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Chapter 526: Chapter 66

Then they had to deal with the private part.

In fact, this part was very simple. Wood and North Wind were registered as husband and wife. What kind of private affairs would there be between a husband and his wife?

There was no need to explain that in detail.

North Wind naturally had no objections to this part. As a spy, even if she was not a woman that could sleep with anyone, at least she did not take s.e.x too seriously. As for Wood, he had been living a bachelor’s life for years in order to avoid divulging his secrets. Not to mention having a wife, he never even dared to get a prost.i.tute because he knew that men were most likely to divulge secrets in a woman’s bed.

Wood was a healthy man, both psychologically and physically. Especially after taking the panacea, he was in a better state than ever before. It was not a problem for him to have s.e.x with a woman seven times a night or something like that.

In that case, it seemed strange that he had insisted on abstinence from s.e.x just like those clergymen; his explanation was that he couldn’t forget his old lover. His heart was filled with a deep-seated true love, so he could not accept another woman or another love.

That was really a wonderful reason, and no one could cheekily force such an honest man to change his mind. Wood didn’t have friends like Favnier and Shoggoth who acted like wild horses, so he remained single all these years.

Then North Wind came.

According to the background setting, North Wind was the woman who had left Wood alone in the empty room for more than ten years. She was the one he had been waiting for.

Thus, after they went to City Hall to register and confirm their relations.h.i.+p and then go back home, what would happen?

All in all, the next day, Wood seemed to be in a good mood, like a little male horse that had been successfully bred for the first time. His whole body shook, showing how happy he was.

He traveled around that day to visit friends he had known over the years one by one and invited them to a party.

“What party?” his friend Reeve Kawat asked.

“My wedding party,” Wood replied.

Reeve opened his eyes wide and stayed still for several seconds before he asked, “If I’m not wrong, you have a lover who has been apart from you for many years…”

“I just met her again. She’s had a hard time these years.” Wood skipped the unimportant part. “But anyway, she’s here with me now and will stay with me forever.”

Reeve opened his eyes wide again.

This time he stayed still longer than last time, and then he jumped up like there was a spring under his feet. He grabbed Wood’s shoulder and said, “You! Good job! It’s been more than ten years! She must have gotten married a long time ago, and maybe she also has children… What magic did you use to make her leave everything behind and come to you? And to stay with you all your life? Wood, you are my brother, so teach me how to do something like that!”

As the head of the mining industry in the Republic of Northwest, Reeve was a Second Governor and one of the high-ranking bureaucrats. With his social status, naturally, he had married and had several children. But Mr. Kawat, who was always serious in the workplace, was very obedient to his strict wife at home. He had to hand in all his pay to her and only asked for some pocket money. In his daily life, if his wife asked him to go east, he dared not go west.

Although Reeve didn’t hate such a life, sometimes he really wanted to slightly improve his family status, but dare he say higher than his children! He wanted to at least be at a higher level than his wife’s cat! He had consulted many people for that, such as Jose who had many wives and concubines—his children were enough to form a small army—and Shoggoth, who had lovers everywhere. Shoggoth had more than 100 of them in a conservative estimate, but the methods of these two were of no use to Reeve.

As for his best friend, he was just slightly less obedient to his wife than Reeve. There was barely any difference between them.

Reeve usually talked with about that. When they complained, they often used Wood as an example. Although they were obedient to their wives, at least they had a wife, and that was much better than Wood, an old bachelor.

They had never expected that Wood would be so good at attracting a woman!

Over ten years later, Wood was still able to make his old lover fall in love with him. And once she found the opportunity, she abandoned her family and children and came to him at any cost. She even wanted to stay with him forever. What wonderful charm Wood had!

Compared to Wood, Jose and Shoggoth were careless. As for Reeve and, they were not even qualified enough to be mentioned as negative examples!

At this moment, Reeve Kawat looked at Wood with great admiration.

Seeing Reeve so excited, Wood was somewhat stunned. Even though he was a trump spy, he had never seen such a scene before. After all, Wood was a professional. He soon realized what Reeve was thinking, but he didn’t know how to respond.

“Why do you have such a ridiculous idea? Why do you say that she abandoned her husband and children and came to me? What kind of person do you think she is?”

“What? Didn’t she?”

“Of course not!” Wood sighed and told him about the background of North Wind in detail.

When Wood said that North Wind had been sent to the southeastern Cape Town of the Main Plane to marry a merchant who was at sea almost all the time, Reeve couldn’t help sigh sympathetically.

When Wood mentioned that that merchant was dead and North Wind had to sell his property to pay off his debts, Reeve kept nodding again and again.

When Wood said that North Wind sold all her remaining property and packed her bags to come find Wood, Reeve could not help but look at Wood with admiration.

Finally, Wood said that they had just registered their marriage at City Hall and we’re going to have a wedding tomorrow.

“Rest a.s.sured! I will be there on time!” he slapped his chest and promised loudly. Reeve was so touched by their story that his eyes turned bright.

Then he advised Wood not to rush because it was impossible for many of the others to arrive here in a day.

“I didn’t want to have a large wedding party,” Wood said. “You know, she’s not ordinary in ident.i.ty. If I make it too big, her father will know about it.”

“What are you afraid of?” Reeve opened his eyes wide again. Being a miner before, he had never been afraid of anything. He had once used an enchantment picker to fight with an underground demon monster and killed the monster in the end.

“He is just an earl! What’s the big deal?” Reeve asked. “You are no longer a bard to be treated casually. Now you are a great artist in our Republic of Northwest, and there are several legendary masters as your friends. When you were sick, even the Great Governor Felix came to visit you. Her father is an earl too, and you’re at least on an equal footing with him now. Don’t be afraid of him!”

Wood was stunned for a moment. He had never thought about that before.

Am I already a powerful man?

He remained silent for a long time. Then he grinned bitterly and shook his head.

“Come on, it’s better to let those things that happened more than a decade ago leave us forever. If her father knows about the wedding and then makes trouble with us, even if it does not cause any damage, it will still be very annoying,” Wood said. “It wasn’t easy for us to get together again. I want to live in a safe and stable way. I don’t want to deal with those things anymore.”

He paused and then continued, “I think she must have the same idea as me.”

What he said seemed to be the truth, and that finally convinced Reeve. Although Reeve still muttered that they showed too much mercy to that old earl, he chose to respect Wood’s opinions and didn’t say anything more.

But he did not know that Wood was sighing in his heart.

I’ve said more and more lies to my friends. What should I do when these lies are exposed one day? Reeve and the others have been good to me. They really treat me as a good friend, even to the degree that they are willing to live and die together with me. As a result, will my only reward to them be a despicable betrayal?

For the rest of that day, Wood visited his friends’ families one by one with a smile on his face, but he kept sighing in his heart.

Above his head, Sui Xiong looked at him seriously, falling into deep thought.

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