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“In fact, during the talking time, I've figured out that… each of us has characteristics that run counter to its rules, that is to say…” Feng Bujue gasped: “Now, as long as I enter the range of that thing, I will be wiped out because of a certain characteristic of myself.” His eyes swept across the three people in front of him:” However, the three of you do not know the law of that thing. As long as this state is maintained, you can approach and contact it, so… “

“Wait…” Swan has been following Feng Bujue's thoughts. Hearing this, he said, “According to what you mean, let this object take effect requires someone who knows its characteristics to stand in its effective range.” He paused: “However, the only person who knows its characteristics at present is you… that means, you will die as soon as you enter that range.”

Autumn Wind took the conversation and said, “Does that mean… you have to sacrifice yourself to trigger it?”

Calm Speaker also said: “In addition, you say that each of us has a contradiction with the law of the object. That is to say… no one can trigger this thing alive. Because when we don't know its characteristics, its effect cannot be triggered, and once we know it, it will become the same situation as you.”

“That's the point. I have a way to make that object effective and all members can survive.” Feng Bujue replied.

The three teammates didn't show much surprise and doubt on their faces but just concentration.

Feng Bujue was satisfied with their response, speaking with smart people was easy. He doesn't need to explain too much, they can trust and understand what he means.

“First of all, I need one of you to pick up the object and place it in a specific place. In this process, his mind should be as empty as possible, not thinking too much.” Feng Bujue began to talk about his strategy: “After putting the thing in place, he will listen to my instructions and walks to the edge of the object's range of action. At this time, I will say something to him. The content of the words is a description of an objective fact.” He paused: “Without any accident, the thing will take effect as soon as the sentence is finished. And in these few seconds, the person should have no time to realize what the characteristics will cause him to be obliterated.”

“I see,” Swan replied: “As long as the actor escapes from the effective range of the thing immediately after hearing the words, then the effect of the object will only apply to the object you describe, and will not kill the actor. “

“When the actor realized that he contradicted the object, he had already left its scope, thus he can escape.” Autumn Wind said thoughtfully: “Well… The object is being triggered by the “cognition” of the observer within a certain range… “

Calm Speaker didn't comment, he just talked about another thing after a few seconds of silence: “Feng Dude… you can think of such a strategy in a short time, and claims to be 'a low man who's weak at puzzle-solving' ?”

“I was being nice to you…” Feng Bujue also knew that it was done. It was impossible for him to continue pretending to be stupid.

“You're overly humble…” Swan pushed his “Of the four of us, only you know the characteristics of the object, and the characteristics cannot be easily told to others. That is… You can only plan it alone on how to solve this puzzle…

The scenario of Thriller Paradise is randomly generated based on the data of all players in the team. The knowledge, strength, skills, equipment, etc. of the four of us are all within the scope of consideration, which shows that your strategic ability has been systematically affirmed. At least, the system thinks that you have more than 50% chance of solving this puzzle independently.”

“Huh… I guess he originally wanted to pretend stupid, he just needs to follow us, the 'big men'.” Autumn Wind broke the idea of ​​Feng Bujue sharply:” But when he saw that thing, he had to partic.i.p.ate in solving the scenario.”

“Ah… that's right,” Feng Bujue admitted simply.

“Hahaha… in the end. It's actually our problem.” Calm Speaker smiled and scratched his hands on his head.” From the beginning. The three of us took Feng Dude not that properly. And the reason is that [Feng Bujue] is not a famous ID.” He looked at Swan and Autumn Wind, “Thinking about it a bit, if I stand on the position of Feng Dude, it will be the same reaction. I won't' bragging about myself, telling three people who don't know me how good I am.”

Swan responded: “That's right.”

Autumn Wind said, “Let's stop arguing about this problem and discuss who is going to move that thing?”

Feng Bujue questioned: “Calm Speaker, Autumn Wind, who of you is better at math?”

Calm Speaker said: “Mathematics… I'm ok with that.”

Autumn Wind also said: “Sloppy, the high school stuff has been given bay to my teacher long ago, now I'm probably at the junior high school level.”

“Then it's you,” Feng Bujue said.

“Ah?” Autumn Wind froze. “Why?”

“Why? I couldn't explain it anyway. There's no need to ask.” Feng Bujue raised his arm, pointing at the room, mimicking a teenager's voice, and he shouted pa.s.sionately, “This is my decision! Go! Pikachu!” 1)

Not only Autumn Wind, Calm Speaker and Swan both felt a little embarra.s.sed after hearing Feng Bujue's terrible roast.

“It's unbelievable that I'm talking to an adult…” Autumn Wind put on an extremely unpleasant face and murmured.

“Chaste Beast evolution - Nochaste Beast~ ” 2) Feng Bujue yelled long.

“Are you done or not!” Autumn Wind shouted both angrily and shamefully.

