Seized by the System Chapter 589 - That’ll Be Great For My Kidneys

Seized by the System -

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Chapter 589: That’ll Be Great For My Kidneys

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Fang Ning was mindful of how difficult it was for Daqing to be full from eating but it was urgent, and they were unsure of when the second wave would happen. By then, the entire Qi City would certainly end up being a dead land, and people from China would be plunged into great misery.

Although his laziness was at an extreme, it was impossible for him to leave this huge burden for a few days later like he always did.

This was the frightening part of the Era of Vitality. During the Era of Technology, in pace with the evolvement of civilization, humans’ resilience towards many calamities began growing stronger. At the very least, they were no longer as powerless as their ancestors.

However, now, they had to start over again…

At once, Fang Ning performed his exclusive fooling tricks, and said with a serious face, “Miss Daqing, due to the flood of poisonous insects, the whole city is suffering a moment of crisis. Please, make use of your holy mouth to save the people from untold miseries…”

His words were rather exaggerated but all in all, he made sure to not talk about money…

“I can’t understand you.” Chong Daqing shook its head hard, and put on an ignorant face.

Fang Ning was extremely speechless, he instantly looked stern. “Work first, eat later.”

“Oh, I understand.” It was only then when Chong Daqing answered conscientiously.

With that, Fang Ning was satisfied. Just as he was about to bring the others out, he heard the “beeping” sounds coming from his WeChat.

When he looked, it was a message sent from Zheng Dao who was guarding outside.

“Venerable One, there’s a disaster. Qi City’s Special Affairs Department just sent a message to inform me that a ma.s.sive amount of people suddenly fainted because they’re clueless about the reason, all hospitals in the city are already exhausted from being constantly over-demand, they’re finding it hard to handle this. If this drags on, even if there are no further complications, countless of them will die from hunger, and it’ll be a tragedy…”

Fang Ning immediately replied, “Ask them to relax, I’ve found the reason, and I already have a solution, it will be implemented soon.”

“Venerable One, you’re truly full of integrity, and you’re always thinking for the people. If the people from Qi City know about this, they’ll surely be very touched.”

“Hehe, it’s not too late for you to give praise after everything is over.” Fang Ning had a good idea of what was going on, he could vaguely feel that this matter would not be settled so easily.

In just one night, poisonous insects had flooded the whole of Qi City. Given the situation, if he still thought that there was no evil mastermind behind this, his IQ must have declined to a level equivalent to the System.

“I’m very smart, alright? Wasn’t I the one who reminded you just now?” The System was discontented.

“Uh, sorry, sorry, I was wrong.” Fang Ning was at a loss for words, having a system in his mind was somewhat inconvenient after all as he could not be left to his own imagination.

Right then, everyone exited the Draconic Arcane Realm, and flew at mid-air.

In mid-air, Fang Ning relied on the Earthly Monument to protect his body. His soul looked just like a real person. As he stood beside Vigilante A, they were totally two different people, and it was hard to tell who was who.

“Let us quickly go and get things done so that I can be back for my meal.” After they exited, it turned out that Chong Daqing was the one who worried the most.

“That’ll be great.” Fang Ning nodded.

A group of people arrived at the sky above Qi City. Among this group of people, there was really none who did not know how to fly.

Pond-level powerhouses were able to communicate with Heaven and Earth, and their magical powers were able to be released externally. On this basis, they could naturally research various ways to fly in the sky, which was similar to the principle of a rocket.

“Let me do it!” Chong Daqing stood in the sky above as it widened its mouth at Qi City beneath them, which was already as small as a chessboard.

All of a sudden, the little insect with the size of a fist was seen having a mouth like an abyss, which was endless and boundless. Instantly, the entire city turned dark.

“Tss…” Upon seeing the situation, everyone was appalled.

