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Chapter 797: Spirit Foxes

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Three days later, Chen Tianxiao walked out of the Azure Mountain gates.

The words spoken by the Grandmaster still echoed in his mind. “You just have to tell those people the reason I’m not afraid of those deities is that they will definitely not dare to enter the Azure Mountain.”

Chen Tianxiao did not comprehend the true meaning of his words. What other secrets laid beneath the Azure Mountain that prevented his Grandmaster from fearing the Upper Realm deities?

He was worried that his own masters and seniors were equally clueless about this whole ordeal. He did not even think about investigating this matter on his own. However, this info was enough to satisfy that warden. By giving him what he wanted, the warden would not harm him.

When Chen Tianxiao stepped out of the mountain gates, he immediately recalled a crucial point. The warden did not give him his contact details.

Perhaps Sir Warden had forgotten about this?

He just had this thought before shrugging it off. The prolonged period spent in prison had probably had a negative impact on his intelligence.

He stopped thinking and flew directly towards the ground.

He had just acquired the Spirit Cultivation Technique from his Grandmaster. He heard that the ladies of the Azure Mountain also cultivated this technique, which gave him a fright. He decided that he would not cultivate to any state. Instead, seeking help from Sir Warden was more reliable.

Unconsciously, he began to trust his enemy even more.

When he landed on the ground, a figure appeared beside him. It was none other than the das.h.i.+ngly handsome Vigilante A.

Chen Tianxiao secretly envied him. As a person with average looks, he was jealous of everyone better-looking than him.

Nonetheless, he could not reveal his true emotions. Vigilante A was able to find him at any time and his life laid in this individual’s hands. This was exactly why Vigilante A never mentioned his contact details!

“Venerable One, I’ve completed your task and gathered the latest news.”

Next, he recounted what Shang Qingshan had told him.

“Don’t dare to enter the Azure Mountain? How can he be so confident?” Fang Ning was puzzled.

“How the heck should I know?” Sir System was even more dumbfounded.

“Silly of me to ask you.” Fang Ning

Then, he spoke to Chen Tianxiao. “Alright, you’ve done well. Keep looking out for the latest developments. You must find out the real reason the Azure Mountain can resist the Upper Realm saints.”

Fang Ning paused, then took out a bottle of yellowish pills. “Here, this is your reward.”

Chen Tianxiao happily accepted the bottle. If there was anything he admired about Vigilante A, it was his nature of knowing when to dish out rewards and punishments.

“Thank you for your reward, Venerable One. I shall unearth this secret as soon as possible.” He replied humbly, a stark contrast from the arrogant and domineering youngster that he once was.

After that, he quickly excused himself and vowed to demand the Spirit Cultivation Technique from Vigilante A once his task was completed.

As soon as Chen Tianxiao left, Sir System suddenly complained. “Wrong! Your job is to let him find out the real reason for the problem. That sly fellow only gave you half of the reason. He’s trying to squeeze me dry, how many pills do you think I have!”

Fang Ning was at once speechless. Sir System was right. He was duped and did not realize it in time. He could not admit his mistake either, for it’ll be too embarra.s.sing.

He then replied. “Never mind, we’ll give him goodies first. It’ll motivate him.”

“d.a.m.n you, you’re using my stuff. Don’t act like you’re generous.” Sir System yelled.

“Don’t be so calculative, it’s a necessary sunk cost.” Fang Ning tried to pacify the System.

“Sooner or later I’m going to be your necessary sunk cost too.” Sir System was still furious.

“Stop spewing so much negativity. You’ll never sink since you’re a shameless System anyway.”

“F*ck off!”

“Fine, I’ll leave…”

The ordeal with Chen Tianxiao blew over after some time, but more pressing matters had shown up.

During the construction of the s.p.a.ce Control, a group of guests from the Upper Realm arrived suddenly.

The Black Dog Brett appeared and looked at the group of uninvited guests while drooling from its mouth.

“To all you ladies from the Spirit Fox clan, my name is Brett. I was here a few years before you all arrived and I’m very familiar with this place. We’re from the same clan after all, so I’ll take care of you well…” It stepped forward diligently and looked and sniffed at the Foxes.

“This Black Dog’s an intriguing fellow. We’ve only just arrived and it claims that we’re all related to it.” The Foxes giggled.

“It’s obviously an Earthly Hound, so how can it be of the same clan as us?”

“Miss, according to the local’s categorization, we are canines. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, we’re part of the same clan.” The Black Dog a.s.serted firmly.

When Fang Ning arrived, he witnessed the dog’s shameless action.

“Ahem…” He hinted at the dog.

He saw a group of smart-looking Foxes in front of him. Their fur ranged from red to white and there were about ten of them.

“What do you mean ‘about ten of them’? Don’t you know how to count? 12 and a half.” Sir System jeered.

“Huh, where did that other half come from?” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“One’s about to die, or else there would have been 13 of them.” Sir System answered confidently.

Vigilante A’s sudden appearance immediately caught the attention of the Foxes.

“Eh, I can’t believe there’s such a handsome man among the humans?” An older white fox whispered.

“You’re right. The Upper Realm deities are no match for his beauty.”

“Is the Black Dog his pet? Such a stark contrast from his master.”

“No. If that’s the case, it makes him look even fairer.”

“Hee hee hee… Hee hee hee…”

When Brett caught wind of this, he felt depressed and laid by Vigilante A’s side.

“Good day, handsome. What place is this?” The older white fox asked brazenly.

“Well, I’m the guardian of this realm. If you behave yourselves, it would be a place of tranquility. If you don’t, it would be a place of suffering.” Vigilante A replied sternly.

“He’s so cool.” The group of Foxes crooned.

“Once I return to my human form, I must romance this fellow.” The white fox murmured, her eyes bright and sparkling.

“He might not be interested in you.”

“Impossible. Back in the day, even the Moon G.o.ddess envied my beauty.” The white fox spoke confidently.

“Richie, leave now.” Sir System grunted.

“Why?” Fang Ning was baffled.

“They are even more shameless than me.”

“…” Fang Ning was at a loss for words. Sir System knew there were others better than him.

He regained control of Vigilante A’s body and waved his hand, gesturing the Foxes to stay silent.

“Settle down, all of you. For now, Little Black will be your guide around this place. You shall familiarize yourselves with the local customs and I’ll make further arrangements till then.”

“Thank you, master.” The Black Dog was vigorous once again.

“Alright. Sisters, do listen to your brother-in-law.” The white fox blinked and agreed.

“Hold on.” Fang Ning pointed a finger and a drop of nectar fell on top of a tired little green fox’s body.

The green fox sprang to life and kept nodding her head in grat.i.tude.

“Aren’t you going to thank your brother-in-law, Lil Green?” The white fox finally realized that this sister was the weakest among them. There must be something wrong with her.

“Thank you, brother-in-law.” The green fox said courteously.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

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