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More and more flying wars.h.i.+ps appeared. However, the number of wars.h.i.+ps at the Divine tier was very small. Most of them were at the pseudo-Divine tier. Rather, there were even those at the top-grade Immortal tier.

“Are these fellows not afraid of death?” A ridiculing smile appeared on Chen Feng's face as he openly mumbled.

“In the face of great benefits, anyone will go crazy.” A thick voice suddenly spoke up from beside Chen Feng, shocking him. An old man with white hair and white beard, holding a dragon-headed staff had – at an unknown moment – appeared beside him. 

He had appeared silently, not giving any sign at all. More, Chen Feng's stealth technique had failed against him. Due to all that, Chen Feng grew highly on guard.

“No need to get so jumpy. I bear you no ill will. Besides, this is just your clone. Even if you lose this clone, it will not harm your foundation.” The old man's eyes appeared both deep and clear and Chen Feng felt as though there was nothing he could hide from the old man. 

Thus, Chen Feng smiled and said, “This clone took a great deal of effort. I don't want to lose it just like this.” 

“Young man, you're not bad. Although your cultivation base is not particularly high, this clone is indeed quite good. Most importantly, there is actually a strand of ageless notion within. I think there must be experts amongst the seniors of your sect,” the old man said with a chuckle.

As the two of them were chatting, tens of wars.h.i.+ps were ripped to pieces. Only some pseudo-Divine artifacts could go deeper in. Whether or not they could make their way through the pa.s.sageway was still an unknown.

“They have yet to even see the benefits. Yet, they are already going crazy. Without Divine artifacts, their actions are just suicide,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

“There is a reason for their madness. Do you not see it? Some of them are already reaching the end of their life spans. By taking a risk, they might be able to break through and extend their life spans,” the old man said, smiling. 

“Even so, there is no need to be so impatient. At the very least, they should wait until the situation has stabilized before taking action.” Chen Feng shook his head disapprovingly. 

“Waiting is a no. This is a compet.i.tion in itself. Entering it one moment later means that someone else is one moment faster than you. Young friend from the Longevity Clan, you have great potential. I hope that we will be able to meet again in the future.” After saying that, the old man transformed into a clump of faint-golden light. In just the blink of an eye, it had flown into the pa.s.sageway. Before the chaotic spatial powers there could approach it, golden light would melt them down. Then, with a flash, the clump of golden light disappeared from sight.

“So, he is a half-step Gold Immortal!” Chen Feng's eyes lit up. Back then, even though he was chatting with the old man, the old man had not emanated even a wisp of his aura. Chen Feng himself had, instinctively, chosen not to probe his strength. Even so, seeing this display of power, at the half-step Gold Immortal stage, Chen Feng did not feel too shocked.

A half-step Gold Immortal should be able to make it through. This is just a pa.s.sageway created using a great world's power. If even someone like him cannot do it, then, when the pa.s.sageway – created using the power of all the great worlds combined – is opened up, not even a Gold Immortal would be able to make it through, no?

Only, I wonder, who is that old man? Is his life span also nearing its end?

Chen Feng's figure had been revealed and he saw some cultivators casting curious looks at him in the distance. Taking one step, Chen Feng then appeared before the cultivators. 

“Greetings, fellow cultivator!”

Even before Chen Feng could open his mouth, the cultivators had greeted him, respectfully. Seeing that amused Chen Feng.

“Do you fellows know the old man earlier?” Chen Feng asked, smiling.

“Old man? Do you not recognize him?” A look of shock appeared on their faces. But when they noticed Chen Feng's cultivation base, they grew relaxed. 

“The old man is Patriarch Scarlet Moon. He is an old senior. Rumour has it he has lived for over 50 million years. Only, due to an injury, his life span became badly exhausted. He has no choice but to explore this unknown world.”

“So, that's how it is.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Patriarch Scarlet Moon is something of a good man. He has a kind demeanour. And even though he is a half-step Gold Immortal, he is not overbearing. By the way, fellow cultivator. What did Patriarch Scarlet Moon talk to you about earlier?”

“Ha ha ha! We were just having a casual chat. He asked me if I wanted to follow him in,” Chen Feng said with a laugh.

“Why didn't you agree? Sigh! What a pity! Having the protection of a half-step Gold Immortal expert is a great fortune.”

“I don't mind. Given how low my cultivation base is, venturing in would end with my death. It would be better to wait first. Perhaps this spatial pa.s.sageway will become more stable.”

“For the pa.s.sageway to be become stable is simply impossible. Forget it, our cultivation bases are not high enough. We should figure out some other methods. We can find some friends. Who knows? Maybe we'll be able to board a Divine artifact.”

Everyone there discussed the issue before gradually dispersing. As for Chen Feng, he s.h.i.+fted to another location. Hovering about, he observed the pitch-black pa.s.sageway.

Since opening up, the spatial pa.s.sageway had continued to maintain itself there. By then, the amount of power that Eternal World was sending to it had grown very small. Thus, the pa.s.sageway was maintaining itself with its own power.

Fearing that this pa.s.sageway would disappear at any moment, even more cultivators were lured over, like moths to the flame.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four golden streams of light flew into the pa.s.sageway in quick succession before disappearing from sight. Speed wise, they appeared several notches faster compared to Patriarch Scarlet Moon.

