Way of the Devil Chapter 639 - The Zhaos (2)

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Chapter 639: The Zhaos (2)

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Lu Sheng glanced at it.

“True Planet’s Zhao Family is recruiting medical elites. Salary is 20,000 ice money. Required to deal with heavy planet pollutants. No restrictions on age, cultivation base, or origin. Payment will be higher if more can be processed.”

There were three no restrictions in one go. It was clear that this True Planet’s Zhao Family was quite desperate for medical elites.

“Heavy planet pollutants…” Lu Sheng had learned about this while studying about the Tu Style Healing Art.

If there were any incurable diseases in Libra City where various cultivation systems were extremely advanced, this heavy planet pollutant syndrome was one of them.

To treat this incurable disease, the only way was to constantly cleanse the polluted excretions within the patient’s body. There was no cure.

Also, if the cleansing was not thorough, it would only take three days for the patient to fall into a rapid deterioration phase. The patient would lose consciousness, his spirit would wither, and he would be beyond all hope after five days. The body would die, and the soul would be destroyed. The person would not even have the opportunity to reincarnate.

“The Zhao Family, huh…” 20,000 ice money a month was truly a handsome sum. However, the point that caught Lu Sheng’s attention was the next clause about the pay being higher if he could deal with more.

Based on Lu Sheng’s understanding about dealing with heavy planet pollutants, even the slightest amounts required at least a dozen medical elites to work on it simultaneously. Otherwise, there was no way it could be cleansed.

If he could process more pollutants, there would be a clearer potential for growth in his payment.

He did not even have such a stable income back when he was treating the patients with chronic illnesses. Back then, he even had to prepare the materials himself.

Lu Sheng folded the flyer and tucked it away in his pocket. He looked up to the staff and said, “Count me in. Where should I go to sign up for this?”

“If you’re sure, inspectors from the Zhao Family will arrive shortly. You can bring this flyer over to take the examination, sir,” the staff member replied respectfully and seriously.

After all, the people who could accept this offer were official residents. None of Libra City’s official residents were good-for-nothings. They each had their own expertise. On top of that, their strength and cultivation bases were not bad as well. They were not individuals ordinary people such as himself could hope to compare to.

Lu Sheng nodded.

“I’ll wait, then.”

“Please, have a seat. When they’ve arrived, I’ll call for you,” the staff member said with a bow.

Lu Sheng tossed him some ice money casually as a reward. In the main city, land was extremely expensive. Goods were expensive here, and the cost of living was much higher than in the Four Wards. The buying power of ice money here was not as great as in the Four Wards.

This was a good place to earn money, but it was also a place where money was easily spent.

The staff member accepted the money with a wide grin. Lu Sheng returned to his table.

If he could not find a suitable job this time, he was prepared to “take a risk out of desperation” in the Four Wards.

Surveillance was too heavy here, making it difficult for him to work, but the Four Wards were different.

However, it was only fine if he did this occasionally. If he did it too often and the higher-ups grew dissatisfied, it would also be a problem if they sent elites to catch him.

He sat alone and enjoyed his drink. He waited for about two hours.

Finally, a big and tall middle-aged man in purple combat clothes draped with a white robe brought two men in black robes to the information booth.

When this middle-aged man came in, he spoke softly with the person in charge of the information booth. Members of the staff quickly turned around and notified the medical elites who were ready to sign up.

On Lu Sheng’s side, the staff member from before rushed over to inform him.

After he was notified, Lu Sheng came before the middle-aged man with two other registrants.

“Three. My name is Zhao Quanmo. Since you have the courage to sign up, you should already be aware of the difficulties in dealing with heavy planet pollutants. If you’re contaminated in the process of treatment, it’s a huge risk as well. It’s highly possible that you’ll also contract this incurable disease…” the middle-aged man spoke slowly as his gaze swept across the three of them.

Lu Sheng had a gentle air about him. He wore a faint smile and displayed a pure gleam in his eyes as if he bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind. He complemented that with a white robe, which made it easy for others to have a good impression of him.

About the other two applicants, one of them was a white-haired hunch-backed old man with a sad look on his face.

The other one was a middle-aged woman in gray Taoist robes. The waves of her cultivation base were not weak. She was clearly a formidable martial path elite.

“Since I’ve accepted this job, I am confident in dealing with the heavy planet pollutants,” said the hunched-back old man. “This old man has treated similar illnesses before. I have the relevant experience.”

When the middle-aged man heard this, he immediately nodded. They needed medical experts with relevant experience.

The middle-aged woman in Taoist outfit had a cold voice. “This poor nun’s cultivated a method which has some suppressing effect on heavy planet pollutants. I can give it a try.”

Lu Sheng chimed in, “Same here. However, I can only tell you any expected effects after the family tells us how much we have to deal with.”

When Zhao Quanmo heard this, he sighed as well.

“We hope to have more people with talent like the three of you. However, before this, I hope that the three of you will sign a confidentiality agreement.”

He had his subordinates bring out the agreements for the three of them.

Lu Sheng received and glanced at it. The terms were clearly stated. Once the agreement was signed and they started the work, they would have to keep at it for at least three months. If they breached the agreement, they would not get any payment.

There were also clauses about absolute confidentiality, and how the Zhao Family would have the right to prosecute any information leakers on the spot.

However, with such a high payment, this agreement was not exactly harsh.

The three of them signed shortly after going through the doc.u.ment.

When Zhao Quanmo saw this, he brought the three of them away from the information booth. They boarded a huge ox cart.

The giant white ox with three heads mooed. It pulled the cart along into the air and started soaring.

