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Otomege Volume 3 Afterword

Thank you very much for buying the third volume of 『Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibis.h.i.+ Sekai Desu』!

This is the author Mis.h.i.+ma Yomu.

It's also thanks to all of you reader that the third volume can be safely released.

My thanks.

And then about the third volume──it's thick (sweat)

I was thinking it since the time I was writing it, will the page number alright like this? ──Who cares, just write!

And, from there it ended up like this.

When I lined up volume one until three, isn't the thickness like four volume of books?

Considering that, it's a bargain to buy Mobseka isn't it. (TN: Mobseka is how this series is called in j.a.pan)

Now then, about the third volume, it became a story where various truths of 「that」 otome game world are coming into view.

The distorted marriage situation, and the reason why elves and other demi-human races were born.

And then, the truth of that otome game that came into light after the war against the princ.i.p.ality.

There was also a shocking reunion for Leon, but the person himself must felt complicated.

Surely he is holding his head at his wits' end while feeling apologetic toward his parents in the previous life.

The third volume──it's the third section in the web version but, it became a story that even I felt emotional attachment to.

Because in here there is a character whose evaluation got drastically changed.

What kind of reaction it would be in the light novel version. I'm feeling scared but also looking forward to it.

The third volume is the improvement of the third section in the web version, I modified the part where Leon got dragged into power struggle.

Because of that, there might be a part that is not connected if you continue reading from the web novel version.

I'll be glad if you readers can enjoy the light novel version in its own way.

Speaking of the difference with the web novel version, I was worrying until the end of how to treat Hertrude.

Inside this story she became a very pitiful character.

I didn't really make any plan for her character at first.

In the end, I kept that part the same with the web novel.

But, I regretted it a bit when receiving her rough character design.

If it's like this then I should make a different route from the web novel──was what I felt.

You can't let your emotional attachment get stronger when a character received ill.u.s.tration huh.

I'm thinking that perhaps one day it will be nice if I can write a different route for Hertrude while thinking to end this afterword.

Well then, please keep rooting for me from here on too.

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