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Chapter 206: Chapter 76

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For the compet.i.tion for the very first martial arts contest, the rules were as such:

During the top sixty four, there would be two matches daily, during the morning and noon, each to be held at two battlefields next to each other simultaneously. Then, there would be four matches daily, which would require a total of eight days to complete all the matches.

After the first stage ended, it would be followed by the compet.i.tion for the top thirty two. Maintaining the same, which was two matches daily during the morning and noon, but two hours after the first match, the second match would then begin. According to the normal situation, the two hours should be sufficient for the first to end. So the two matches should be able to be held separately, so that the audience wouldn’t have to miss any one, but could watch the complete four matches.

The top thirty two would require four days. After the four days, everyone will draw lots and decide the grouping for the top sixteen and then rest for a day.

The compet.i.tion for top sixteen would be one match each in the morning and afternoon. Due to the fact that it would be eliminated after two losses, it would require six days and elimination of four contestants. The victory eight and the defeated four would enter the next round, or it could be called the top twelve.

During the top twelve, it would still maintain at one match each in the morning and afternoon. Within the two days time, a select four from the top eight would enter the victory group, then the defeated group would have to fight for the four slots, which was another two days.

During the top eight, it would still remain at one match each in the morning and noon. Victory group one day and defeated group two days. Actually, during the third day, it would only be a half day.

The next stage was defeated group, three people, and victory group, two people. But, anyway, the one who lost in the victory group would join the defeated group, so the number would be even again.

At this stage, it would be one match each day. The first day, victory group, the second and third day, defeated group.

The defeated group match would decide the owners.h.i.+p of second runner up. The winning contestant would then get the chance to compete with the last man standing in victory group, to fight for the champions.h.i.+p. Of course, as he was from the defeated group and the other contestant was in the victory group, if he won, he would still have to fight for another match to call for the final victory or defeat.

The compet.i.tion rules were complicated, but all in all, it was fair. To the top sixteen contestants, they had to lose twice to miss their chance, so everyone had equal opportunity.

As for stamina, under the protection of G.o.ds, there wouldn’t be situations of exhaustion due to continuous matches. But regarding expense of spirit, that was not within the bandwidth of G.o.ds.

…. Factors of luck still couldn’t be eliminated.

The fierce battles were still going on, and there were many experts that won, but there were many experts that lost too. The two huge battle rings not only attracted the focus of experts over all countries on the main dimension, even many greats that transcended the mortal world noticed.

“You could feel that the two clergy posts of ‘martial art contest’ and ‘compet.i.tion’ were nurturing.”

In the “Holy Temple of Martyrs” that was filled with noises of killing and fighting, the G.o.d of battle’s face grew gloomy and looked at the figure that was talking with ease and fluency.

“Of course I could feel it, but how does it relate to you?” he said coldly, “Don’t tell me, not only are you interested in “murder” and “”, but you still intend to expand your clergy and to seek more clergies towards battle?”

The G.o.d of conspiracy that only had eyes and mouth showed a weird smile, just like a white mask that had three crescent moons drawn vertically, and said, “Everyone existed immortally. What’s the point of your cover up?”

The G.o.d of battle’s face grew gloomy, “What do you want to say exactly?”

“All this while, as the follower of the G.o.d of battle, ‘battle’, or ‘small scale battle’, such clergies were monopolized by you. Look, that earth shattering martial art contest excluded you completely, but was hosted by the guy that held ‘warrior’ guardian clergy… don’t you think, it’s a little tricky behind this?”

The G.o.d of battle kept quiet, as he was already dissatisfied at the beginning, even with his guards up. Regarding “battle”, “martial arts” was considered an important part, although the portion of “compet.i.tion” was lower, to him that only had intermediate holy power, he had to avoid as much loss as possible.

The loss of clergy was similar to losing holy power or divinity, the latter of the two could be recovered gradually relying on time, only this first couldn’t be recovered. When you lose it, you will lose it always.

Losing your clergy was an extremely powerful hit towards G.o.d. From the past, many G.o.ds were weakened due to that reason, even to the point they would pa.s.s away.

So, once its related to the clergy problem, there would be fierce battle in between G.o.ds. Many times it was even nonstop.

To G.o.ds that possess weak or even faint G.o.dly strength, losing their crucial clergy meant their pa.s.sing. As the result was pa.s.sing, they might as well go for a life and death battle. No matter how they died in a vigorous battle, it’s still better than dying for nothing.

As a member of the G.o.ds in war system, the G.o.d of battle was of course not a coward. If there was necessity, He didn’t mind to fight the war and clamour for a life and death battle!

But… He was actually a little hesitant. Intermediate G.o.dly power like Him, not exactly great nor weak, was at an awkward position.

Getting clergy slightly wouldn’t help Him to breakthrough or level up. Once they lose clergy slightly, it would cause Him to weaken or lower in ranking. If it was only “compet.i.tion” clergy, He wouldn’t hesitate and He might as well hold it back.