Lu Sheng sat in the cart. The three of them experts did not say anything to each other.

The three of them should have been compet.i.tors. However, at this moment, the three of them could clearly see that the Zhao Family had high requirements for medical elites. It seemed that the family intended to employ all of them.

Without the compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+p, they felt less tense.

The hunch-backed old man looked out the window with a slow sigh and said, “Come to think of it, Lady Zhao has some tough luck. She was contaminated by the Night Emperor’s power and had been tortured by it, suffering from a very young age.”

“These wretched Evil Spirits. Some day, some great being will eliminate the Night Emperor and make the stellar zones peaceful again!” The middle-aged Taoist nun snorted.

“How confident are you, miss immortal?” The old man started to exchange pleasantries and wanted to know the abilities of the others. “I’ve dealt with heavy planet pollutants before. Over the years, I’ve tried more than 7,600 different kinds of Spiritual Essence. Only the purest energy of life attribute can manage to negate the pollutants. The other energies will only be corroded and strengthen it instead.”

“Same here. This humble nun has tried many times. The power of the Night Emperor lives up to its name…”

The two of them decided to have casual conversation.

Lu Sheng kept quiet as he sat nicely on his seat. This was his first actual encounter with the forces of the main city.

Although he was going in as a doctor, this was still a good start.

The ox cart continued forward for some time. In no time, Lu Sheng learned the situation of the Zhao Family from the old man and the Taoist nun.

The Zhao Family was a popular and successful merchant family in the main city. The family owned dozens of resource planets and oversaw operations in up to a hundred Other Worlds. There were billions of clansmen, their elites were as numerous as the clouds, and their experts were as many as the drops of rain.

In terms of strength, even the Green Branch Sect would have to think twice before taking them on.

They were a huge force included in the top 20 of the entire Libra City.

However, the Zhao Family was like the sun in midday. The male head of the family, Zhao Zhenghui, was experiencing fertility problems. He was now more than 3,000 years old and finally had a daughter, the current Lady Zhao, Zhao Luoying.

However, what wrung the others’ hearts was that this lady was born with an extremely frail const.i.tution. When she was 13, she was playing outside when she was accidentally infected by the power of a Night Emperor who was pa.s.sing by. She contracted the incurable disease and her life was in danger.

Although the Zhao Family was powerful, only the peak families could fight against against unreasonable existences like the Night Emperor. The other families were practically powerless.

It was said that the Night Emperor which caused the illness had a huge grudge with the Zhao Family’s head, Zhao Zhenghui. He came for revenge.

Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to sneak up on Zhao Zhenghui. Frustrated, he made a move on his daughter.

100 years had pa.s.sed since the incident. The lady’s illness would relapse every now and then. The family had no choice but to employ a large group of medical experts to deal with the pollutants together.

When Lu Sheng heard that, he had some understanding of the situation already.

Shortly after, the ox cart arrived at a side courtyard of the Zhao Family.

The side courtyard was not huge, but the security was extremely tight. There were three layers inside and out. Elites clad in blue s.h.i.+rts kept a close eye on their surroundings.

The three of them alighted from the ox cart. Zhao Quanmo led them along as they pa.s.sed the security layers. They were allowed to pa.s.s soon enough.

The great doors sealed by formations opened slowly.

The three of them followed closely behind Zhao Quanmo.

In the beginning, the four of them were surrounded by the family’s guards. When they were at the fifth door of the restricted area, there was no one else in sight.

The white tiles of the floor gradually s.h.i.+fted to a faint grayish-black color.

“Come to think of it, the head of the family, the elders, and everyone else in the family loves the lady. She has never suffered since she was born. But the world is full of unexpected events. To think that the Night Emperor…” Zhao Quanmo sighed as he continued to walk.

“The lady is unconscious. Please do what you must. Also, her cousin is highly interested in the medical path. She might be having some questions. Just answer her as you normally would.”

Zhao Quanmo gave them a brief introduction.

“Her cousin, Zhao Shengying… By the way, she’s always wanted to find a teacher to enlighten her in the medical path. If you perform well…”

When he said this, the Taoist nun and the old man shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

Many of the main city’s residents knew about Zhao Shengying.

While the lady was unconscious, Zhao Shengying virtually replaced her position in the family and became the most beloved princess of the entire Zhao Family.

Because of this, this girl had been arrogant, bossy, and tyrannized everyone around her. She frequently expressed her interest in many different things, but she never followed through, and eventually learnt nothing.

This Zhao Shengying was quite famous in the main city. She was regarded as a member of the standard princess clique.

The Zhao Family had tried countless times to get her to improve her cultivation and strength, but their efforts were in vain.

They spent a fortune on countless miraculous medicine and divine pills for her. After cultivating for more than 10 years, this Zhao Shengying managed to attain a Double Vein cultivation base which was similar to the Black Membrane tier.

She could be regarded as an eccentric even among eccentric people.

However, n.o.body could do anything about her. Her status in the Zhao Family aside, even her own parents were powerful individuals of the Void Underworld tier. They were ranked among the top five peak experts of their clan.

It was precisely because of this that they spoiled their daughter when she came into their lives in their old age.

As Lu Sheng listened on, he began to have an idea.

He was thinking of bringing his family and sect members over. If he could lean on the Zhao Family’s strength, then this Zhao Shengying… might just be a breakthrough point for him to achieve that…

As for the unruly nature of the child, he decided to unleash his psychological guidance art without holding back. Although he could not use the special attributes of that art here, the various psychological skills and ordinary subconscious suggestions were still applicable to all intelligent life forms.

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