Unexpectedly, Heavenly Firmaments Palace would dispatch four half-step Gold Immortals. They're practically treating life as a joke here. Looks like Heavenly Firmaments Palace is aiming for something big. Chen Feng scoffed.

Speaking of which, after the pa.s.sageway was opened, Heavenly Firmaments Palace's side make up the highest number of cultivators entering the pa.s.sageway. It did not stop at the four half-step Gold Immortals. Next, several more Divine-tier flying wars.h.i.+ps flew in. The display of courage elicited endless praise from Chen Feng. This was a gamble, with their very lives on the line. Failure meant losing everything. Success meant obtaining great benefits. Heavenly Firmaments Palace could potentially soar to new heights with this, but it could also fall to ruin.

There was, however, one matter which puzzled Chen Feng. Thus far, the pa.s.sageway had existed for several years and the number of cultivators entering it had reached the tens of thousands. Naturally, the number of cultivators who died trying was even higher. And yet, even though the pa.s.sageway remained, the mastermind behind what was happening to the great worlds chose to not interfere. 

Regardless, Chen Feng had no intentions of entering. His objective for leaving the Immortal Plane had been achieved. 

That said, he did not immediately return. Instead, he stayed in the various great worlds, devouring their essence power to cultivate himself. Seeing more and more of the essence power flowing away, Chen Feng felt frustrated. In order to establish a channel to send power over to his main body, he needed laws to stabilize it and a higher cultivation level. Those were not things that he could accomplish anytime soon.

In the face of this pressure, this clone was able to stimulate out some of his hidden potential. As a result, he managed to experience a series of breakthroughs.

“I think, after this clone returns and fuses back into me, I will have to undergo my tribulation,” Chen Feng mumbled with a smile.

“You really don't want my help? Wouldn't it be regretful if all those essence power go to waste?” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Forget it. You taking action will likely attract needless troubles. If I really need the power, I can just figure some way to send my main body over.

“Still, the pa.s.sageway that Eternal World opened up is just a minor part of it. Once a certain threshold is reached, who knows what kind of pa.s.sageway the arrays on those great worlds will open up? Maybe it could even tempt me.

“However, what's important right now is to create a second clone.”

Chen Feng had failed several times, wasting more than 10 drops of the extrterrestrial creature's blood essence. The process had also exhausted a great deal of his mental state, causing him to feel somewhat exhausted. Every time a drop was wasted, Tower would feel his heart ache.

Tower was not the only one. Chen Feng was also gritting his teeth in heartache. Thankfully, after 10 plus failures, Chen Feng finally succeeded.

A drop of blood essence slowly grew, a concentrated amount of life force within it. It was supported by a grand dao law, which s.h.i.+mmered with golden light. It coursed through this growing object as it gave birth to countless laws and powers. At the same time, Chen Feng's mind burst into it to begin construction work there.

As this clone was created using the blood essence of an extrterrestrial creature of chaos, it was very different from the first clone. The most direct difference was its quality. It was much higher. This was also why Chen Feng had always failed to manage it, leading to failure after failure.

With the extrterrestrial creature's Gold law serving as the central part of the clone, Chen Feng began filling it up with his own strength in order to stabilize it. Even Tower decided to join in the fun.

Thanks to the blood essence from both parties, this new clone possessed extraordinary talent in the grand dao of blood. It was for that reason that Chen Feng decided to mobilize the Blood Mustering Bead's power.

Whenever the conditions permitted it, Chen Feng would use up whatever resources and strength he had for it. Finally, the second clone was successfully created. Beholding himself and sensing the formidable power within the clone, one word suddenly appeared within Chen Feng's mind.


“Phew! The first clone I created only had 30% of my strength. This one, though, is practically on par with me. This is all thanks to the blood essence of the extrterrestrial creature of chaos. Rather, if we are to simply compare our physical might, he is even stronger than me.

“With this second clone, there will be no need for me to head out anytime soon,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Not long after this second clone was created, he left the Immortal Plane as well, using the same special teleportation array. This clone had another difference when compared to the first one. He was equipped with the Blood Mustering Bead and Bedazzling Star Map. Those two were Divine artifacts. With these two Divine artifacts, he would be able to display his strongest combat power. 

Chen Feng had his own reasons for doing so. 

Due to the opening of the mysterious pa.s.sageway, the situation had grown abnormally chaotic. By bringing two Divine artifacts with him, the second clone would have something of a killer move. Not to mention, there was no telling just how many cultivators would die later. Then, the Blood Mustering Bead would be able to s.h.i.+ne. Who knows? It was possible that, when the clone returned, the changes to the Blood Mustering Bead could bring Chen Feng feelings of delight.

As for the Bedazzling Star Map, it could only fully display its special power in the vast starry s.p.a.ce. 

After the second clone entered the starry s.p.a.ce, Chen Feng then grew limp. This time, he did not utilize the longevity-type primary energy to recover. Instead, he deliberately allowed himself to experience the strands of power flowing into his exhausted body. His body thus became like a bottomless pit and even his essence, energy and soul power fell into a trance-like state.

“Just cultivating all the time is indeed not a good thing. Whenever appropriate, I must relax. Advancing boldly is indeed important, but there must be a certain balance between tension and relaxation,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

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