Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1376 - Looking for a Fight?

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Chapter 1376: Looking for a Fight?

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Now 20 days had pa.s.sed, and Xu Que had made no movement to go to the Four Great Continents.

He had decided to make a return trip to the stone ruins.

He wanted to seek out the child who had predicted his imminent death. He didn’t care about the details. He simply wanted to teach the child a lesson and be rid of this frustration!

Regrettably, no matter how many times he searched among the jumbled stone ruins, he was unable to enter the illusory realm. How was he going to be able to find that child?

He had no choice but to give up for now. His group had gone to the Ziwei Celestial Realm, to go to the Heaven Palace Academy.

The Ancestral Ceremony was already finished at the Academy. The Academy Dean personally sent out a message to let everyone in the Heaven Continent know that Xu Que had become the a.s.sistant Dean of the Academy. The Academy made no mention of Xu Que challenging the three clans to battle and killing the Grand Deacon.

However, so many days had pa.s.sed, and the three clans had been silent, which meant they did not dare to intercede. Perhaps they were truly afraid of Xu Que’s ability, or the Academy had stepped in behind the scenes to smooth over this problem.

Upon Xu Que’s hurried return to the Academy, he openly carried the main vine of the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine, parading it around the Academy. Finally, arriving at the entrance of Jiang Hongyan’s abode, he left a message to tell her that he had come by and that he had to leave, but he would be returning soon.

It had been quite some time since he had seen Jiang Hongyan. Now there was only a wall between them. If he hadn’t been worried about interrupting her isolated training, Xu Que would have attempted to break down the door’s restrictive barrier, if only to steal a glance from far away.

However, he controlled himself. With desire, there is indulgence. With love, there is restraint.

He would not take any action that could possibly disturb Jiang Hongyan.

Departing from the Heaven Palace Academy, Xu Que again took b.u.t.tface and his other companions along with him. He stepped onto the road leading to the Sage Sect while lifting the enormous Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine onto his shoulder.

At the moment, two chief sects held power in the Ziwei Celestial Realm. Xu Que wanted to pay them a visit, at least to leave a warning that they should not bother Jiang Hongyan.

And so it was with no forewarning that Xu Que walked into the Sage Sect’s gathering. His entrance was met with shocked faces.

“What the heck is he doing here?” In the a.s.sembly hall, an elder with a somber expression and a frown had the same thought as everyone else present here.

No one had ever completely grasped the totality of Xu Que’s abilities. Judging only by the murder of the Grand Deacon at the Heaven Palace Academy, it was enough evidence that his ability was that of an Immortal Lord or beyond. The entire Sage Sect looked upon Xu Que with extreme fear.

“Ho, Elder Ming, what have you got to say now? Xu Que is at our doorstep. It must be related to the matter of the Being of Heavenly Kismet!” Elder Li looked angrily at the middle-aged man, pointing at him accusingly.

The middle-aged man was surprised. All along, he had felt that the Sage Sect was the chief sect of the Heaven Continent, stronger even than the Heaven Palace Academy. They were afraid of Xu Que, but their hands weren’t tied. They could take action when needed. Within the Sage Sect, he did not need to worry about Xu Que.

Now he felt as if he had made a big mistake. Xu Que had brazenly arrived at their doorstep, and he would not have done so without reason. His presence this time had to be related to the Being of Heavenly Kismet, Jiang Hongyan.

All of this had happened because of him.

“It’s my fault. I agree with Elder Li’s suggestion. Open the door!” Immediately, the middle-aged man recovered his composure, speaking with confidence.

Elder Li allowed ridicule to show briefly upon his face, with a bit of smugness mixed into his expression. Had he won the debate over the middle-aged man?

With this compromise, their debate was ended.

Everyone’s eyes within the a.s.sembly hall focused on the man sitting above them. The man was the Sage Sect’s Sect Leader, Xiao Tianhen!

From start to finish, the Sect Leader had not spoken a word. At this moment, he kept his usual stoical expression, calmly observing the elders and deacons of the Sage Sect.

After several seconds, he softly said, “The matter concerning the door, we will contend with later. Xu Que is at our doorstep. Let us see what he wants to do. This person has outwardly claimed to have taken away my sect’s Holy River. The timing is perfect to seek clarification from him.”

Xiao Tianhen’s gaze fell on the middle-aged man as he continued speaking, “No one is to speak of the impending marriage of the sect’s Divine Being of Taoist Fetus with the Being of Heavenly Kismet. If Xu Que brings it up, I am the only one who has the right to respond!”

“Aye!” Many of the Sage Sect elders seated in the hall shouted in agreement.

Elder Li looked concerned. From the Sect Leader’s words, it seemed that he was still in favor of the marriage.

Chances were high that the coupling of the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus with the Being of Heavenly Kismet would bring about a being unmatched in the world and greatly beneficial to the sect. However, if that were to happen, it would ruin the Li Family’s position within the Sage Sect and the sect would likely fall into the hands of the Ming Family.

So, Elder Li would rather the marriage not come to be. He and his faction must oppose this matter!

“Hmm, what is everyone talking about, are they planning something to harm me?” A voice suddenly broke into the gathering as Xu Que appeared outside the door of the hall.

He still carried the monstrous Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine on his shoulder. Not only to pretend that he couldn’t enter the s.p.a.ce, it was simply to show off!

The people of the Sage Sect were amazed by the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine resting on Xu Que’s shoulders. It was so huge that it seemed to touch the clouds. Even though they had heard of the immense size of the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine, seeing it face to face was quite intimidating.

Such an immense piece, only this old crazy would carry it everywhere on his shoulders.

“Huh, I cannot enter,” Xu Que said, as he successfully received a bunch of Acting Tough Points, although he did not sense the System’s reminder. He looked up at the a.s.sembly Hall’s roof and he frowned.

Clearly, with the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine, there was no way to enter the a.s.sembly Hall.

“You all in the Sage Sect, why are you like this? I am a guest, am I so unwelcome? Was building this roof just to embarra.s.s me?” Xu Que looked at the people inside the a.s.sembly Hall, directly admonis.h.i.+ng them.

The entire Sage Sect in the a.s.sembly Hall was stunned for a minute. But the minute pa.s.sed as the vibe in the room quickly changed to spitting anger.

“The b*stard, how is adding a roof to the a.s.sembly Hall wrong?”

“When it only bothers the one stinking b*stard that would rather carry the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine on their shoulders instead of storing it away?”

“Elder Xu, righteous people do not speak with hidden meaning. If something is wrong, speak openly! I know that you did not come to my Sage Sect to pick a quarrel.” The voice came from the middle of the room, speaking above everyone. It was the Sage Sect’s Sect Leader, Xiao Tianhen.

His voice was, as usual, calm. There was no trace of impatience in his demeanor, as if he had every means necessary to deal with Xu Que.

“Hmm! Perhaps you guessed wrong!”

Xu Que responded with joy, his face lit up with a mischievous smile, “We are definitely here for a fight!”

“Ooh!” b.u.t.tface howled like a wolf, long and loud, then jumped into the a.s.sembly Hall, his face filled with laughter as he said, “We are definitely here to pick a fight! And since we’re here, we thought we’d rob you too!”

“Men on the left, women on the right, demonic humans in the center. Everyone, get down with both hands on the backs of your heads!” Duan Jiude shouted forcefully.

“Ummm…,” Mo Junchen scratched the back of his head, not quite sure how to continue, “when you see the…Exploding Heavens Faction, what you have to fear is only extinction! The Exploding Heavens Faction will not only bring you dread, but also leave you only a single needle and a piece of thread! The Exploding Heavens Faction…is amazing!”

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