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The visitor is Ye family of Fengshui family.

Ye Shaohua knew that she was the most prosperous family in Fengshui, but there were always obstacles in her career, and her family members were always weak.

Especially more than 20 years ago, in a Fengshui battle, the genius of Ye's family was severely damaged and died young.

Ye Shaohua is the genius's widow, but at that time, the Ye family was too busy to manage her.

Up to now, the Ye family has gradually developed. Although it is not as famous as before, it is a Fengshui family, which is also famous in this circle. The Ye family leader does not know for any reason why they think of Ye Shaohua.

In those days, the enemies of the Ye family were fierce. In fact, the head of the Ye family didn't expect much, but it was really found.

Now it's Ye Shaohua's uncle, who is several generations apart, who picks up a Fengshui situation not far away, and brings Ye Shaohua back by the way.

When ye Shaohua thought about the story of Xu Yilin's taking her jade pendant after her death, he became more and more aware that her death was not so simple. The secret people took great pains to let her live in this murderous house and tortured her.

She knew that according to the current form, returning to Ye's family was the best result, otherwise, she would not know how much time it would take to find Ye's generation.

What's more, she is now in Fengshui. The Ye family should give her more enlightenment.

The house Ye Shaohua lives in is rather depressed, and the Ye family don't want to stay much. The man who calls himself Uncle Ye Shaohua just lets her pack up all night, and they will pick her up tomorrow morning.

Naturally, such a thing can't be concealed from the neighbors.

Lin Weiwei, who was waiting for Ye Shaohua's first favor, couldn't help but ring ye Shaohua's door.

“I was going to stay in the dorm these nights, but I'm still worried about you coming home. Are you OK in Shaohua recently?” Lin Weiwei looks at Ye Shaohua worried. “You don't like going to the coffee shop part-time. What about your tuition next semester? If you don't want to go with me to teach, you know that I've been selected as a professor's project recently, and I'm going to the south of the city tomorrow. “

“The investors of this project are very attractive and the remuneration is very high. If you go to fight with me, you will get enough remuneration.” Lin Weiwei smiled.

She knew that ye Shaohua was very unpopular at school. No one wanted to share a dormitory with her, let alone take her to do projects.

Ye Shaohua is good-looking, but her life is not half as successful.

Her intentional ostentation is also a reason for her lower self-esteem. However, although her att.i.tude is uncomfortable, it is really for people's consideration.

If the original body is compromised, but Ye Shaohua is not the same. Although she is short of money, she is not as difficult to make money as the original body. Even if she only receives a programming list online, it is more than a month since she took part-time job.

For Lin Weiwei's proud project, Ye Shaohua didn't know how many national level projects she had completed in previous universities.

So, she really didn't think Lin Weiwei had anything to admire.

Lin Weiwei didn't know this, so she didn't understand Ye Shaohua's refusal.

Until the next day, there were many people under the old community.

When Lin Weiwei went to school with her book, she also took a look at it. When she saw that red flag car had a very special license plate number, she was stunned for a long time.

Especially Ye Shaohua took the trunk and sat in the back seat. The driver opened the back door for her.

She looked at the direction of Ye Shaohua with some disbelief, “Shaohua?”

Even without her eyes, she could see that these people who met Ye Shaohua were extraordinary in conversation, not to mention others. But even this car, it's not a car that you can ride with money.

“These are my family. After all these years, they finally found me and came to pick me up.” Ye Shaohua explains this.


Lin Weiwei stood in a trance, she read this sentence, until the car left, she did not respond.

“If you go home, you will be the third miss in the ranking,” said the person who called himself Uncle Ye Shaohua about the current situation of Ye's family. “Last night, it was the second miss. Just call her the second sister. There is also a eldest brother in the family. The eldest young master is very accomplished in Fengshui. If you see the eldest young master, the third young lady must not disturb him. “

“I have another Fengshui situation here. It's just where we are for the time being. When we finish the work here, we'll take you back to Ye's house.”

Ye Shaohua asked him for Fengshui book. She didn't know the development of Fengshui in the world. She just sent it back to understand it.

Uncle Ye looked at Ye Shaohua holding the book in a daze, and didn't say much.

He also learned about ye Shaohua's recent life. He knew that she was an orphan when she was young, and she must not have lived very well. Suddenly, he saw Ye's family, which must be too excited, so he would like to give her time to buffer.

Their foothold is a villa in the south of the city, which should be the residence of some dignitaries. Uncle Ye is for this family to break the Fengshui situation.

When Ye Shaohua went in, he saw the girl who was said to be the second elder sister yesterday at the first sight. She was talking to several people with a compa.s.s, with a dignified look.

“Miss four, this is your third sister.” There is a very cramped girl sitting in the hall. She looks like she is 15 or 16 years old. She is looking at the direction of the second sister admiringly. The uncle is introducing her to her. “Miss Three, Miss Four are the same as you. were retrieved by me yesterday.”

Miss Four heard the words and looked curiously at Ye Shaohua.

Seeing her dress is obviously much better than that of Ye Shaohua, it seems that Ye Shaohua has to be seen through for a long time. After seeing the introduction book of Feng Shui in her hand, she just covers her lips and says with a smile: “it's the third elder sister, uncle, how is the third elder sister reading the enlightenment book?”

“Miss three's parents died, and we just got her back.” Uncle Ye said lightly.

Hearing this, the fourth young lady confirmed that Ye Shaohua had no threat, and then casually said: “I see. It seems that the third young sister is really poor. But uncle, listen to the second sister said that the Fengshui situation is very serious, the elder brother and her friends will also rush over, the third sister doesn't understand anything, staying here will be in the way, right? “

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