The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 1943 - The Dawn Of A New Era

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Chapter 1943 The Dawn Of A New Era

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu followed behind them. She appeared to have been battered out of her senses, but she was alive. On the other hand, the Darness Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai did not appear. Apparently, all the people from the Holy Spirit Cult could not be resurrected.Tang Wulin raised his hand and unleashed a layer of light s.h.i.+eld to block off the deafening cheers in the surroundings. He looked at the numerous Excellencies before him and gave Gu Yuena’s hand a tight squeeze. He said with a smile, “The new era of the Douluo Continent is about to arrive!”

A month later in Mingdu City!

“The results of the election will be announced soon. Mo Lan has been unanimously elected as the new speaker. Please join me to give the Speaker Mo Lan a round of applause to congratulate her.”

Mo Lan was dressed in her formal suit today. Her suit had a dark green tone filled with life sources.

The former speaker pa.s.sed the sceptre as a symbol of handing over his authority in the federal parliament to her.

When the Douluo Continent was in imminent danger, she was the one who took the stand to lead the entire continent and bring all the people together. They supported the soldiers on the frontline to achieve victory at the end.

She earned the affection of all people as a result.

Due to the terrible tragedy, the parliament members were similarly affected. All at once, its old members were replaced with new faces.

The Spirit PaG.o.da withdrew all its members in the parliament. So did the War G.o.d Hall. In addition, the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy and a few other great organizations announced in unison that no other organization’s members would be elected as a member of the parliament.

The federal parliament would conduct internal inspections and reorganize itself under the new leaders.h.i.+p.

Mo Lan’s eyes looked dreary as she watched the thunderous applause coming from below the stage.

The first half of her life had been close to perfection. However, the latter half was a complete change.

The Holy Spirit Cult had destroyed everything she possessed including her family. She was a woman after all despite the strong front she displayed. At the time, she vowed that she would put in all her effort to exterminate the Holy Spirit Cult.

It was her strong belief that kept her going all this while.

Finally, she was made a leader, while the Holy Spirit Cult had been completely annihilated. The grief in the depths of her heart began to emerge. She suddenly felt fatigued, yet the responsibilities she bore were heavier than before.

Mo Lan raised her right hand slowly to salute the crowd below the stage.

The claps and cheers faded away. Everyone quietened down to watch the celebrated female speaker on the stage with close attention.

Mo Lan spoke in a deep voice, “Too many events had taken place in the past few weeks. All this while, we’ve been living comfortably for way too long. On the other hand, this apocalyptic catastrophe is a loud alarm that has awakened us.”

“Firstly, I would like to represent everyone on the scene here to express our grat.i.tude to the soldiers who had fought for the Federation on the frontline. Will all of you please stand? We shall salute them with three bows!”

As she spoke, she walked out from behind the rostrum. The rest of the members of the parliament stood up in succession.

Under Mo Lan’s leaders.h.i.+p and with grat.i.tude, they bowed three times.

“Please take a seat.”

After the three salutations, Mo Lan’s expression relaxed slightly. Only when a real disaster struck would they be able to see whom the most worthy of their love were! There was a saying: ‘A true friend is known at times of adversity.’ Such was the case.

At the end, no one died in the arduous battle due to the lord of the plane’s providence. In any case, it was not the final destination yet, and definitely not the end of the journey. In order to protect the continent during the war, blood was shed and countless lives were sacrificed by the Federation. These were the people who were most worthy of respect.

Mo Lan continued to speak, “This disaster has also brought many things to attention and taught us important lessons. According to Tang San, this disaster is due to his ten-thousand year plan. Where does the plan come from? Why’s there such a plan? The reason is simple. It’s because mankind has done great damage to the entire world.”

At this point, her tone became serious once again.

“The over development of the land, the uncontrolled increase in the human population and the pillage from other creatures are the cause of the plane’s declining life force. If not because of this, why would the Almighty Sea G.o.d go through painstaking effort to replenish the Douluo Star’s life force? He is reminding us to improve the situation, otherwise, Douluo will face the same situation in the future. The Sea G.o.d may be able to protect us once, but he may not necessarily protect us twice. After all, our Divine Realm no longer exists.”

“Thus, as the speaker, I’d like to propose to protect the environment. So, let’s join the Spirit PaG.o.da and put our efforts together to protect the remaining soul beasts and a.s.sist them in their survival. We should take this opportunity provided by the devourment of the abyssal energy to revitalize the Douluo Continent once again.”

At this point in her speech, thunderous claps were heard coming from below the stage.

The lesson paid with blood made everyone realize the extent of the damage on the Douluo Continent. The depletion of resources hastened the decline of the Douluo Continent. Such a beautiful planet was almost destroyed due to mankind’s continuous pillage!

Just as Mo Lan had said, Tang San might be able to salvage the situation once, but he might not be able to save them twice. It was because Douluo had already lost its Divine Realm. They could only depend on their own efforts in this case.

Mo Lan waited until the clapping had stopped before she continued speaking, “The second proposal is to enhance the scientific research. We should engage in higher levels of soul research development not only in weapons but also in s.p.a.ce exploration. We should strive to acquire richer resources from the other planets, so we can elevate our scientific research and reinforce the development in soul technology. We should strive to explore the cosmos as soon as possible. The Almighty Sea G.o.d bought us time, but with the tremendous increase in the human population and the rapid development in mankind’s technology, exploring the cosmos is inevitable for us.”

“The third proposal is related to how the Star Luo Empire’s and the Dou Spirit Empire’s selfless att.i.tudes provided us with reinforcements during the catastrophe. For this, the Federation would like to express its grat.i.tude and also voice its earnest intention to reconcile with the two empires. We’ll share our resources with them and collaborate with them in soul technology research and development. We’ll improve our cooperation and promote mutual exchanges with them.”

Mankind’s three great fleets were destroyed in the battle. The soldiers were resurrected, but the three great fleets could not be recovered. The disparities between the armed forces of the three great continents were greatly reduced under such circ.u.mstances. However, there was still a huge disparity in the number of powerhouses between the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire. Hence, the power of these empires remained in equilibrium.

Anyway, the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire had let go of their past grievances and come forward to help them this time. As a result, the Hawk Faction had a ceasefire with both empires.

The proposals as suggested by Mo Lan contained drastic reforms. The proposals would be put to the vote in the coming parliamentary a.s.semblies. It was highly probable that the proposals would be pa.s.sed in view of Mo Lan’s high approval ratings now.

After all, everyone knew of her relations.h.i.+p to Shrek and the Tang Sect.

Tang Wulin became a true hero and was known as Douluo’s G.o.d now. He was the son of Tang San and grandson of the lord of the plane. After the war ended, he held an absolutely aloof status. At the same time, Shrek Academy achieved a reputation which was unprecedented.

The a.s.sembly lasted from morning till noon. Mo Lan was exhausted by the time the meeting ended.

She returned to her office completely fatigued.

It was the previous speaker’s office. She did not make much change but had kept the room’s original decoration as a cost saving measure.

She stood before the huge french window and gazed at Mingdu’s concrete jungle outside. The lines on Mo Lan’s face lightened.

Meanwhile, someone knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

Her secretary came into the room and made her way over to Mo Lan. She said respectfully, “Speaker, may I send over your lunch now?”

Mo Lan nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

Not much later, two vegetarian dishes and a bowl of rice were brought in by the secretary.

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