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Chapter 438 I'll Die Without Ice


"But I only picked it up." Conti stowed away the scale on the table with a wistful expression as he said, "I was too late again. When I arrived on this scene and found this dragon scale, the battle was already over. It was most likely a battle between two giant dragons."


All of the customers heaved a collective disappointed sigh as they sat back down in their seats. They were just about to raise their hands in applause, but they all put their hands back down again.

They had thought that they were going to witness the birth of a new legend, but the reality was completely different.

"Jeez, you had me all excited for nothing." Habeng rolled his eyes with a speechless expression.

Haga still wore a bashful smile on his face, seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had just been fooled.

Conti untied his sword from his waist, and leaned it against the side of the table as he turned to Yabemiya with a smile. "T'll get a Yangzhou fried rice and a roujiamo, thanks."

What an interesting man. Mag shook his head with an amused smile. He wasn't antic.i.p.ating an ending like that.

"It's a pity that Alex died. Otherwise, we'd hear about his legendary dragon-slaying exploits from time to time. The fact that the Norland Continent is so peaceful has a lot to do with the fact that he slew so many wicked dragons." Storyteller Carl heaved a forlorn sigh.

"Old man Carl, why don't you tell a dragon-slaying story about Alex next? I've really loved listening to your stories as a child, and he's the knight that I revere the most; he's a true man!" Jimmy turned to Carl

with an expectant gaze.

All of the other customers also turned to him upon hearing that. Legends about Alex were very popular on the continent, but they were usually just stories of him slaying wicked dragons in different locations, and no one actually knew any specific details about those battles.

Carl was the best storyteller in Chaos City. He had told some of Alex's legendary dragon-slaying stories, and all of those stories managed to bring in a full house of


However, it had been three years since he had told a story about Alex. Now that Jimmy had mentioned it, everyone else was hoping that Carl would agree to his request.

"The legend has already pa.s.sed away, so we should commemorate him in our hearts. I don't want to make money telling stories about a deceased legend; that would be disrespectful." Carl shook his head with a smile as he said, "I want to tell another story about a dragon-slaying warrior before I pa.s.s away, but I wonder if I'll get an opportunity to do so. If I do, I wonder what kind of person the protagonist of that story would be."

There had been no dragon-slaying warrior that had received widespread acknowledgment on the Norland Continent for three years, so it really wasn't looking likely that another one would emerge anytime soon.

Don't worry, you'll get your chance. Mag smiled as he took a glance at Carl. There was still a Frost Dragon waiting to be slain by Amy. Hopefully, he would be a 10th-tier giant dragon by then.

Kenny's ice cream was the first one to be served. Everyone stared at the ice cream cone in Yabemiya's hand, and discovered that it was identical to the one on the image in the menu. There were two brown b.a.l.l.s sitting on an edible cone, and frosty air was emanating from it. It appeared to be quite

appetizing, and everyone was wondering what it would taste like.

"Here's your chocolate ice cream. Enjoy." Yabemiya handed the ice cream cone over to Kenny, and smiled as she said, "The best way to eat ice cream is to slowly lick it."

"Alright, thank you." Kenny carefully held the ice cream cone in both hands as he focused his gaze on it.

Frosty air wafted toward him with rich milky undertones and another aroma that he was unable to identify-most likely the so-called chocolate. He was immediately intoxicated with the ice cream's delectable aroma.

The two little frosty b.a.l.l.s were very intricately made, seemingly with a completely even and smooth texture. Kenny wondered how something so fine and smooth could be made.

"Is that ice cream?" Everyone's attention was drawn to the ice cream in Kenny's hands. All of the new products released by the restaurant received widespread attention, and they were trying to gauge Kenny's reaction to see if it was worth trying.

Kenny gulped in a slightly nervous manner. He hadn't eaten anything in the morning, and his stomach was already beginning to grumble. He took a deep breath before taking his first lick of the ice cream.

As his tongue came into contact with the ice cream, he was struck by a cool sensation. The ice cream then began to slowly melt on the tip of his tongue, and a rich sweetness

flowed into his mouth. The rich alluring

flavor of milk coated his tongue, and it felt

as if a gentle hand were caressing his cheek before slowly stroking down his neck.

What an incredible flavor! The milky taste is coupled with an exquisitely sweet flavor, and the two combine to create such a delicious mix! After swallowing his first lick of ice cream, Kenny stared at the ice cream cone in his hands with an incredulous expression, and he couldn't help but take another lick.

He closed his eyes and savored the incomparable flavor, licking the ice cream in a gentle manner as if he were delicately caressing a priceless treasure.

It looks really delicious. Should I get one as well? Jimmy looked at the ice cream cone in Kenny's hands, then patted is own wallet, and fell into deep thought. He had only just received his spending money for the month, and he had to be conservative if he wanted

to make it last an entire month. He had

already ordered a tofu pudding, and if he were to order an ice cream as well, he wouldn't be able to dine at Mamy Restaurant the next day.

A young man raised his hand, and said, "TIL

get the same flavor ice cream as him. Bring it to me after I finish my Yangzhou fried rice."

"Father, I also want to eat ice cream! Can you get one for me? Pretty please?" A little loli wheedled as she latched onto her father's arm, looking up at him with an expectant gaze in her large eyes.

"No.Your mother says that cold stuff can't be eaten in the morning." The father shook his

head with a stern expression.

"Waaah, but I want it! I want ice cream." The little loli immediately burst into tears upon hearing that. Tears began to flow down her cheeks, putting on a pitiable display.

"Don't cry, baby. Daddy will ask mommy later to see if I can get an ice cream for you for

lunch. Otherwise, both of us are going to be

punished." The father immediately tried to console his daughter. He picked up the sweet tofu pudding on the table, and said, "Here's your favorite sweet tofu pudding. Come on, let's have some of this."

"I'm going to die without ice cream…" The little loli slumped in her chair, and closed her eyes to play dead. However, after smelling the delicious aroma of the tofu pudding, her little mouth opened involuntarily to accept the spoonful of tofu pudding. After swallowing, her eyes were still tightly shut as she murmured, "Even tofu pudding won't be able to revive me."

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