Seized by the System Chapter 726 - Going Against the Heavens and Earth

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Chapter 726: Going Against the Heavens and Earth

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The moment Black Robe joined the conference, everyone knew that he was representing the Master Great Demon Saint.

This way, all beings from humans to spirits, G.o.ds to devils, all would be complete.

Above the hills, Vigilante A, Bodhisattva Spirit King, the River G.o.d of the Sky River, Tianjing Faw.a.n.g, and Black Robe – five of them had come to discuss the fate of the Land of Sanguinity.

Meanwhile, below the hills, William, Qiao Anping, Qiao Zishan, Qiao Zijiang, and Xu Rui – five of them were listening by the side, becoming witnesses to a historical moment.

Xu Rui had a troubled look in his eyes as his heart tumbled.

At that moment, he wanted so badly to be qualified enough to stand above the hills, and partic.i.p.ate in this meeting.

However, he was clear that right now, he was far from enough.

Although he was once crowned first in the Youth Truth Department, he was still nowhere qualified enough to be on par with these great beings.

The five beings onstage could be said to be somehow related to the Upper Realm, and they were only a small part of the tremendous powers that the Upper Realm had.

The entire Earth was in their palms.

There was only one thing he did not understand. Vigilante A was just a native human pretending to be a king in the name of Upper Realm’s True Dragon.

The thing was that even if the other party spoke the truth, n.o.body would believe him.

At the same time, in the surging waters of the River of Blood, a seemingly inconspicuous crab kept moving around as if it was battling something.

Suddenly, a streak of blood wrapped around it, and clarity seemed to have restored in its eyes.

“So that’s how it’s going to be. I, Hook, have worked out my entire life plan, but this is where I’ll fall. Though, I still have my destiny. I’ll be back! This will belong to me in the end.”

Then, its figure suddenly expanded, and like a pair of pliers, it snapped a huge fish that was swimming by into half. With that, its body continued to grow a few inches.

This was the horror of the Heavens and Earth gaining consciousness, as one could be instantly shaped into an ideal individual that was selected. If Heaven and Earth were unconscious, no matter how strong they were, they would not be this terrifying. That was because they do not have a goal, so they would not target anyone.

However, perhaps that was the case; an unconscious Heavens and Earth would exist longer than a conscious Heavenly Axiom. There was a saying that said it would be frigid if he had no selfish desires. Once the Heavenly Axiom starts to desire and personally partic.i.p.ated in fights for possession, it would develop a fatal weakness…

This crab was selected by the Heavenly Axiom of the Land of Sanguinity, as it started to grow rapidly until it was at least able to fight against five foreign supreme beings…

At that moment, the five great beings who were unaware of the happenings had already finished their discussion.

“Alright, the Dragon G.o.d will become the owner of this realm and the four of us will each have a power of governance, so we’ll all do our own duties. Faw.a.n.g will rule all the souls, both good and evil; Bodhisattva will lead and welcome the good to Heaven; Black Robe will entrust the common souls to the care of the Robocops; I, as the master of the River of Blood, will beat up the evil souls and throw them into the River of Blood. If all of us keep to our duties, we’ll be able to transform this Land of Sanguinity into a place of love and justice,” the River G.o.d of the Sky River said with a smile.

As the dust settled, five of them had their palms in the air against each other as they pledged.

After Black Robe made his vow, his mind finally calmed down. Although Master’s highest goal had not been achieved, he did successfully accomplish the lowest goal.

At least they had successfully established themselves in the Land of Sanguinity.

This was all thanks to Master’s wisdom. These people, whether it was that Dragon G.o.d or the other three, perhapys they were powerful, perhaps they had their singularities, but they still did not have Master’s abilities to integrate Earth’s technology and Upper Realm’s cultivation system and invent a miraculous creation in the shortest time.

However, Vigilante A was indeed different. All G.o.ds, in general, are usually appalled by the mere mention of demons, let alone cooperate with them.

