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Chapter 603: Chapter 603 Micro Adjustment

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Chu Yunsheng was completely stunned by what he heard. At the same time, he was also extremely confused.

Yes, he knew that, and it was the first thing he tried to prove soon as he had regained his memory.

But what he knew and what the white shadow man had discovered were completely different.

He was an “outsider”, and there was the ancient book that he could use to prove it. So naturally, he knew this world was not real. But the white shadow man was native to this world. He was born in this world, lived in this world, and in the future, he would also die in this world. He was just a sequence of a memory timeline. Without any reference objects, logically, he shouldn't be able to develop this kind of thought.

Chu Yunsheng believed that even if he told the people in this world that this world was not real, they would only regard it as nonsense and would never believe it, let alone question it from the bottom of their hearts.

People's perception of the existence of the world was orderly and continuous, and each point in time was unique. Having two conflict perceptions and memories were the basis of people's perception of the outside world.

However, once two different memories or perceptions appeared in the same timeline at the same time, people would often have schizophrenia or lose their minds completely. But Chu Yunsheng believed that once those people were given something that they could use as references, they would definitely be able to figure it out and start to question whether the world they lived in was real or not.

He himself, for example, had never doubted the truth of his world before entering the Pseudo-Monolith, and he had never even thought of this kind of ridiculous idea.

But the white shadow man questioned it, and as a native to his world, although it was the first time he questioned if the world he lived was real or not, he seemed to be very sure about it.

This was exactly something that shocked Chu Yunsheng, and something that made him puzzled.

“What exactly happened that made him think this way?”

Chu Yunsheng thought to himself. Unless the white shadow man also woke up just like him or he had discovered something that was extremely out of ordinary, otherwise, he really had no idea what would make him think this way.

The white shadow man quietly stood in front of Chu Yunsheng less than a meter distance, carefully looking at Chu Yunsheng's reactions, trying to capture any subtle changes.

His gaze and his expression made Chu Yunsheng very uneasy and surprised. He could not help but have one ridiculous idea, the reason why he would have such an idea was because of him.

In fact, it was actually not unreasonable to think this way. Because Song Ying once questioned the existence of herself because of his differences. Chu Yunsheng felt that it was necessary to figure out this matter. If it was indeed because of him, he must come up with a countermeasure. Otherwise, as his “interference” to the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith gradually increased in the future, the consequences of it would not be something that he could predict using his current brain capacity.

Facing the white shadow man's stern gaze, Chu Yunsheng calmed down and asked, “why?”

According to what the white shadow man said, he was definitely more than one hundred years old, so his wisdom was definitely not something he could compare with. Coupled with the fact that he has been closely watching him since the beginning, if he pretended to be surprised or pretended to know nothing about it, it would only have an adverse effect. But instead of telling him what he knew, he wanted to find out how he came to this conclusion, so he asked this question instead.

But the white shadow man did not think that much. His reply was much more direct and simple. “if you want me to explain, it would take days, so…”

As the white shadow man pulled out a small book from a pile of ancient books and pa.s.sed it to Chu Yunsheng and carried on,

“I've looked through all kinds of data all over the world, and I'm not the only one in history that has similar doubts, but without exception, all the people who had similar doubts all died very quickly after they started to question it! The reason why I collect their information, hide it in this book and give it to you, is not that I want you to verify them. It would only put you in danger like me and them.

This book not only records the situation of these people but it also contains the success of all doubters in the study of a strange type of text and map. This is the most important. This book was discovered by me by accident when I tried to decipher your ancestor's book. Although the characters and text in this book are different from the symbols and characters in your ancestor's book, their systems are strikingly similar. Therefore, I want you to help me to complete the derivation of these texts and map, and mark them on the broken scroll that I gave you that night. I will find the remaining scroll.”

Chu Yunsheng did not take over the book, he just asked, “why me? And what is that scroll exactly?”

At this time, noises that came from outside the library gradually became louder. At first, Chu Yunsheng thought that it was the people from the military, but it didn't sound like it.

