Seized by the System Chapter 741 - The Prestige of the Heavenly Axiom

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Chapter 741: The Prestige of the Heavenly Axiom

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Black Robe looked at the glowing door from across and frowned,” No, Mars isn’t suitable for human survival. The plan of the biosphere’s species has already failed several times, and it’s doomed to fail in such a short timespan. I suggest we use my robocop as a trailblazer.”

“That so-called robocop of yours was also made of flesh and blood. It can’t live without air and water. How can it survive on Mars?” The River G.o.d shook its head and said.

“My lord, it will not work, but I can come up with a better version…” Black Robe said it in a proud manner, “I can combine the soul and the mechanical body together after removing the blood and flesh, and rely on the medicinal pill to nourish the soul. The mechanical body would be able to function using scientific electrical energy. This will enable it to survive on Mars for a long time.”

” Well if that’s the case this would be incredibly redundant. Why not just leave it to humans to develop the robots? Aren’t they already doing that as we speak?” The River G.o.d shook his head again.

“My lord, you may know a lot about religions and rituals, but you surely have limited knowledge of the humans’ technological advancement. Their artificial intelligence is incompetent. It lacks the ability to take the initiative in solving problems, let alone dealing with new ones. For it to reach the capability of a human, it still has a long way to go. On the contrary, we would only be one step away if we combine a humans’ soul and mechanical bodies. The difficulty of execution is apparent at one glance. In addition, the artificial core won’t cost a dollar,” Black Robe said in a condescending tone.

“I understand now. No wonder you are Demon Lord Zhi Nan’s subordinate, you really do live up to the reputation of possessing valuable insight and knowledge.” The River G.o.d came to a realization.

The River G.o.d had seen a lot of news reported by the humans; the artificial intelligence they possessed was indeed a hot topic.

At the moment, it was only plausible for it to focus on specific areas through big data combined with deep learning to solve specific problems under specific rules. It was still far from achieving the strong conscious intelligence of human beings.

“However, I have a hunch that it’s better to get it done as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be more susceptible to changes as time by,” urged the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

“I understand this. I will inform my master about it when I’m done here,” Black Robe responded promptly.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King was also reminding Vigilante A to not trap him here. He was still of valuable use to them.

“My Lord, what’s your opinion on this matter?” the River G.o.d of the Sky River said to the sky.

“That sounds great. I will leave this matter to all of you,” A voice descended from the sky.

The three of them went their separate ways after that.

At the same time, the System continued.

“That Black Robe is unlike the other demons who do evil deeds. I can’t believe he has the intention to delve into the dark side of technology. Perhaps he wants to play the role of a scientific demon in the future?”Fang Ning exclaimed.

He’s read a lot of science fiction books and watched a lot of science fiction movies. He clearly understands that if weren’t for the restrictions of the directors and authors, the scientific maniacs would destroy the world at any minute.

“It sounds like this Black Robe guy is really something else. As a rich man yourself, you’re far inferior,” the System exclaimed.

“Stop using me as a negative example. We can make use of whatever he manages to develop anyway,” Fang Ning rebuked.

“That’s not going to work because the core of the technology is in his hands. If he decides to make some changes, what should we do then?” the System had its doubts.

“That’s simple. As capable as he is, he’ still has to get his souls from us, otherwise it’ll be illegal, we can still use Vigilante A to mess him up. The souls that go out from our place will need my stamp of approval. This is to make sure that nothing goes wrong,” Fang Ning said.

“I didn’t know the master of a realm possesses so many magical powers. If I had known, I would have tried to be one,” the System sounded b.u.mmed.

“You can’t be one. The Heavenly Axiom can’t even feel your presence, how are they going to merge with you? The only person who knows you exist is me.” Fang Ning seemed delighted about the fact.

“This is so irritating. I have the ability to seize you, but I can’t seize the Heavenly Axiom?” the System grumbled.

“Hmm… Let me think.” Fang Ning was startled and came to a realization.” You might not have been able to in the past, but it might work now. After all, I have merged with the realm of Heavenly Axiom. If you can seize me, it probably means you can seize the Heavenly Axiom.”

“I get it now.” The System was thrilled, and then Fang Ning received the system’s notification.

[The system has seized the Heavenly Axiom of the Land of Sanguinity]

“Oh so you are actually able to do it.” Fang Ning seemed pleased.

“Why are you so delighted today?” the System was overjoyed but puzzled at the same time. “It’s not like you to not fault me in some way.”

“What are you talking about? When have I ever faulted you when it involves a serious matter?? I took your experience and money as punishment, but it was all because I cared and wanted to protect you. I had to do it to prevent you from walking down the evil path.” Fang Ning countered.

“Wait, no, I get it. This is because you’re too lazy. Even if the merge is successful, you don’t really want to put in your effort to manage it. You’re just going to let it be…,” the system was speaking the mind of Fang Ning.

“You’re making this up. The Heavenly Axiom has its own way of operating, it doesn’t need my input unless there are rules that needed to be changed. The lazier I am, the better off the Heavenly Axiom would be. The less I interfere the less problems we’d have.” Fang Ning sounded wronged.

“Is that so? That seems reasonable. Well, since this place is under my watch, all the production from this place belongs to me as well,” The system was not being reserved with its request.

“That’s not happening. The most you can get is half,” Fang Ning quickly bargained.

“Ninety percent,” the system pushed a little.

“Seventy percent,” Fang Ning was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

“Eighty percent,” the system pushed a bit more.

“Fine.” Fang Ning stood down.

“You can’t be bothered with the report anyway, the allocation rate would still be my call in the end…” the system groaned.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.” At this moment, he was suddenly stunned.

“Are you serious?” the System was shocked, “Can’t you even take a little blow to your pride? I thought you had no care for money.”

“Cut out the c.r.a.p. That guy named William has been praying. I know I forgot something important looking at him, but I can’t seem to think of what it is,” Fang Ning was rubbing his head in agony.

“William seems very eager. His fiancé’s soul is still resting and the whole process takes at least half a year. After all, she’s been dead for more than ten years. You should just tell him straight the next time,” the System said.

“Wait, more than ten years?” Fang Ning said it in a regrettable manner, “Xiao Cang’s whole family has been dead for more than twenty years, right? Can you help me to find out if their souls are here?”

“…,” the System was at a loss for words. “A man dies the way a lamp goes out, everything is gone after death. Why do you care so much? Do you really think that you’re Mother Mary? Now that you’ve already merged with the Heavenly Axiom, you should do things their way. Since when did they care about the life and death of human beings?”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. I’m willing to do it. They are my people, and I can’t bear to see them suffer.”

“… Here I am suffering every day, but I don’t see you giving a d.a.m.n about me”

” I’ve already given you lots of benefits.”

“Oh yeah, and when was that? It was always me who was bringing you benefits.” the System said in a disbelieving tone.”

“It was all thanks to my doing that you could grow to this scale today. Isn’t that the greatest benefit?”

“Forget it. What do you want to do to help them? Let me tell you beforehand that this is not an easy task. Why don’t we just let them be robots since we already have helpers.”

“No. I know that robots are to losing their ability to feel emotions. They were made because the Lord Devil wanted them to be ruthless so that they can pa.s.s the test of the Divine List”, Fang Ning said in a disagreeing manner.

“That is so troublesome. Resurrection is impossible, because they’ve already been dead for so long. My resurrection magic is not that advanced yet,” the System vented.

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