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Chapter 437 10th-Tier Giant Dragon

After looking at all of the dishes on the menu with an excited expression, Kenny then turned his attention to the prices, upon which he immediately fell silent.

With 200 copper coins, I'll only be able to get the tofu pudding or the ice cream. Master Marsh says the tofu pudding is really good, so it must be really delicious, but if I get the ice cream, I'll be able to taste the ice cream before Master Marsh does. That way, I'll be able to join in on their conversation when they talk about Mamy Restaurant again. Kenny was struggling to choose between the tofu pudding and the ice cream.

An elderly man sitting beside him wore a smile on his face as he said, "Young fellas like you should be experimenting with new things."

He then proceeded to order a sweet tofu pudding for himself.

"I'll get a chocolate ice cream," Kenny said to Yabemiya as he closed the menu. Chocolate was something that he had never heard of, and it seemed to be more mysterious than the other three flavors.

"Sure, please wait a moment." Yabemiya nodded at Kenny with a smile on her face. She didn't ask any questions, as she saw a shadow of her younger self on Kenny, so there was no reason to ask why he only ordered a single ice cream.

"Thank you." Kenny was feeling quite flattered. He then saw the smiling Yabemiya attend to all of the other customers in the restaurant, and his eyes gradually lit up.

He suddenly understood why he wanted to become a hairdresser, and what he should do after becoming a hairdresser. He was going to stay at Chaos City, and at Lace Hair Salon. He was going to become the best hairdresser at Lace Hair Salon, and save up money so he could open his very own hair salon in Chaos City.

One day, I'm going to sit here like everyone else, ordering whatever I like, not limited in choice by the paltry 200 copper coins in my wallet. Kenny slowly clenched his fists, and a confident smile appeared on his face.

"You're back, Haga! What happened to your arm?" Mobai had also come to the restaurant for breakfast, and he was quite surprised to see Haga and Habeng.

"Yes, last night… just came back. Arm is fine; just broken. It will be good after a while," Haga replied with a smile. He extended his hand toward Mobai in a grateful manner, and said, "Th… Thank you, Boss Mobai. It was thanks to the weapons you supplied that we

won this war."

"There's no need to be so polite. I thought you would inherit the tribe's chief's position this time; who would have thought that you'd come back to Chaos City so soon?" Mobai smiled as he shook Haga's outstretched hand.

"My father wanted him to inherit the position, but he didn't want to. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't want to, either. If he becomes the tribe's chief, his freedom will be restricted, and he won't be able to come dine at Boss Mag's restaurant very often." Habeng chuckled.

Haga also put on a bashful smile.

The three of them chatted for a while before Haga looked around him with a curious expression, and asked, "Conti Nicolas? How

is he?"

"You mean that donkey-rider? I haven't seen him for a long time. Last I heard, he was going to a rural town in the north to find a giant dragon. He's been gone for about half a month; I haven't seen him since. With his power level, it would be alright if he didn't encounter a giant dragon, but if he did, he most likely wouldn't be able to come back." Habeng shook his head with a forlorn sigh.

Mobai smiled, and said, "Conti could be more powerful than we imagine. I've seen many knights in my life. Usually, the more powerful they are, the less talkative they are. The talkative ones are usually the ones who die the quickest; knights like him often live for quite a long time."

"Clip clop, clip clop-"

Right at that moment, the sound of

approaching donkey hooves was heard, and a silver-gray figure straddling a donkey approached the restaurant. He got off the donkey before tying it to a nearby tree.

"What do you know? There he is! Looks like he didn't encounter a giant dragon this time." Habeng smiled as he looked at the approaching Conti.

Conti walked through the door of the restaurant, wearing his usual smile on his face. He was a little surprised to see so many customers in the restaurant, but his eyes soon fell upon the only open seatwhich was at Habeng's table-and he began to make his way there.

"Hey there, donkey-riding dragon-slaying warrior, did you encounter a giant dragon this time?" Habeng greeted him like an old friend.

All of the customers turned their attention

to Conti with curious expressions upon

seeing that. Dragon-slaying warrior was a very special t.i.tle on the Norland Continent. The last person who was able to do that t.i.tle justice was Mag Alex, a man who stood at the very pinnacle of the Norland Continent. He was practically bathed in dragon blood during his meteoric rise, and no other knight could compare to him.

There were disparities in power levels even among giant dragons. As such, many knights had been able to slay dragons in the past few years, and many of them prided themselves on killing an evil-doing giant dragon.

Of course, in the past three years following Mag Alex's death, no knight in the entire Norland Continent had been able to slay a 10th-tier giant dragon.

"L-long time no see." Haga nodded and smiled at Conti.

"Long time no see. Let me show you guys something." Conti didn't immediately answer Haga's question. Instead, he began to rummage around in his pocket before quickly pulling out a small black cloth bag. He tipped the bag over, and a faint golden dragon scale fell onto the table, glittering with a soft sheen under the light.

"This is…" Habeng had a careful look before exclaiming, "The scale of a 10th-tier Giant Winged Dragon?!! Donkey-rider, did you really kill a 10th-tier Giant Winged Dragon?"

"Really?" Haga was completely stunned.

All of the customers also gathered around to have a look upon hearing that. Many people were on the outskirts of the huddle, and were trying to squeeze through the crowd for a better look.

Dragon-slaying warriors were rare, and 10th-tier giant dragons were even rarer. If he really did slay a 10th-tier giant dragon, then that would make him the first knight to achieve the feat after Mag Alex. Just that accolade alone would be enough for his name to resound across the entire Norland Continent.

Conti really slew a 10th-tier giant dragon? Mag was also quite curious. He had always wondered about Conti's power, but he had never seen him in action. However, he could see that Conti was very serious about dragon-slaying, though it was a little unlikely that his donkey steed would be able to even catch up to a giant dragon.

A dragon-slayer? Yabemiya was struck by an instinctive sense of fear when she looked at Conti. She didn't think that such a benevolent-looking middle-aged man would be so terrifying

"This is indeed the scale of a 10th-tier Giant Winged Dragon." Conti wore a calm and collected smile despite all of the attention that he was receiving.

"It really is a 10th-tier giant dragon!"

Cries of surprise instantly erupted within the restaurant. All of the customers looked on with astonishment etched on their faces. Initially, they had thought that perhaps Habeng had falsely identified the scale. However, even Conti himself had admitted that it was indeed the scale of a 10th-tier

giant dragon.

Could it be that this man really was the first knight after Mag Alex to slay a 10th-tier giant dragon?

Everyone stared at Conti with shock and reverence on their faces. They felt as if they were witnessing the rise of another legend.

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