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Chapter 1472: Perverted Demon

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Zhao Fu came to where You Qianyue and the other women were, and Ye Leihua was quite shocked as she looked at the other women. She had never thought that four other women from the Ten Demon Beauties would be here; why were they here? After thinking about it, Ye Leihua had a bad premonition.

Zi Lingye crossed her arms and smirked as she looked at Ye Leihua, feeling as if she was looking at herself from back then.

“Husband, we’ve waited for you for so long.” Seeing Zhao Fu return, Mei Lingling sprang into Zhao Fu’s embrace and tightly hugged him, as if she was afraid of losing him.

“Husband, why haven’t you eaten sister Ye yet?” You Qianyue’s gaze fell on Ye Leihua’s body, and she found that despite going for so long, he still had not touched Ye Leihua.

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, “I ran into some matters; that’s right, I also subdued a demon gra.s.s.”

Hearing their discussion, Ye Leihua’s heart sank. It seemed that these four women were all Zhao Fu’s women, but all of the Ten Demon Beauties were quite proud, had immense talent, and had prestigious ident.i.ties. How could they all be willing to share the same man?

“Husband, don’t waste any time; let’s start!” Mo Wulin happily smiled as she came to Ye Leihua’s side and took off all of Ye Leihua’s clothes before pus.h.i.+ng her onto a bed.

Ye Leihua’s face became red as she angrily looked at Mo Wulin. Zhao Fu smiled as he pressed down on Ye Leihua’s body, who startled to struggle.

However, they ended up doing it, and the other women joined in, causing all sorts of sounds to sound out.

As Zhao Fu was having fun, the Mult.i.tude Demon Region became quite raucous. Firstly, an Imperial Kingdom’s Prince had died, and even though he did not have a very high status, he was still an Imperial Prince.

And yet, someone had dared to kill him, not giving the Imperial Kingdom any face. The Imperial Kingdom was incredibly furious and sent many experts.

Afterwards, it was reported that Mei Lingling had been taken away by a man, and he had violated Mei Lingling in an alleyway. After hearing about this, the Imperial Kingdom gave the order to hunt down and kill this person.

Ye Leihua, who had been training outside, had also disappeared and everyone started to wonder if the recent events were connected.

Firstly, a Crown Prince’s fiancée had been stolen away, which was You Qianyue. Up to now, five of the Mult.i.tude Demon Region’s most beautiful and talented women had suddenly disappeared.

By now, even an idiot could guess that someone was capturing the Ten Demon Beauties. Which perverted demon had the gall to put his attention on the Ten Demon Beauties? They were related to incredibly powerful factions; did that person not want to live anymore?

Now, almost everyone in the Mult.i.tude Demon Region was paying attention to this matter. All the large factions sent out people to find out who was so daring as to steal the Mult.i.tude Demon Region’s Ten Demon Beauties and not give them any face.

Thinking about those G.o.ddess-like women falling into that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s hands and being violated, countless people felt incredibly sad and hateful.

After all, these were the most beautiful women in the Mult.i.tude Demon Region and anyone would want to have them. Now, that perverted demon had captured five; to be able to enjoy those five women, most people would be willing to die a hundred times.

Most people shouted to have that perverted demon caught and make him plead for death. If they could not catch him, that would be a blotch on the Mult.i.tude Demon Region. Thinking about how their most beautiful women had all been stolen away, they would definitely be laughed at by other regions, so they could not let that person get away and had to make him pay.

The various large factions now understood that person’s goal and sent people to investigate him.

By now, Ye Leihua was lying powerlessly on Zhao Fu’s chest as she panted with a red face. She looked slightly furious as she had been taken by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Even though she had enjoyed the pleasure, she was unable to suppress the fury in her heart.

Beside her, Zi Lingye smiled as she hugged Ye Leihua and said, “Alright, now that he’s already taken you, you might as well just give in. You should think about the future, or you’ll have to suffer a bit.

“Also, you’ve obtained that Evil Flower power, which will greatly help you. Perhaps you’ll be able to enter Nine h.e.l.l Demon College because of this.”

Hearing that, Ye Leihua’s expression eased and she asked coldly, “Did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d also treat you all like this?”

Ye Lingzhi smiled and nodded as she said, “We can all join hands to deal with this b.a.s.t.a.r.d so that he doesn’t bully us.”

Ye Leihua slightly smiled and nodded.

Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh as he heard these two women’s exchange, and he said, “Let’s get up! I want to go capture the next Demon Beauty.”

Hearing this, the women got up and got dressed. Ye Leihua and Zi Lingye’s relations.h.i.+p became quite good, as if they were sisters.

When Zhao Fu went out and heard that the entire Mult.i.tude Demon Region was looking to capture him, his expression fell. Seeing this, the women all happily smiled and felt quite pleased; they were all quite unhappy about Zhao Fu forcefully taking them, and they now felt much better.

You Qianyue lightly laughed as she said, “Husband, I mentioned that there would be terrifying consequences, now you know, right? Do you regret it?”

Ye Leihua lightly harrumphed, “You deserve this. Now, you’re going to get what you deserve, you perverted demon.”

Zi Lingye continuously laughed, unable to say anything.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased, and Mei Lingling said flirtatiously, “Husband, I don’t regret following you. I feel sad that I only met you now.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu slightly smiled.

“Husband, now that the entire Mult.i.tude Demon Region’s people are after you, are you going to continue capturing Demon Beauties?” Mo Wulin asked in concern.

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, “I’ll give it a try. The Evil Flower Emissaries all need to be women with exceptional talent, and if I can’t gather the remaining ones from the Mult.i.tude Demon Region, we’ll go elsewhere. I just feel that it might be a bit more troublesome.”

Mo Wulin understood and nodded; she was quite worried that Zhao Fu would not be able to have the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower reach its final stage.

Zi Lingye thought of something and smiled as she said, “Husband, I have a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with the seventh-ranked Lin Yating. I can help you, but how will you thank me?”

Zhao Fu smiled as he asked, “What do you want?”

Zi Lingye thought before replying, “After everything is done, I don’t want you to restrict my freedom and I want to return to my Royal Kingdom. Don’t worry, I’ll go secretly and won’t cause any trouble. I’m just worried for my relatives. I’ve already accepted being your woman, so I won’t betray you.”

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