The white shadow clearly became very anxious, and he started to speed up, “I'm in danger and I can't stay in one place too long. These deciphering tasks require a lot of manpower and material resources, it is not something that can be done by one person. In addition, I think you also need to fully decipher the characters in your ancestor's book. Those two systems are very similar, so they can be mutually verified. I will help you with your plan in Shanghai from outside. And…”

The white shadow man paused for a second, then took out a cigarette-box-sized smooth object from his clothes. It was light gray and wrapped in a soft blue cloth. He put it on the smaller book and gave it to Chu Yunsheng again and said, “this is the rock that the United States' unmanned explorer secretly brought back from Mars. It contains a lot of dark matter, which is impure Yuan Qi in our term. Those scientists in the United States can't detect these. As long as you infuse your Yuan Qi into it, and according to the method I wrote in the small book, you can cause a chain reaction of several of the dark matter inside it. It will release a lot of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi. I think you need it at the moment!”

Chu Yunsheng looked at that martian rock in shock. The white shadow man was right, he indeed had the ability to kill him. There was no need for him to spend so much effort to fool him. But from this, Chu Yunsheng could also tell that his situation was definitely very bad right now.

So in the blink of an eye, Chu Yunsheng made up his mind, No matter what, he needed to give the white shadow man an answer first. In terms of what he needed to do in the future, he would make changes to his plan according to the circ.u.mstances.

The white shadow man's plan of getting Liang Xicheng's jade pendant could indeed help Chu Yunsheng to distract the military and other forces' attention, but at the same time, it also contained a threat to Chu Yunsheng. Maybe it was really because his ancestor had helped this white shadow man before, but the hidden meaning of this plan was that if he did not help him, he would create trouble for him in the dark.

He now had two jade pendants, and he was not scared that the white shadow man would be able to cut off the connection between the jade pendants and the ancient book, because that mechanism was set up by the senior pract.i.tioner, but since the white shadow man wanted to use him to do something, he could also use this relations.h.i.+p to use the white shadow man to help him to do something. Everyone could use each other, so it was not a big deal.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng take over the rock and the smaller book, the white shadow man let out a sigh of relief and said, “in terms of that broken scroll, I still did not know what it was. I only know that It's a key, probably a clue left by the first doubter a long, long time ago.”

Chu Yunsheng nodded indifferently. He didn't care much about it. What he really cared about was what made the white shadow man question if this world was real or not. This was related to him, and very important to him. If it was really caused by his strangeness, then he must immediately consider the dangers of different “variables” in the Pseudo-Monolith, lest the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith would collapse before he found the fifth pendant. So he carried on, “since when did you start to have this doubt?”

Just as the white shadow man was about to speak, the fluorescent lamp overhead suddenly flashed several times as if it were about to go out at any moment. The voltage suddenly became extremely unstable strangely. Outside of the library, it was even noisier, with a few screams in between.

“I can't tell you in detail, I need to prevent you from having similar doubts and falling into the similar danger.

Probably I've lived too long. After my life expectancy broke through the first limit, I had more time to observe and understand the world. But shockingly, I found that the world has made a very subtle micro adjustment. Although it was extremely small, Its essence was as incredible as the Cambrian explosion. I was horrified at the time and was almost scared into stopping the investigation. But in the end, I collected myself again and carried on with the investigation with fear. As the investigation progressed, I knew more and more things. Gradually, I realized that I was in danger, and there was a voice in my mind telling me that I should stop investigating it further, but I couldn't control my curiosity at that time. I continued to investigate it until one day…”

The white shadow man looked at the flas.h.i.+ng fluorescent lamps and was about to speed up talking again, all of sudden, his face suddenly changed, “the sun must have disappeared again, only when the sun disappeared and when it was night time would they come out! I have stayed here for too long, they are here! You must remember that before you have the strength, do not try to verify what I said, otherwise, they will also target you. The reason why I am telling you those things is to remind you not to make the mistake I made back then. Although you cannot see them, once you see and know their existence, you will be dead! No living person can know their existence! Remember, don't try it unless you have the strength! Also, the weapon I took from Dan Yang city is in a garage in the Liang family's backyard. You need to leave now, I'm leaving as well!”

After speaking, the white shadow man opened the door of the library without any hesitation and rushed into the pa.s.sage outside the library like a gust of wind. He did not even have the courage to resist.

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