However, on the other party’s side, they were able to treat all equally without discrimination. The Path of Demons was not a distinguis.h.i.+ng factor, it was just a matter of good and evil. Just this point, they were better than most saints.

Were it not for the fact that the opposite party was present, he believed that the other three great G.o.ds would definitely not have pledged such a vow with him.

“Alright, the pledge has been set. It’s time to start transforming this realm. River G.o.d, your predecessors go back to ancient times in the Upper Realm. Do you have any suggestions in reforming this realm?” Vigilante A nodded.

This was actually the System’s fundamental purpose. If the System himself were able to take care of this realm, he would have chased the other four far away to avoid them from interfering.

“Hmm, I’ve noticed that the River of Blood is the root of this arcane realm. We’ll never go wrong from starting from the root source. Let’s go have a look at the river first. We can use it as a lever and pry out everything we need of this arcane realm so we can work towards our intended direction…” The River G.o.d of the Sky River said with complete confidence.

In the System s.p.a.ce.

“Sigh, these old fellows are indeed pretty capable. There’s nothing I can do, yet they’re so confident of themselves,” the System exclaimed.

“Hu hu…” Fang Ning responded with a snore.

“Get up!” The System was indignant.

He was dead beat from running around outside and meanwhile, this fellow sound asleep at home. It was really unreasonable.

“Why are you making such a big racket? I’ve heard whatever you said. All in all, you’re just a two-year-old system, so obviously you can’t compare yourself with those old chaps. No doubt they are incredibly powerful, we do have the upper hand here in terms of martial arts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t give away the Master’s position that easly. On the other hand, we did enter before them, but most importantly, they’ll still have to rely on us to go against Heaven and Earth,” Fang Ning said.

“Ah, no wonder you were cultivating the True Bodhi Tactics. Surely it doesn’t mean that you’re going to enter the battle personally at the end?” The System was completely shocked.

“That’s exactly the case. You have to know that the Heavenly Axiom is able to talk to me directly so when the time comes, I’ll have to face it,” Fang Ning said as he shook his head.

“Oh, if that’s the case, you shouldn’t sleep anymore. Go and continue your training, I’ll prepare some Spiritual Cultivation Pills for you,” the System urged.

“Ugh…” Fang Ning moved a rock and smashed it unnder his foot. He had no choice but to get up and start training.

Outside, the five people were slowly moving down the hill and making their way to the riverbank.

Qiao Pingan and the others quickly followed. Not only was this a rare opportunity for them to promote themselves, but more importantly, they were only safe when they were nearby these great beings.

Otherwise, the Heavenly Axiom of this realm would never let these accomplices go.

At the bank of the River of Blood, rough waves slapped against the sh.o.r.e.

It was as if the realm was getting angry. The river water was roaring violently, and from time to time, waves that were hundreds of meters stirred high, layer by layer, and each one was followed by another continuously. It seemed to be warning people not to underestimate the wrath of the Heavens and Earth.

However, everyone was calm as they faced the situation before them, n.o.body showing any unusual funniness.

The System was never afraid of anything. As for the three great beings, they had experienced great calamity of the Upper Realm. In comparison to that nirvana of peace and solitude, this spectacle dished up by the Heavenly Axiom of this small puny arcane realm was just child’s play.

As for Black Robe, the only thing he feared was his Master, the Demon Lord Zhi Nan.

At most, he regarded Vigilante A with awe and reverence, but he was not afraid of the other side. Though, he was fear of being killed as he was worried that after he died, he would no longer be able to serve Master. That was the only reason he was worried about death, and not because of his greed for life.

“First, let me observe it’s ins and outs,” the River G.o.d of the Sky River said with a smile while reaching out with a golden droplet in hand.

The golden droplet then fell into the raging waters of the river. In an instant, the entire River of Blood calmed down, but there was a sense of wickedness in the calm.

The River G.o.d of the Sky River closed his eyes at the same time, seemingly to have sensed something.

Everyone waited patiently. They believe that this great G.o.d must have the ability to deal with the River of Blood.

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