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Chapter 83 Ball(1)

When the alarm sounded, Cui Guohua and his men rushed to the control room on the fifth deck. Amid the lavish pa.s.sageway, two men lay in a pool of blood. One of them was a s.h.i.+p's security officer. The other one was dressed like a tourist. Both were no longer breathing.

"Guorui, what's the situation?"

"Tulip." He handed over a slip of paper with a tulip drawn on it to Cui Guohua. Tan Guorui's forehead wrinkled up a little, "That security officer is one of the moles planted by Peroka. The other one……if you remove his disguise, there's an 80% possibility this is one of Peroka's level

"What a fast knife." while looking at the single slash on the tourist's neck, Cui Guohua spied a small pile of plastic in the corner that was still emitting a strange smell. "They were here for the surveillance video from last night. It's obvious that that Mr. Tulip has also captured Peroka's attention. What we see is the warning he's giving Peroka. Guorui, you should have mostly figured out what happened at that time, right?"

"En." Tan Guorui kneaded his temples, laughed lightly, "It's like the boss says, these two from Peroka came for the surveillance video. After taking the recording, the mole was walking in front. As he turned around the corner, this level from Peroka was ambushed. He had no opportunity to resist, a single slash taking his life, his blood spurting out over a meter. However, judging from his stunned expression right before dying, when that Mr. Tulip rushed out, he paused for a split second with the knife to his neck. This was to allow the target to feel fear.

Tan Guorui took a deep breath, an admiring expression on his face: "He was able to approach an level from Peroka without being detected, under circ.u.mstances where the target is in a high state of alertness. Not only that, the level of skill with the knife, even pausing as he closed in, this is a clear indication of this person's agility and mettle. It also shows the ability to precisely judge his own skill level against the opponent's. This kind of matter, this person is flaunting his own strength. It's also a warning to the opponent to desist delivered through sheer intimidation. Except for the world's currently top ranked and fighters, no one else has this capability. When the Peroka fell, the security officer in front was startled, then turned around, pulling out his gun……."

Tan Guorui strode over to the corner in the pa.s.sageway, his voice sounding excited, seemingly as if seeing a marvel: "This Mr. Tulip has no hesitation, charging in to the attack, wielding the knife, the security officer's wrist was immediately cut through. It was too late to fire the gun and it dropped to the floor instead. He might have been able to catch a glimpse of Mr. Tulip, or maybe not. It happened too fast, really too fast……"

In the pa.s.sageway around the corner, both walls and the ground were splattered with bloodstains: "This Mr. Tulip's speed is really too fast. The mole retreated three steps, dang, dang, dang. He was probably in disbelief, but didn't dare to shout for help. In that instant, his body already received 19 slashes. On the twentieth slash, his throat was cut open. Then the a.s.sailant burnt these recordings, walking off without a second thought. We can search for clues, maybe this Mr. Tulip's clothes will have some bloodstains, but……"

"But with an this good, I'm afraid it'll be very hard to find any clues." Cui Guohua laughed, "We should just be happy we have someone this strong on our side. If not, I'm afraid I won't be able to escape the fate of having my throat cut either. Let's block off any news of this incident first. However, I reckon Peroka already knows what happened. The high level leaders.h.i.+p hadn't completed the preparations to formally enter into conflict with Peroka. If this incident can cause sufficient intimidation, Peroka might restrain themselves a little on this s.h.i.+p. If we can get through this situation peacefully, then neither side will suffer."

"d.a.m.n this Cui Guohua……he looks honest, is actually very sly……"

Killing the two people was arousing. However, when he returned, Jiaming was still feeling a little depressed. Thinking about what just happened, Ancestral Awakening appeared too weak. It was no better than a token show of force. They basically intended for Peroka or some other ent.i.ty to take the surveillance video.

They are trying all sorts of methods to uncover him, forcing him as Mr. Tulip to stand against Peroka and leaving him no choice but to ally with them. To be fair, this was a core principle in the art of war. Since he enjoyed the distraction and they obtained benefits too, it was a win-win situation.

He handed the pregnancy test strips to Shasha. According to the instructions, the urine test should be done first thing in the morning because the hormone levels will be higher. However for the 3 people's peace of mind, and after talking it over, they felt that although the hormone levels right now might not be high, but it might still be able to show. After the test showed negative, the three were slightly relieved. However the two girls' mood still remained low for the rest of the day. Even though they tried to put up a cheerful appearance, they were unable to hide it from Jiaming. In the end, they didn't go out on the s.h.i.+p, staying in Yahan's room to watch horror films. They pulled close the curtains, turning the room pitch black. The 3 women screaming while wrapped up in a blanket. Jiaming dozed off on the side.

Afterwards, the four played poker. Jiaming proposed buying a box of pregnancy test strips, with the losers sticking one on themselves then going out and walking for a loop. Ultimately it ended up with the 3 women laughing as they tried to beat him up. Throughout the afternoon, Shasha who had taken the seasickness medication no longer felt any nausea. Towards evening, her mood became much calmer. Subsequently, Lingjing also decided to cheer up. She proposed that the three of them put on their formal wear and go join the s.h.i.+p's ball. Yahan naturally agreed.

"But…..I'm not used to this kind of formal dress." The only one to object was Shasha. However, this protest was of course powerless against Lingjing's and Yahan's persuasion.  

In the evening, the golden light of the setting sun spread over the ocean surface and under the rolling foam. As Jiaming pushed open the door to go out, the already dressed Yahan was leaning over the railing watching the ocean. The spotlessly white, snugly fitting double strapped evening gown set off her beautiful and graceful figure while not appearing to reveal too much. The two broad straps crossed behind her back in an X, a patch of clear white skin showing on her sides. Her hair rolled up in a simple bun, at this moment Yahan appeared beautiful and elegant, a dazzling sight. Turning in a circle in front of Jiaming, she smiled softly then gracefully gestured with her right hand that was encased in white lace gloves: "What do you think?"

"Don't make trouble." Indifferently slapping away Yahan's hand, Jiaming look straight into her eyes, "Gesturing towards me with your hand like that, do you want me to be your dance partner? I don't want to be killed by other people's stares. Furthermore, I hear these X-strap gowns are supposed to be worn for your lover, are you trying to ensnare me? So, are you in love? Uh, never mind……I'm gonna shut up now……." Seeing the flames emitting from Yahan's eyes, looking as if she was about to explode, Jiaming laughingly raised up both hands, "Lingjing and Shasha aren't ready yet?"

As these words came out of his mouth, the door to Shasha's room opened. The first to come out was Lingjing's beautiful figure. She then energetically started pulling Shasha out of the room: "What's there to be shy about? It's beautiful, come on out, come on out……"

"Wait, wait…….I, I'm not done preparing……this close fitting gown is not comfortable to wear……I'm going to die from being laughed at, no……."

The weak protests ultimately weren't much use. As Lingjing continued pulling, Shasha, clad in an all black dress finally stumbled out. She took a few rapid steps before regaining her balance, her heels tapping crisply on the floor. When she saw Jiaming's and Yahan's wide eyed looks, she lowered her head, blus.h.i.+ng: "eh, You…….aren't allowed to laugh……"

In her more than 10 years of life, this is probably the first time she has appeared in front of other people's eyes in this fas.h.i.+on. A close fitting full length gown, a tall and supple figure, long and straight s.h.i.+ning black hair, the lightly applied makeup on her l.u.s.trously pale skin bringing a shy blush to her cheeks……From afar, she looked like a purple and black daffodil that was starting to bloom……

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