When the black dog witnessed that, it was immensely terrified, thus it leaned towards the yellow dog and trembled as it expressed, “Old Yellow, Miss Daqing never revealed its talents before this, I can’t believe that it is actually so powerful? You were really right, it probably has talents of a mythical ferocious animal. Fortunately, I didn’t agree to work for it, if it suddenly has a craving for dog meat, won’t I be doomed?”

“You won’t, you’ve really underestimated yourself. Now, you have a body as strong as iron, and muscles of steel, you have a mythical metal body. If it really were to eat you, it’ll break its teeth. Worst comes to worst, if it swallowed you in one mouth, it won’t be able to digest you.” The yellow dog comforted.

Previously at the Hundred Fish Fest, its owner had repeatedly emphasized on unity, hence it needed to display that.

“Thank you for talking sense into me, brother.”

At this moment, beneath them, innumerable frightening red thread-like objects flew out from the city one after another. It appeared to be like b.l.o.o.d.y rain that was falling the other way round.

Fang Ning quivered a little from watching it, after all, he always had the mentality of an ordinary person. All along, he lacked perseverance in his cultivation, and his mental resilience had never progressed to a state where it could match his powers.

In contrast, in terms of mental resilience, the System that was seizing him was already at the peak of all cultivators.

Luckily, he was being protected by the Earthly Monument. Besides, since many people were watching, if he were to shrivel like the black dog, how could he still be the boss?

“If you’re really so afraid, you might as well just go back into the System s.p.a.ce. It’ll be the same if Vigilante A instructs this anyway, it’s still your body.” The System suddenly sent a telepathic message to him.

“Look at you, who said that I’m scared?” Fang Ning defended himself, “Why aren’t you taking this opportunity to farm as many spots as you want?”

“Do you even need to remind me?”

Subsequently, the crowd saw a red dragon soaring out from behind the Venerable Dragon G.o.d, which dashed down towards the red rain beneath them.

As the red dragon flew past the legion of red thread-like objects, they instantly turned into green smoke.

The crowd nodded their heads after seeing that.

“Owner, as expected, you have an unparalleled celestial aura. These poisonous insects are just like moths drawn to flames, they’ll vanish upon being touched.” The yellow dog quickly commented politely.

The other secretly laughed and wondered, ‘Now that Dragon Carp is absent, the yellow dog is truly number one at flattering and bootlicking.’

Just as the crowd was discussing, there was a sudden change in the situation.

A Nine-Curve Insect that was so red it appeared black was seen. As if it suddenly grew wings under its ribs, it went around the red dragon easily, then flew far away.

As compared to the other red insects that were empty-headed and dying pa.s.sively, this one had extremely high intelligence, and it stood out.

“This must be the culprit, the Brain-Devouring Parasite!” Anderson’s face changed, and they remarked firmly.

All of a sudden, the red dragon divided into nine, whereby eight besieged the raining insects, while one focused on chasing after that Brain-Devouring Insect.

Nonetheless, that parasite leaped, and vanished into the void.

“Uh, sir, you’ve been defeated again…” Fang Ning was struck dumb.

“d.a.m.n it, how can this fellow be as cunning as Ling Yunzi and the others? We can’t just use both the Divine Monument and Earthly Monument to seal Heaven and Earth because of a little insect, can we? Those two fellows aren’t easy to talk to, and they require huge resources.” The System was very dispirited.

“You should’ve said earlier, if you did, I could’ve asked them to help. The precious Earthly Monument is with me now.” Finally, Fang Ning had something to use against the System, he took the chance to work off his resentment.

“Uh, even a Homer sometimes nods.” The System responded.

“You really know how to copy and paste.” Fang Ning was really at a loss for words.

At this instant, as eight fire dragons flew all over the sky, the remaining red thread-like insects were fully executed.

“Though the root of the trouble is not removed, the imminent crisis of the city being destroyed has been relieved, let us return to have a further discussion on this matter.”

Once the danger was gone, Fang Ning delayed the issue habitually.

“Sir, I think it’s best that we leave this for the Truth Department to follow up on. They have sufficient manpower, and are experienced in this, I believe they’ll give us an answer soon.” Anderson had seen through Fang Ning’s nature long ago, they quickly added on.

