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Chapter 7: The Minister arrived

Recently, during marching training of the crossbow corps, we also look for the wild gra.s.s. It's important for Selenium´s medical herb salad, which she eats when she gets exhausted using medical treatment technique and the story is cut off immediately. The herb search is a subst.i.tute for a little voluntary training. Originally, the crossbow corps a lot of free time, so we can afford it.

“Hey, Selenium-chan”
“Is this okay? Is this okay?”
“Emm……this is just cool and nutritious, it looks like it, but avoid the red stems. Ah, this mushroom looks delicious”
“I have found a lot of them”
“Ah, really great. Dwarves are really strong about finding mushrooms”
“Uhehe, not that much"
Everyone on the team comes back to the building one after another and shows their loot to Selenium. Actually, it should be a sum of the medical treatment technique, but n.o.body asks for treatment. Before we knew it, it became like a “tribute that can be given openly”. Well, considering the beauty of Selenium and her good manners, it is inevitable for her to become an idol, but somewhat a little bit somewhat my weight is probably too narrow.

Whether such a disturbance went out of hand, I burned my fingertips with a burning iron.

“Chaa……this is a mistake”
I get depressed a little because of my uselessness.

“Hey, Smithson……burn”
“100-man commander”
“You know what, lend me a help short”
100-man commander Dianne sucks my burned finger with her mouth without hesitation.

"U, waaa……It's dirty”
“I'm going to lick your body no matter how dirty it is”
“……Good grief, you're so energetic”
I wonder if Dianne-san thought of my evil thought. Selenium came running towards us as we whispered because there was no one here.

“Ah, Andy-san, I said you should tell me if you get hurt!”
“Hmm, bad luck. I already licked it”
“No, it hasn't healed! Is it still red?”
“It will improve soon because my love for my subordinate and charm are working”
At least the tingling stopped after Dianne-san licked it and she told me so.

“Can 100-man commander also use medical treatment skill?”
“No, mine is a more primitive technique, which will speed up nature recovery slightly”
“……Is there such a thing?”
“Well, after all, because it is an extension of natural recovery, you can't do something just to get rid of the wounds and in our colony, only that kind of strain was transmitted”
“There are various kinds of magic……”
“It will be fun if you study, shall I teach you personally this time?”
Dianne-san takes a look around before she started to whisper in a low voice.

『In fact, the secret of my family is that there is a magic which is used during s.e.x. Which will let him e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e about a beer mug at a time. If you use it, he'll be happy to be your partner 』
“……I'm a human”
“Everyone can use it, even humans and elves”
“Magic training to give a c.u.mshot of s.e.m.e.n……”
It's pretty pointless. ……But one might want to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e like that.

“Muuu. ……Ah, Andy-san, I will accept even two or three cups!”
“No, that's the problem……”
Anzeros came closer with a bitter face to us who are getting excited about such a weird topic.

“At least in the daytime, please refrain from doing s.e.x talk, Selenium. Smithson as well”
“Framed! It was the 100-man commander who started”
“……100-man commander, you and Smithson, never……”
“Hmm I'm going to make my charm play, so thank you for encouraging me”
Anzeros´s eyes opened out of startle. By the way, Anzeros does not know my relations.h.i.+p with Dianne-san. It has progressed chiefly in the bath.

“Smithson. I thought you were a more serious man……”
“I'm always seriously serious. I'm just a little lewd”
“I thought you were an ethically serious fellow!”
Somehow Anzeros has tears in her eyes and she shouts loudly.

“……It was not like I came to say this”

After that, the posture was corrected as remembered, and the salute was turned to Dianne-san and the fist was put on the chest.

“100-man commander Dianne, a guest came with the flying dragon service”
Dianne-san has a suspicious face. And I looked at the calendar of wood panels on the wall, and I put my hand on my mouth to think to take measures.

“……Is it already such a season”
“It is such a season”
“……Okay, I got it, I have already decided my reply for this year”

Dianne-san stands up in a troublesome way. She left a kiss on my cheek before leaving happily.

"……Smithson. Tell me, don't you think that “Half or Dark Elf are simple” because 100-man commander and Selenium have been swayed by you. There are certainly such fellows”
“Yeah yeah, Anzeros-san is unrelated, isn't she. I know, that you want Andy-san´s s.e.x life to dry up”
“O, Ochi……ha, shameless!”
Anzeros turned red and went out to escape.

“Hey, Selenium”
“I thought I'd give you a gift, but I decided not to give you if you not promise”
“Don't talk much about s.e.x during the daytime. It's a little awkward”
I mean, I think your older brother should be a little more modest.

"……Good, then take this"
What I made a little while ago is put on Selenium.

“Only for you”
"U, I´m happy……!!"
A new collar. I made it out a desert lizard leather which I ordered for headgear a long time ago. It is a high-grade leather that combines touch and ruggedness, it is more comfortable and more durable than the collar I made in childhood. Since the collar for Apple was returned, I will attach it on Apple again when she awakens.

