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Chapter 70: Beautiful Brother

This high school stands out from among the high schools in the neighborhood.

Here gathered the best students of S City regardless of their economic status.

It was considered an amazing place where the son of a vegetable vendor could be seen studying alongside the son of a mayor. Students who live in 12-square-meter houses might become friends with people who live in villas.

A place where hardworking people could make a mark in the city, while a millionaire could lose his fortune in a blink of an eye.

Opportunities and risks coexist in this city full of people from all walks of life.

During her past life, Lin Xin attended S University's High School, so she did not know much about this school. She only heard from the news how students from this school would always outperform students from S University High School in college entrance examinations.

It was depressing to think about it now.

As one of the top high schools in S City, this school has a strict academic environment. There was one self-study session scheduled every morning and another two in the evening. Many parents worried about the possibility of their children getting exhausted with too much schoolwork. But to most parents' dismay, most of the student population preferred to stay in school to study for their lessons better. Only a few students lived in their homes and traveled to school. Since Aunt Hui needed to see the two children every day, Cheng Qingrong did not arrange for them to live at school. Instead, he personally fetched them to and from school for Aunt Hui's peace of mind.

Lin Xin and Lin Xinyu were not a.s.signed to the same cla.s.s. One was placed in Cla.s.s Two, while the other was in Cla.s.s Five. Their cla.s.srooms were located on the same floor, two rooms apart. As soon as cla.s.s ended and the bell rang, Lin Xinyu ran over to look for Lin Xin. The two of them would stand along the corridor until the bell rang again, signaling the start of their next cla.s.s, and it was time for them to go back to their own cla.s.srooms.

Not long after, all the girls in school knew that Lin Xin had a good-looking brother. More and more girls came to befriend her and asked her to deliver their love tokens to Lin Xinyu. These tokens came in various forms like handmade biscuits, handmade scented sachets, and amulets wrapped with their own hair.

Miss, are you sure this is a protective charm and not an obscure seduction art?

There were all sorts of weird things.

Back in middle school, many girls adored Lin Xinyu too. But these girls were young and sending love letters was all that they did. When Lin Xinyu didn't respond, they all stopped and let go.

Throughout high school, many people had asked Lin Xin to deliver their tokens to Lin Xinyu, and she had never refused a single gift. They were not worth much money anyway. However, Lin Xinyu did not want any of them. Since throwing these gifts would be wasteful, she decided to sell them to second-hand merchants. This way, she had done something good by keeping those precious tokens from going to waste.

"How can your brother be such a looker?" Her seatmate, Ai Mei Zhen would ask as she fooled around Lin Xin.

Ai Mei Zhen was part of the horde of girls who were head-over-heels for Lin Xinyu.

In her head, she answered, The original author wrote him to be prettier than a woman. How could he not be good-looking?

“I'm going to give him a set of lil monkeys.”

Wasn't that one of the popular expressions being used before she crossed over? Did Ai Mei Zhen cross over too? How? Through transmigration or, perhaps, rebirth?

Lin Xin couldn't help but look at her a few more times. Looking at her silly and adorable face, she decided to discard her suspicions.

“You know what, people like your brother should be kept at home like pet canaries. He'd only be responsible for looking beautiful, and I'd be in charge of making money for the family.”

Lin Xin sprayed a mouthful of water on the table. She couldn't help but look at Ai Mei Zhen in a new light. This girl is just too smart for her age. In 10 years, these girls in Z country would become strong and independent women.

Nowadays, most people agree that ‘providing for someone' is a responsibility not solely reserved to men. In the world before she crossed over, there was a fas.h.i.+on editor who kept a young lover and shamelessly boasted about it to the media saying, “I have money, I like him, we're both willing, so what do you care?” These words made the headline on Weibo at that time. She remembered that editor's name was Caroline Ai.

Ai? Could it be Mei Zhen? Lin Xin felt that she had just discovered an important clue. She shot up from her seat, grabbed her schoolbag, and ran out of the cla.s.sroom.

Ai Mei Zhen chased after her and shouted, “Lin Xin! Lin Xin! Where are you going? We still have cla.s.s!”

Lin Xinyu was just coming back from the toilet and wanted to check on Lin Xin. When he saw Lin Xin rus.h.i.+ng downstairs, he also rushed down to chase after her.

As this high school is semi-private, students needed to get their teacher's permission to go out of school during cla.s.s hours. When Lin Xin ran to the gate, she was naturally stopped by the school guard and was asked to show her teacher's note.

She was already anxious to go out, how would she find time to ask her teacher for an exit pa.s.s? She braced herself and rushed out, slipped under the guard's armpits like a mudfish, and head straight for the door. Lin Xinyu, who followed behind her, was tall and not as nimble. When the guard stopped him, he grabbed the guard's wrist and swung him to the ground. By the time the guard got up, the two of them had already boarded a taxi.

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