mountain, Qi Zhengyan wore a green robe, his eyes were silently burning with a black colored flame, and the stars in between his brows which were golden and clear were s.h.i.+ning with equal colors.

“Demonic Lord, the amount of masters who have reached the Orifices-Point Activation Stage in the Southern Wasteland is growing rapidly. They are emerging endlessly and have now outgrown the amount from the Central Plains.” The Hei Jia Devil Sage said politely, “But there is something that ought to be contemplated beforehand.”

“What is it?” Qi Zhengyan asked calmly.

Only after checking the Demon Emperor’s mood and concluding that there was nothing amiss did the Hei Jia Devil Sage muster up the courage to say, “It has only been a few years since that matter in the Southern Wasteland, and before the Exterior Realm had appeared in batches, the usage of our natural resources were not that big. However, after another five or 10 years, terrifying requests will emerge, and though we will be able to bear it for a while, it is not something we can do in the long run. So, we must make early preparations and plan ahead.”

“There are many resources in this world, so much so that it exceeds a normal human being’s expectations. Take that expansive Sea of Stars as an example, it hides countless natural resources. Also, when I’ve become a Legend, I can create objects from nothing, so there is absolutely no need to worry about resources,” Qi Zhengyan said with a smile.

The Hei Jia Devil Sage was stunned, “But in order to roam the Sea of Stars, one must at least have the Dharmakaya.”

“Hence, I plan to achieve the Dharmakaya today,” Qi Zhengyan said calmly.

“You will achieve it today? Just because you say you will achieve it, you will really be able to do so? Without squelching the Devil’s Claws beforehand or even take precautions against the Demonic Monarch’s attack?” the Hei Jia Devil Sage said in shock.

Qi Zhengyan smiled, and did not say much, “I am about to condense a second star, self-strengthening. The Heavens will surely show appreciation for those self-strengthening people who grow and multiply without end!”

The moment he finished saying this, hints of bright red lights appeared from countless mountains in the Southern Wasteland. These were the bright rays emitted from every single self-strengthening people. They connected to form a red stream, covered everything, drowned the whole Southern Wasteland and dyed the whole Ether red!

When the red stream surges, there will naturally be a banner flaunting in the wind!

In the Tomb Mountain Cave, the Demonic Monarch, the Emperor of Feng Du and what seemed to be the Fu Emperor’s huge hand which was high up in the air, causing a person to be confused were immersed in their battle as they fought to obtain the Ancient Book.

It was at this moment when he suddenly felt a jerk in his heart and looked towards the Southern Wasteland.

Qi Zhengyan was about to achieve the Dharmakaya?

Although he still had five Demonic Bodies at home, but to awaken another would equate to waking up in advance, and this was going to cause great damage!

He instantly retracted, planning to retreat from the battle group as he did not want to seek the Ancient Book anymore. However, a monster suddenly appeared before him. This monster which was calling out Heavenly Way had such a terrifying aura that he felt as if he had returned to when he first met the Devil’s Claws.

The w.a.n.g family’s ancestor?

It was only at this moment that the Demonic Monarch came to a sudden realization and looked downwards at the opened Ancient Guardian Coffin where w.a.n.g Siyuan completely disappeared.

His true motive was to lure him to his own web and help Qi Zhengyan to create an opportunity to achieve his Dharmakaya?

No wonder he was covering up matters which by doing so would only make it worse, and he even made the matter of resistance seem as if those with intentions would know about it, causing one to long after it!

This was the true use of death as a layout!

Or could it be that he still had vitality in the Southern Wasteland?

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