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Hearing Tower's words of ridicule, Chen Feng did not retort as he used to. Instead, he focused to seriously ponder the issue. The pressure on him grew and Chen Feng's body began swelling. Due to the power bearing down on him, streams of blood kept trickling down his pores.

It was quite the dangerous situation. However, Chen Feng's mind calmed down instead. It felt as though he had entered a state where not even seeing a ma.s.sive mountain bearing down on him would disturb him.

The Longevity Tower was already on the verge of failing to suppress the two True laws inside it. Outside, Heavenly Premier Absolute and several others were helping him stop the other six True laws. Even so, they had to constantly give ground. Although they were all mid-level Ascendant Immortals, taking on a True law each was still giving them a feeling of impossibility. That said, they were feeling highly delighted. The more powerful these True laws were, the more benefits they would obtain upon refining them. 

“Is Chen Feng alright? He seems to be in some trouble.” Even though Heavenly Premier Absolute and the others were aware of how unfathomable the Longevity Tower was, it had yet to fully recover its strength. More, these laws were objects left behind by a True Immortal. For them, a True Immortal was an invincible existence.

Bi Qing was the only one who did not feel worried in the slightest. Despite the fact that Heavenly Premier Absolute and the others had borrowed the Longevity Tower's power to improve their cultivation level, their understanding of the Longevity Tower was still far inferior compared to Bi Qing's understanding of it. Bi Qing was from the Celestial Clearblue Plane, after all. In his previous life, he was a Heavenly Immortal, a stage far higher and powerful than all of them combined.

Despite having joining forces, Bi Qing's group was incapable of dealing with the humanoid hologram. Instead, they gradually fell into a disadvantageous position. Rather, in the face of the humanoid hologram's attacks, several of them ended up suffering from some wounds. Likewise, Heavenly Premier Absolute's group was also no match for the True laws. However, as time went by, they found that the pressure on them was not as great as they had imagined. These items left behind by the True Immortal were incapable of easily finis.h.i.+ng them off. Due to that, Heavenly Premier Absolute and the others felt even more emboldened and the amount of power they could unleash grew stronger.

Finally, Chen Feng took action. Even though he had yet to fully suppress the two True laws inside the Longevity Tower, he chose to collect two more True laws in one go.

Like wyrms, the four collected True laws rampaged inside the Longevity Tower, causing the tower to shake about. If it weren't for the fact that the Longevity Tower was durable enough, the actions from the four True laws could have destroyed it.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless talismans flew out from the fourth floor of the Longevity Tower. These talismans were much smaller compared to the ones he had previous used, but there were more of them, a great deal more of them. Moving at an extreme velocity, several of them successfully pasted themselves onto the four True laws. Due to that, the speed at which the four True laws were rampaging slowed down.


Next, the Longevity Furnace appeared and the four True laws were instantly sucked inside. Only, before it could work on refining them, energy streams surged forth and the Longevity Furnace exploded into pieces.

Seeing that, Chen Feng's face remained impa.s.sive. With a thought from Chen Feng, his divine sense moved and a new Longevity Furnace was formed. Once again, it sucked in the four True laws.


Chen Feng shouted and the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower – finally – slowly opened. The moment it opened, a stream of aura descended upon the Longevity Furnace and the laws that the True Immortal cultivated out turned meek.

Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not let up. Instead, he used the Longevity Tower to display the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Due to that, strands of power were extracted out. He was not extracting the essence power within the True laws. Rather, he was extracting the imprints that the True Immortal had left within them. 

There were some items left inside the fifth floor of the Longevity Tower. One of them was a small amount of essence energy left by the Longevity Tower in the past. At the end of the day, it was the energy of a Divine artifact. Thus, it had no issues suppressing some True laws. 

As expected, the four True laws fell still. In the end, all four obediently flew out from the Longevity Furnace before hovering slowly in the air.

Next, four more True laws were collected, making it a total of eight True laws. All four were dealt with by the Longevity Tower.

“There should be more than eight True laws here, otherwise we will not have enough to share.” After saying that, Chen Feng flicked his finger and wisps of primary flames flew out from the Longevity Tower to form a flaming sphere-shaped barrier. The flaming barrier then enveloped the humanoid hologram.

One of the reasons this bodily world that the True Immortal left behind could remain intact was due to this legacy puppet. There was, however, another reason. The True laws. Every one of the True laws contained formidable power. If this world were to be compared to a building, then the True laws were comparable to its foundational pillars.

And now that the Longevity Tower had suppressed the eight True laws, the world instantly became unstable. Incapable of properly wielding its power, the humanoid hologram became somewhat dim.

“Capture this legacy puppet and we can gain control over this whole world!” Chen Feng said. Only, before Chen Feng could finish saying that, all 12 Ascendant Immortals had formed a circle. All 12 attacked at the same time and their attacks swiftly fused together to form a world-encompa.s.sing barrier, which enveloped the humanoid hologram.

“The real Longevity Tower! How is this possible?” The humanoid hologram's voice took on a panicked tone. However, it then did something, causing its body to become slightly more tangible as a violent power soared skywards. This move punched a hole through the two barriers entrapping it. Next, it charged into the sky and grasped, causing the whole world to shake as strands of power rapidly converged to form a battle lance.

With a swing of the battle lance, Patriarch Heavenswind and Heavenly Premier Aquafire were sent flying at the same time. Coincidentally, their figures hurtled towards Chen Feng. Following that, the humanoid hologram charged alone into the group of Ascendant Immortals. Its battle lance moved about in an unpredictable manner and every attack would force one of its opponents back. Even so, killing them was impossible for it.