But… “martial arts contest” clergy…

The great G.o.d that was wearing full body armour and ready to fight a war anytime, was sitting on his throne that was built with his spoils of war, weapon. He was deep in thought.

The G.o.d of conspiracy smiled, as his shadow slowly faded and vanished. He knew His advice had taken effect.

Maybe the G.o.d of warrior would hold back originally. Because if He had to fight, He had to deal with not only Steel Lion, but also the entire G.o.d system of desolation, and even go against the one with unset clergy yet powerful Void Mask.

Under such a situation, even if he could fight, even if the war G.o.d system and other few G.o.ds that were good at fighting helped, it was hard to say that they would win.

Of course, They could invite the King of G.o.d of War, but on Steel Lion’s side, He had the G.o.d of Justice as well. In fighting against the crazy fellow that once fought to the Wheel of Order, against the Great G.o.d, even the G.o.d of War, who was said to be the most intrepid among the G.o.ds, dared not confirm their victory.

Such war, even if they won, the war G.o.d system would have a sprain or a fracture. If they lost, they might be killed.

So, the G.o.d of war hesitated and they decided to give up. But after the G.o.d of conspiracy’s advice, the situation was different.

If the reality was a game, when the G.o.d of conspiracy advised earlier, there would be such a system reminder that popped out,

[The G.o.d of conspiracy was persuading the G.o.d of battle. This persuasion is called bluff negotiation.]

[The G.o.d of battle didn’t pa.s.s the will test and the bluff succeeded.]

[The G.o.d of conspiracy completed persuasion, the G.o.d of warrior would accept the mission of “fight for clergy”.]

After a while, the G.o.d of battle finally decided, went towards the middle of “Halberd Snapping Wasteland” in war G.o.d system holy kingdom, to have an audience with the King of G.o.d of war, the great G.o.d of war. Among the emptiness near the sky of Ashes Wood in the main dimension, in the holy kingdom that shared the border with chaotic world, Morani’s main body suddenly felt slight discomfort, but it had gone by in a flash. His gut feeling told him that there seemed to be something bad that’s going to happen, but not that severe.

“Is it because one of my high priests encountered danger? Or is it because a bunch of my believers encountered an unfortunate event?” He directed his focus to the human world to stroll around.

As expected, He quickly found out that a high priest of his was and the murderer was running away. To G.o.d that had many believers, a high priest’s life and death was nothing to speak of. But Morani didn’t have many believers and high priests below him, especially above intermediate level, as those could be counted with two fingers.

He lost one high priest just like that, which was not a small damage to him! Morani’s face grew gloomy and sent down a G.o.d’s order. The clergyman who was closest to the high priest quickly rushed over and tried to use “resurrection spell” to revive the high priest that died.

Although Morani could send a clone down to use resurrection spell, it would consume more divine power. To Him that had yet to reach intermediate divine power, He could only produce so many clones, and each one of them had their respective duty. He couldn’t send any of his clones.

To send a clone to resurrect, He had to make a clone last minute that was sufficient to carry such level of divine power that was out of His ability, and it would require a few fold of the expense. That clergyman that received the order quickly departed. As there was a G.o.d order that gave accurate direction, he used transportation spell and got there in a short while.

Then, it was resurrection.

In the world, theoretically, every G.o.d could use resurrection spell. But, in actual fact, besides G.o.ds that possess divine power in healing or life league, most of the G.o.ds were not willing to use resurrection spell.

Because “life” clergy was still vacant, not one G.o.d had gotten it. That signified that to let the deceased to radiate the vigor of life, it wouldn’t be done through the negotiations with the G.o.d of life, to simply exchange with divine power. But rather, it depended on the G.o.d itself to transform divine power into life divine power.

For G.o.ds with life league, it was naturally just a piece of cake, as divine power in healing league could also transform life divine power with lesser expense. But any divine power besides the two, if one wanted to transform into life divine power, ten to one was already considered a good trade off.

For example, like the G.o.d of conspiracy, G.o.d of death, G.o.d of damage, and that sort of clergy and league that was almost the direction of wicked and damaging, their divine power would normally require a hundred to one ratio in order to transform into life divine power. Morani of course had no divine power in the league of life or healing, but He had the divine power of protection. To transform it into life divinity should be a ratio of twenty to one, which He didn’t consider to be extremely unfair.

After expensing not a little divine power, the resurrection was completed. Although the high priest that was resurrected was weak and required to rest for a period of time, at least he managed to escape the unfortunate situation.Morani sighed, slightly exhausted, turned around, and looked towards the venue of the very first martial arts compet.i.tion. Then, only that spectacular compet.i.tion could make Him feel slightly better.

“Luckily, ever since I threw the very first martial arts contest with Auscar, my divine power has increased tremendously. Otherwise, the expense would make me feel hurt!”

He mumbled to himself, as he didn’t feel a conspiracy targeted at Him had been completed…

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