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Epilogue: Pang Pang is born!

Nine months later, in A city’s maternity ward of a hospital.

Du Lei Si stared at her purging stomach in a daze.

She found herself pregnant, in a flash nine months pa.s.sed quickly, now in retrospect it all felt like a dream.

Nine months ago, Lian Jun went to J city to bring back his wife who escaped back to her parental home. When the two returned to A city, she received Zhu Yao Fei’s phone call, asking her rush to the hospital to accompany her.

It turns out that Zhu Yao Fei found her period has been more than a week late. She wanted to ask Du Lei Si to accompany her to the hospital check whether she’s pregnant.

The two arrived at the hospital. Zhu Yao Fei went to get a number (basically taking a number to see the doctor) and paid the examination fee, then before the examination she made a trip to the bathroom. When she came out, her complexion was gloomy as she murmured: “KAO! What kind of relatives do I have?! Waited until I paid the examination fee, then she decides to visit me!” It turns out she discovered that her aunty came to visit.

In order not to waste the money Zhu Yao Fei paid, she to urged Du Lei Si to take it instead.

“Si Si, how long has it been since your last period?”

Du Lei Si thought for a moment and replied: “It has yet to come this month.”

Then Queen Zhu clapped her hands: “Then it’s you, you should go check instead!”

So like this, a once free of charge ultrasound test was conducted on Du Lei Si’s belly, thus detecting a tiny life that would torture her and take form in nine months. Staring at the ultrasound results, Du Lei Si was slightly ignorant.

What…… How come she’s pregnant?

When the President knew of Du Lei Si’s pregnancy, he was oversea’s signing a very important contract with a client. After receiving his wife’s call, the always calm and collect man almost jumped up, directly leaving his client and he hopped on the next flight to A city.

Of course, the contract in the end was negotiated and finalized because the opposition upon seeing Lian Chun suddenly throw away the contract wanting to leave after he receiving the news of his wife’s pregnancy. He didn’t speak a word further and hurriedly signed the contract. After signing the contract, he called Lian Jun to congratulate him, also excitedly suggest to sign an agreement for their two unborn child…… if both males they will become brothers, if both females they will become sisters, if one of each then betrothed!

This episode was also created another melodrama love story, of course, this is another story to discuss later on.

Rus.h.i.+ng through the night to reach home, the President incarnated into a filial piety husband, he announced his plans to temporarily put down all the affairs of the company, and concentrated on accompanying his wife at home during her pregnancy.

The President’s decision make Du Lei Si feel flattered, but she also felt pressured. She tried desperately to persuade him to return to work, to make more milk money for their child. However she didn’t expect the President to say he has just signed the contract that’s enough to cover their child’s milk money, diaper money, nanny fee, kindergarten to college tuition, purchase a house, purchase a car, marry a wife, even their pension is covered and done. They even had enough money to regenerate a football team.

So, Du Lei Si was speechless, to give birth to a football team in China, she might as well not!

Then the things that happened after followed more logically, Du Lei Si transformed from a married young woman to a target person who was under focal point of protection. Lian Jun’s grandmother, paternal grandma, Lian Anna, her parents, second uncle, second aunt, fourth aunt, fifth aunt…… those she knew, those she didn’t know were all keeping a close eye on her. Every day at home like a Panda in an enclosure, crowds of onlookers came to see her the “giant panda”.

After a few months, her belly gradually grew bigger, the President didn’t allow as many visitors to disturb her. She began to have more time to eat Aunty Wu’s black bone chicken soup, ginseng soup and tortoise soup…… She ate like this for several months, her entire body inflated and swollen an entire circle.

The President pinched her chubby face, feeling very satisfied: “Not bad, this pig looks good.”

Du Lei Si: >_____

After raising this little piggy for more than eight months, it was finally the time for them to send Du Lei Si to the hospital to be slaughtered. Wrong, to give birth!

It was a lot more boring waiting for labor then staying at home, every day besides seeing the President, mom, Aunty Wu and occasionally Lian Anna. She basically only saw white lab coat of doctors and nurses.

She twirled her thumb in boredom, so she laying in bed all day she could only think of what name to give to their child.

Years of experience told Du Lei Si that it was extremely important to give a child a good name! Don’t be like her, taking such a bad name which made all those who heard it laugh.

But then again, if it wasn’t for her unfortunate name, her former boyfriend wouldn’t have abandoned her, the newspaper company wouldn’t have made her redundant, then she couldn’t have possibly met the President, thinking to this point her heart suddenly felt warmth.

At this time, the ward door suddenly opened, her filial piety husband have come to see his wife and child.

Just when Du Lei Si wanted to use a flattering voice to call out ‘hubby’, a little devil jumped out from behind Lian Jun and frightened her. It was Princess Hao ah! Princess Hao, why must your deceased soul has not yet dispersed?

Seeing Du Lei Si’s displeased expression, Lian Jun explained: “Princess came to apologize to you.”

Apologize? Du Lei Si felt a slightly ignorant.

