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Although the Ye family had a lot of children living outside in those days, there were only a few of them who were as embarra.s.sed as Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua is totally fatherless and motherless, and has been calculated.

But Miss Four, they are different. Their parents are all here. They just don't hear about Ye's family. If There is no waste in the Ye family. These people can find a good place to live and live well..

“Master Dao don't care about these things.” Uncle Ye can't see the meaning of the fourth miss's words, but he is too lazy to ask about the tricks of these girls.

Next, Miss Two and others took a compa.s.s and followed a group of masters to survey every day.

Ye Shaohua occasionally learned from the fourth young lady that there seemed to be quite a lot of family members, plus she had six, five of whom were women.

Because she learned Fengshui from her parents, miss four met many people, but ye Shaohua was almost ignored.

Everyone frowned at her for holding a copy of the origin of Fengshui. Ye's family is the destiny. Even three-year-old children in her family can feel the Yin and Fengshui array. Only Ye Shaohua is a little too different.

Until the third day, the eldest young master of the Ye family came.

Ye's eldest brother is not alone, but he also brings a close friend. However, this friend is close to him, let alone Uncle Ye's second elder sister, who has a higher status.

As the eldest brother, when I saw my sister for the first time, although she was not born, I always wanted to take a gift to meet her. “These are the two talismans I asked from the leader of Qingyang Taoist Taoist forest.”

They do this because there are many obstacles acc.u.mulated in their karma, too many opportunities have been explored, and the tragic end of five disadvantages and three shortages is not rare.

The so-called five disadvantages are “wandering, widowhood, solitude, independence, and disability”.

Three deficiencies are “money, life and power”.

“Revealing the opportunities” may be more or less karmic, It is nothing more than physical disability or death. But it is just because you have to live in poverty for a long time.

There is always one of the five disadvantages and three deficiencies.

But it's not unreasonable that the Ye family has been carrying on the incense for so many years. The heirs of the big family always have some magic weapons to sign up for or some ways to conceal the heaven's fortune.

Ye's eldest brother took a look at his three younger sisters. He heard that his uncle had said that the three younger sisters were lonely since childhood, and now they are learning Fengshui. I heard that they are still obsessed with it.

These big Ye brothers don't care.

Now the way of Fengshui master has been declining. Although his father's glory is too heavy, he is not afraid of the threat that ye Shaohua will bring to her. There are so many people in Fengshui, so many of them are building on Fengshui. Ye Shaohua started very late. He really didn't think that ye Shaohua would be more powerful than others.

“The innermost room on the second floor is my friend. He likes to be quiet. If you have nothing to do, stay on the first floor. Don't disturb him.” After elder brother Ye ordered, he let everyone rest. Tomorrow morning, they will go up the mountain to help others move their ancestral graves. “Also, don't come out at night no matter what they encounter.”

Because of this, everyone had a very early rest. Even the fourth Miss didn't catch the chance to talk to Ye Shaohua.

Uncle ye brought many books to Ye Shaohua.

There are a lot of essays in Fengshui field. There are not many serious books. Ordinary people can't know much about Fengshui if they read these miscellaneous books.

But ye Shaohua is different. Not to mention the books she bought in the system, every book she got is the treasure of Fengshui world, that is to say, those mysterious runes and amulet are not comparable in the world.

So she doesn't mind Uncle Ye's books. In fact, compared with those serious books, what Ye Shaohua lacks is her understanding of Fengshui.

She lives on the first floor. After reading the book, she knows about Ye's family and Fengshui circle. As for Ye's enemies, they still don't know. What happened in those days hasn't been recorded at all.

Brother Lin and miss two got up late at night.

At this time, Ye Shaohua suddenly felt a chill behind him, and a feeling of being stared at.

Ye Shaohua has always been sensitive.

[Don't look back.]008 close your

But it's late, and ye Shaohua has turned his head.

Another person sleeping beside her pillow, not a person, should be an unknown thing wearing ancient bride's clothes. When Ye Shaohua turned his face, he was facing those empty eyes.

Two black holes, bright red dress.

The other side, no eyes.

Rao is Ye Shaohua, who is also frightened by a cold sweat.

“I'm so cold, so cold…” It's a bleak female voice.

Ye Shaohua thought it was much better than her thought.

“And then?” Ye Shaohua looked at her expressionless.

“You can Lend it to me? “

Ye Shaohua picks up eyebrows. “What can I borrow?”

“I said,” the face looked out of the window, suddenly towards Ye Shaohua, “can you lend me your body?”

Ye Shaohua: “…”

The jade pendant on Ye Shaohua's neck bounced it off.

Ye Shaohua just apathetic rise, don't forget to put on own clothes, then look at the mirror that sends out the simple breath in the corner, sigh, “I am wrong.”

Female ghost & Mirror: “?”

Ye Shaohua: “I shouldn't say you are ugly.”

There are uglier ones.

The ghost seems to be stimulated, and the face gradually becomes twisted. Ye Shaohua only sees a black gas rus.h.i.+ng towards her. She has heard someone come down the stairs.

The physical evil wind has knocked over the table in the room. Ye Shaohua takes two amulets and takes out a magic weapon that she had cultivated in the past few days. In the unbelievable expression of the female ghost, she seals her in the mirror.

When all was done, the door had been knocked open.

Elder brother Ye and Uncle Ye, the second elder sister, are all standing outside the door. Several of them have set up the Fengshui set. It's cloudy and windy outside. Things haven't come yet. It seems that the noise in Ye Shaohua's room.

“Are you ok?” Brother Ye looked at Ye Shaohua and took a look at the room and frowns.

“It's OK,” Ye Shaohua said quietly. “I'm scared by the movement outside.”

Hearing this explanation, elder brother ye and others' faces changed for a while, but they didn't say anything at last, just frowning.

Only the second young lady looked at Ye Shaohua in disgust and irritability, “useless things.”

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