“Thirty Thousand Li of Clearblue Sky!” Sword energy rippled forward like a torrential river to a.s.sail the world. The waves of water also contained the power of wind and lightning. This sword energy attack from Bi Qing contained three grand dao powers and it blocked the humanoid hologram's attack.

“d.a.m.n it! You are from the Celestial Clearblue Plane!” The humanoid hologram grew anxious.

“Skywheel Shattersword!” Patriarch Heavenly Sword unleashed one of the moves from the Heavenly Sword Faction's Heavenly Sword Codex. Regardless of how formidable the move was, the fact that Patriarch Heavenly Sword was the one using it made it into an immortal technique. And so, a skyful of sword beams surged forward with a momentum that was in no way inferior compared to Bi Qing's attack. If Bi Qing's attack was like waves of water inundating the humanoid hologram, this sword move from Patriarch Heavenly Sword was like meteors smas.h.i.+ng into the ocean.

“And me, Ruthlessness of Water and Fire!” Heavenly Premier Aquafire pushed with both hands to send forth a 10,000-zhang-tall wall formed from water. Only, there were flames raging amidst the water flowing within the wall. 

“Divine Ardent Sun Fist!”

“Tristar Revolution!”

“Void Heavensight Slas.h.!.+”

“Absolute Staff!”

“Roar of the Azure Dragon!”

Everyone displayed their killer moves, drowning the humanoid hologram with them. As for Chen Feng, he used the Longevity Tower to ceaselessly plunder and devour the world's vitality.

The True laws that the True Immortal left behind was certainly important for this world. However, there was something even more important in Chen Feng's opinion. And that was this world's essence power. For the present Chen Feng, this world's essence power was the most important item here.

The Longevity Tower flew out from Chen Feng's hand and it promptly grew bigger before furiously smas.h.i.+ng into the ground. The lands split and fissures reaching a length of 5,000 kilometres spread out. Next, the Essence Spirit Bead flew out from Chen Feng's body, flas.h.i.+ng with a riot of colour. Following that, the lands shook.

Chen Feng was using the Essence Spirit Bead to absorb the world essence power. Although this world was something that a cultivator had created within his body, part of it was formed using cosmic essence power that the cultivator had absorbed from the universe.

A yellow-coloured ribbon flowed out from deep underground. It moved in an unpredictable manner, like a wyrm brandis.h.i.+ng its claws.

A pity, there isn't much essence power left here. It is not even comparable to that of a large life-bearing planet. Still, it's better than nothing. For me, this is still a considerable harvest. It is comparable to a True law. Chen Feng smiled and he mobilized the Essence Spirit Bead to rapidly devour the essence power.

“Insolence! You have a death wis.h.!.+”

A thunderous voice erupted. The previous humanoid hologram was already wiped out due to the attacks from the Ascendant Immortals. However, a new humanoid hologram then appeared. This one was formed from the world. Unfortunately, this one's strength was far inferior compared to the previous one.

Should Chen Feng successfully extract this world's essence power away, this world will truly face its end.

This new humanoid hologram wanted to stop Chen Feng only to be stopped by Bi Qing and the others again. And so, strands of essence power flowed into the Essence Spirit Bead and even Chen Feng was enveloped by a strand of faint-yellow light.

Back then, Chen Feng had absorbed some essence power before. It was for the sake of cultivating out a Chaos Const.i.tution. At that very moment, Chen Feng's whole body grew hot – due to the Essence Spirit Bead's actions – as it constantly accepted the scouring processes wrought about by the essence power.

By absorbing this essence power, the chances of me cultivating out a Chaos Const.i.tution has increased by several notches. Chen Feng smiled.

But the party p.o.o.pers have come.

Four dots of light charged forward from afar. In a flash, all four appeared before them all. Water, wind, earth and fire. It was none other than the four destined ones that the stone tortoise had brought inside it. There were flames of different attributes raging across the bodies of each destined one. Inside each of their bodies were two True laws. The True laws intertwined ceaselessly as they fused together. The more the True laws inside their bodies integrated with one another, the stronger their auras became.

When they had first entered, the four cultivators were only Human Immortals. After just a few days, all of them were already emanating the auras of Ascendant Immortals. In fact, their auras were still growing stronger.

“Four cultivators. A total of eight True laws. With this, we have enough to share amongst us.” Chen Feng smiled.

The moment they appeared, the four cultivators cast glares filled with killing intent at Chen Feng and the others. One of them displayed an insufferable look of arrogance.

“Leave the True laws behind and scram from this Black Tortoise World!” said one of the young cultivators. He brandished a flaming lance and killing energy vaulted out from his body.

Bi Qing maintained an impa.s.sive look on his face, but the other Ascendant Immortals could not stop themselves from giggling. These young fellows were too amusing. Just because they had obtained some legacies, they thought they could fight against veteran Ascendant Immortals like them?

“Chen Feng, these four fellows are the geniuses from our Eternal World. What do you think?” Heavenly Premier Absolute turned to ask Chen Feng.

“Is there even a need to ask? Naturally, we'll be stripping the True laws out from them. That's the reason we came here. What, do you cherish these younger generations so much that you are willing to leave the True laws to them?” Although Chen Feng was speaking, he did not stop moving his hands at all. By then, one tenth of the world's essence power had entered the Essence Spirit Bead. The essence power around Chen Feng grew thicker and it seemed as though he had put on a layer of earthen-yellow armour.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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