At that moment, the little monster towards toward Du Lei Si’s window side while holding onto her soft toy rabbit: “(Cousin) Sister-in-law, I was wrong last time for creating trouble and causing you and cousin to quarrel, please forgive me!!” Turns out this little kid thought she was caused of Du Lei Si returning to her parental home, she has felt guilt til this day.

A little devil will always be a little devil, so silly and naive. Du Lei Si smiled: “That’s okay, (cousin) sister-in-law doesn’t blame you.”

“Really?” The little brat’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly.

“Really,” Du Lei Si nodded. “Can’t you see your cousin and I have made up?”

“Oh yeah!” The little brat suddenly transformed, her vitality has been relived, looking more like the little devil she knew.

After a while, the President left to do something, the little devil stayed in the ward to accompany Du Lei Si and chatted. Once she started speaking, the little devil’s expression changed, her voice turned into a whisper: “(Cousin) Sister-in-law, do you still remember the promise you made before?”

“What promise?” Du Lei Si apparently have forgotten.

“You said…… if you don’t divorce my cousin, then the child you give birth will have no a.s.s!”

As soon she finished this sentence, Aunty Wu opened the door and said, “Princess, your mother called you home for dinner!”

“Coming!” The little devil shouted, holding her soft toy rabbit hopping off the chair to leave, before leaving she also turned around and gave Du Lei Si a wink: “(Cousin) Sister-in-law, you don’t forget oh!”

Du Lei Si has already been so petrified that she turned into a rock.

The child she gives birth to will have no a.s.s? Heaven! Earth! How could she be so stupid to make such oath ah?!

After a few days, this sentence was like a spell torturing Du Lei Si’s body and mind.

She has been pregnant for more than nine months, according to the doctor her expected due date should have been a week ago. They didn’t expect her stomach to no movement, when they asked the doctor, the doctor also said it was a normal phenomenon.

How could it be normal?

Could be because her child has no a.s.s so it didn’t dare to come and see the world?

Thinking to this point, Du Lei Si was restless even during her sleep.

Her anxiety couldn’t escape the eyes of others, however they only thought she was anxious about the labour.

Aunty Wu comforted her: “Young Madame, it’s normal to be nervous since it’s your first child, after more than a few times it won’t be a problem.”

This gave Du Lei Si a sad reminder, giving birth to one child with no a.s.s is bad enough, she wants her to give birth to a bunch of children with no a.s.s? Aunty Wu, I hate you!

Later, Lian Grandmother also came to see her.

“Precious granddaughter-in-law ah, once you give birth to  a plump little grandson, grandma will ordered a diamond of the longevity lock necklace to ensure our family’s kid plump!”

Du Lei Si almost ran out of tears: Grandma, you might as well give your little grandson a diamond underwear, since he will have no a.s.shole, you must give a little compensation! TAT

And then, the President came.

“Du Du, have you thought of a good name for our sob?”

“In fact, a daughter is also good……” Du Lei Si said weakly.

Lian Jun raised his eyebrows: “Do you like daughters instead?”

“No…… no that’s not it, it just that I was thinking what if I give birth to a daughter instead……”

“Daughters are also good,” Lian Jun nodded, “I’m just afraid she’ll be clumsy like you.”

Clumsy? That’s better than having no a.s.s! Du Lei Si ran out of tears once again.

That night, due to Du Lei Si’s depressing mood, she resolutely decided to turn her grief to eating, she ate a large pot of chicken soup Aunty Wu made, the results? She was stuffed and suffered from a stomach-ache.

“I want to go to the toilet!” She shouted.

After a while, a nurse hurried over, upon seeing her condition, she walked away.

“Hey you, don’t leave! I want to go to the toilet!”

In the mist of Du Lei Si’s shouts, the nurse called the doctor.

Du Lei Si miserably looked at the doctor. “Doctor, my stomach hurts. I want to go to the bathroom!”

The doctor gave her a look: “What go to the toilet, we need to go to the labor room?!”

That’s right, she didn’t eat too much, her labor has arrived.

The doctor called Lian Jun, the dignified President actually wore slippers and rushed to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, Du Lei Si was already sent to the delivery table.

“Hubby!” Du Lei Si grabbed onto Lian Jun’s hands, her arms were trembling.

Lian Jun tightly held onto her hands, for the first time in his life, his hand unexpectedly developed fine sweat.

“Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

This simple comfort coming out of his mouth, were unexpectedly filled with a sense of security. Du Lei Si finally relaxed her nervousness, she listened to the doctor’s commands of “Inhale…… exhale……! Good good good…… now use force! Come on……!”

She was in so much pain that she almost fainted, her entire body felt like it was tearing apart.

Suddenly a”wa” cry was heard from the operation room.

“Born! Born!” The doctor and nurse cried excitedly.

When Du Lei Si recovered from the pain, her body collapsed from exhaustion, relying on the last bit of strength she had left, with great difficulty she asked: “Doc……tor.…… is it a boy…… or a girl?”

“It’s a big fat boy!”

After a moment of silence, a slaughtering pig cry came from the operating room: “Doctor, quickly check if my son has an a.s.s ah!”

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