“That’ll be great for my kidneys.” Fang Ning nodded satisfyingly. If he left this matter to the Truth Department, he would not need to work overtime anymore, so of course, his kidneys would be in good condition.

When things came to a head, he would certainly manage them but as long as they were not too urgent, he would definitely not take full responsibility for tasks that he could delegate to others.

As for the others, they did not object this as well. At the end of the day, they all worked for Vigilante A and were being protected by him, they had no direct obligations to exterminate demons or to care about the humans’ safety.

Plainly speaking, they were not interested at all.

That was because other than Zheng Dao, the others were not even humans.

Right then, the System suddenly spoke, “Ling Yunzi is not behaving well in his cell, he’s asking to meet you.”

“Hmph, this has something to do with that old man indeed. How ruthless of him, no wonder he has nothing to fear.” When Fang Ning heard that, he instantly verified his thoughts, and became terribly mad.

Just a while ago, he was thinking about not needing to work overtime, yet now he was about to get busy again. He put aside his games since he could not play them now anyway, and he suffered from the thought of it.

Fang Ning repressed his desire to play games, then waved his hand to signal the others to disperse.

Later on, he brought Anderson back to the System s.p.a.ce, and arrived at the Draconic Penitentiary’s “Evil Suppression Tower” to meet Ling Yunzi.

“How was my Brain-Devouring Insect?” Ling Yunzi sat in his cell as he said that calmly.

“You old servant, do you even have a heart? Though you look so morally upright, you’re actually so ruthless! How dare you treat millions of lives like they’re nothing? Are you even worthy of cultivating the Great Path?” Fang Ning could not help but yell at him.

“Hahaha, what a joke, how do you define the Path? It’s just how nature is. The weak are prey to the strong, it’s the survival of the fittest, this is the theory of nature. If you wish to survive, you have to either be strong enough or useful for the ones who are strong. For those who are useless and weak, it won’t even matter if they die.” Ling Yunzi sneered.

“…” Fang Ning was so dumbstruck that he could not find the words to respond to him. Since they had different views of life, there was no way he could win this stubborn old man in this debate.

“Alright, enough with the nonsense. Let me out, and I’ll make the parasite stop this calamity.”

“Hmph, it’s just a small issue, I can handle it easily. If you were thinking of threatening me with this, dream on!” Fang Ning uttered hatefully.

As soon as Ling Yunzi heard him, he instantly broke out. “This is impossible! My parasite has gone through 49 days of heavy cultivation, it can’t be hurt by anything, and can travel through the void. You don’t even know its background, no matter how strong Vigilante A is, he’s only stronger than me to a certain degree, how can he exterminate it?”

“Oh, now I know, I’ll go exterminate it now.” Fang Ning said plainly.

“You!” Now, it was Ling Yunzi’s turn to be so mad that he became speechless.

Fang Ning left right after, he could not be bothered about this ruthless old man.

“Wait up, come back, even if you destroy my parasite, as long as the one-third of my body still exists, it’ll stir up endless seas of blood. You’ll be responsible for all the sins!” Ling Yunzi threatened him ferociously.

“I’ll dig you out!” Fang Ning rejoined fiercely too, he then said to Anderson, “This old servant is being very unrepentant, you must educate him well.”

“Yes, yes, sir, I’ll certainly educate him strictly so that he’ll no longer have the thought of harming people.” Anderson quickly promised.

“That’ll be great for my kidneys. Go on with it, I’ll go chase after that parasite to stop it from harming people.” Fang Ning nodded.

On the whole, his kidneys could never be in a good condition, he still needed to work overtime.

‘Aiya, my waist, my kidneys.’

Fang Ning sighed to himself.

“What are trying to pretend? In the end, isn’t it me who will be doing all the work? So what if I overwork your kidneys a little?” The System was in disdain.

“…” Fang Ning had nothing to say.

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