……I think this is the best way of expressing affection.

There was a crowd of people in front of the drawing room as I was walking in the corridor of the corps building.

"Is the guest who wants to talk to our 100-man commander inside?"
Anzeros stands in front of the door and speaks with the guards.

“……Although she said at such a season, what is meant with this season?”
I think that it might be an annual event because Anzeros and Dianne-san know about it. I think that I should also know it because I am in this unit for about seven years tentatively.

“Smithson has no choice but to know. I just happen to act as an agent for a few times”
"……It is about the promotion of 100-man commander"
When I asked back, Dianne-san opens the door cheerfully and suddenly put out her face.

"I won't. I'm enough being a 100-man commander"
The voice of a middle-aged man came from the room.

"That's the problem!"
Dianne-san pulls her face away from the gap in the door and began to speak in a hard voice to the person in the room.

"I should have said it many times, your Excellence. I am confident in the significance of this corps and the battlefield value. It is my dream to raise the level of this corps further and to lead them to surpa.s.s the Sword Saint Brigade and to say that we are the crossbow corps of the northwestern plains is approaching stupidity”
“Another 100-man commander would be fine here. It is the loss of our troops that you are in the position of a 100-man commander. Would you at least accept the overnight position?”
“The master of the master knights will speak differently because this body is not even an ace knight”
“Then I'll have you partic.i.p.ate in the night cla.s.s from now on……Yes, I don't want to hear anything, Dianne!”
Suddenly, the voice of the bossy person was shattered.

“I've said it before that I don't want to be great or famous, Father!!”
Dianne-san's tone also fell apart.

"……What the heck!?"
"Maybe, as you hear, it's a parent-child quarrel”
Two dark elves started fighting in the room. Anzeros shakes her head in melancholy.

“I don't like the fact that when I get promoted, I will receive many marriage invitations”
“To be precise, I don't want to stand out or to marry. I already have a man in my heart”
“HouHou……say it once again”
“I told you that there is already a man who I want to spend the rest of my life with”
“Where's the bombsh.e.l.l? Do you want to kill me!”
“I will do it because I will punish my father if I do that”
“……Sorry Dad was bad”
The person const.i.tuting the cabinet under the current king of Celesta, the sixth Minister Ashton. A politician elected from the dark elf colony from the southern oasis area. A person mainly in charge of military strategy. And he seems to be Dianne-san's father.

“Before Anzeros, the 100-man commander was also quite a lady”
“I think it is good to call someone who has 92 brothers a lady”
“What do you say, Dianne! Daddy loves you the most!”
“Well, I'd like to try that love, don't come any longer”
That's a useless dad. Dianne-san sighs to her father who is not worth such a thing (He looks like a human in his 40). He tightens his face.

"Tell me the truth, Father. Instead of just being blind, telling me to be a general and or to be an overnight, you need a dark elf's face?”
“You can say that from the beginning”
Because I can't read the flow of the talk, I turn my eyes to Dianne-san.

“In other words, it means that you have to make it known within the military of the dark elves that there is a talented person and if that person becomes a general, master Knight or overnight, you are able to attend a military meeting”
“Yes. …… After the previous Trot war, I know several ace knights from the southeastern forest elf territory”
“Ah, they have refused to trade for a long time. I know it”
“One of their Ace Knights has become a Master Knight recently, so they can do whatever they want. In support of the local Chamber of Commerce, he took half of the southern army corps away for public safety. To say it, the Master Knight has a general authority and can command up to 1000 people and now the southeastern forest territory has become a semi-independent country”
“I think that other countries tend to do some things. However, Celesta is such a country”
“A total of 40 dark elves and ogres have disappeared from our Oasis colony and all of them were girls. ……According to the rumors, I heard they were thrown into the personal conspiracy of the master knight and his father, the president of commerce and industry”
Dianne-san's eyebrow moved swiftly.

“I don't know what to do. I think that I alone who don't have anything to say in the dark elf colony doesn't have the strong desire of getting angry even if I raise my hand. In fact, I alone am said to be mad, in the province, I think that if the Master knight kills me, the story will be over with that”

"In fact, you are perfect. Everyone who took part in the Trot war is afraid of you. Please, Dianne, show them your existence. Tell them that if you really turn them into enemies, the Master knight will be inferior to like dogs”
“I refuse”
Dianne-san said flatly.

“The reason is that the motive of trying to draw attention is to make us look like a good match”
……Minister. Show a better poker face.

Dianne-san stood up. She has not the face of a war hero nor the sweet elder sister look which she shows often.

I need to tell them. ……How many sins would it be to shoot the back of an ally?”
“Father, please take the crossbow squad off the list. I´m going to settle this personally”
“Dianne, I know that I can depend on you! I love you!”
“Don't make such an act! In front of my boyfriend!”
Minister turned around his head. The onlookers are two dwarf soldiers, one ogre soldier, me, Selenium and Anzeros.

The minister pulled out his sword and suddenly attacks Anzeros.

"It's different minster!"
"Stop father!!"

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