“I'm distracting you.” Feng Bujue said earnestly, “This can effectively improve your safety factor when you move the thing…”

“You just need to wait until I moved the thing outside and tell me where to put it. There's no need to talk nonsense…"


Although Feng Bujue's behaviour was very shameful, it does work. After this rather embarra.s.sing conversation, Autumn Wind's mind was really blank…


Item #: SCP-233

Object Cla.s.s: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-233 is to be kept within a cubical vanadium-lined container, dimensions 23 by 23 by 23. The unit of measure is irrelevant. A 23-meter safe zone is to be established around the object: no Cla.s.s D personnel older or younger than 23 years of age are to be allowed within the safe zone. For optimal results, Cla.s.s D personnel with birthdays falling on the 23rd of the month should be used. No firearms other than those chambered for special-purpose .2323 calibre rounds are to be allowed within the containment chamber. s.h.i.+ft changes will occur at 23 minutes past the hour, with the final s.h.i.+ft change occurring at 2323 Greenwich Mean Time exactly.

Under no circ.u.mstances are [REDACTED]mm ammunition, Cla.s.s D personnel born in the month of [REDACTED] or on the [REDACTED], [REDACTED], or twenty-[REDACTED] of the month, or any [REDACTED]-sided object to be brought within the 23-meter safe zone. Personnel is cautioned to take special care at [REDACTED] minutes past the hour, especially [REDACTED] hours, as this is the time period during which the object is most active. For best results, the 23-meter safe zone should be cleared of all personnel during that time period.

Description: SCP-233 is a 23-sided polyhedron, each face being made up of both an equilateral triangle and a straight line simultaneously. Because of the s.p.a.ce-time altering nature of the object, the exact physical makeup of the object cannot be emulated in three-dimensional or two-dimensional form.

SCP-233 has the unusual property of altering the laws of mathematics in its vicinity, causing rounding errors to occur unless calculated using a base-23 system. Mathematical calculations carried out in base 23, however, have the benefit of being carried out at 23 times the normal speed: for this reason, destruction of the item has been postponed pending possible integration into [DATA EXPUNGED]. The difficulty of converting binary information into base-23 mathematics aside, the device has already shown its value to the Organization.

Unfortunately, SCP-233 appears to have a particularly violent effect upon occurrences of the number [REDACTED] occurring within its safe zone. Chemical breakdown of the affected object proceeds at a rapid rate: direct contact results in immediate destruction of the object in question by breakdown into component atoms within .23 seconds.

One note: SCP-233 appears to be triggered not by the actual physical properties of the object in question in any empirical sense, but by the perceptions of nearby observers. For instance, it is safe to handle SCP-233 using a 2.74 m long pole, so long as no observers within the danger zone perceive said pole as being [REDACTED] feet in length. The reason for this is unknown, but the Observer Effect recorded in cla.s.sical quantum physics may be involved.


Feng Bujue's knowledge of the SCP series made him recognize this “twenty-three facet”. He also knew very well that 2.74 meters were about 9 feet in length. In other words, the number targeted by this SCP is “9”.

As long as someone who knows its characteristics enters the range of 23 meters around SCP-233, then in this area, everything related to 9 in this person's cognition will be erased.

Feng Bujue noticed a problem while yelling and went back. “Feng” and “Crazy” are nine strokes in Chinese… About the other three, Autumn Wind's “Autumn” and "Speaker" are all nine strokes in Chinese, and the relations.h.i.+p between Swan and 9 is more obvious. He is at level 29.

No matter which of these three teammates are moving things, as long as they hear what he says, even if they don't know the characteristics of SCP-233, they will quickly understand that the problem lies in the number 9. Then, the sooner the actor thinks of the factors related to 9, the sooner he will be wiped out…

If this is a normal team, Feng Bujue would find someone who thinks slower to act. But at present, these four are all of the type with a particularly fast brain. Once information enters the brain, they will infer instinctively.

Therefore, Feng Bujue decided to let the man with relatively poor mathematics, Autumn Wind, to go and tried his best to interfere Autumn Wind's thoughts with language. The way he came up was also to minimize teammates' thinking time and the amount of information they knew.

This puzzle-solving strategy may seem uncomplicated, but in fact with it has fully demonstrated the ability of Feng Bujue. Even his seemingly funny moves are meaningful. All kinds of details are well-prepared.

“Where to put it?” At this point, Autumn Wind had stepped out of the white door and asked loudly.

Feng Bujue was back away enough distance, even if the thing was moved out, he stood far away 23 meters away.

“That way!” When shouting, Feng Bujue pointed his finger. “Just put it in the two pillars against the wall.”

After hearing the words, Autumn Wind responded, and moved the twenty-three facet, and walked towards it all the way. This SCP is not too heavy, for players with enhanced physical fitness, it can be moved easily.

After dozens of seconds, Autumn Wind put things in place: “Is it OK here?”

“Okay.” Feng Bujue replied, “Now, you go towards me. Don't go too fast, you shall stop when I call you.”

Autumn Wind did so.

Feng Bujue watched him walk about twenty meters, and shouted “Stop!” He then said, “Okay, I'm going to say that message, I will say it faster. After that I will shout again 'Run', then you will run to us at the fastest speed, just think about what I said in your mind.”

It's worth mention that Autumn in Chinese is similar to "chu", thus Feng Bujue roasted about it.After Pokémon Feng Bujue changed his target to Digital Monster, another famous series similar to Pokémon. Of course, he made up the monster's name.

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