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Chapter 878: Plans

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Deva Clan’s matriarch rolled her phoenix-like eyes and earnestly said, “Once Chen Xiu leaves the city, the elders dispatched by our four clans must properly question him about the cultivation method imparted to him by G.o.d father before killing him. With it, our strength will increase greatly.”

“That is only natural. That hint of demonic energy was surprisingly able to invade a peak level G.o.d’s hand and create a disturbance. This proves that that cultivation method is excellent. The four of us have been late stage G.o.ds for many years and only lack the power of belief to become ancient G.o.d. That matter of the ancestors….”

“The matter with the four ancestors was like an alarm for us. With G.o.d father present, no one should dare to break through into the ancient G.o.d realm. Even the four newly advanced ancient G.o.ds could not take a single attack from G.o.d father. This showed just how terrifying he truly is. When the other ancient G.o.ds thought to attack G.o.d father together, he forced them to retreat in fear.”

“That being said, even if G.o.d father is still an ancient G.o.d, he isn’t much inferior to master G.o.ds. Since we cannot break through to the ancient G.o.d realm, then after stealing Chen Xiu’s cultivation method, we can ensure that we will be unrivalled existences among G.o.ds. But we must be careful this time. If when Chen Xiu dies G.o.d father will sense that cultivation method in us, I fear that everything will be finished.”

“That’s true. The four ancestors pilfered power of belief and suddenly broke through into the ancient G.o.d realm, which should have created a lot of resentment in G.o.d father’s heart. The authority of the four clans was taken away because of that. If G.o.d father learns that the four great clans killed Chen Xiu whom he had just promoted, then only extermination will await us. Even if our Rahu Clan isn’t very bright, we can still understand this logic.”

“I feared that you would fall through and expose yourself when that direct descendant of your clan was killed. His father couldn’t endure it and rushed to attack Chen Xiu.”

“I fortunately managed to stop him. Luo Jue is a pitiful child, so I will dispatch Luo Shen to kill Chen Xiu. Luo Shen is a mid stage G.o.d, and his strength is among upper mid level in the Elder Council. But first, I want to request you to let Luo Shen personally kill Chen Xiu.”

“That is only natural.”

The four clan patriarchs smiled toward each other while walking toward the exit.

After Li Yunmu returned to the colosseum with four people in tow, he immediately summoned Ground Clan for a meeting. Right then, it only had Rat and Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d to manage all matters, while Jia Lou was responsible for forging. With the addition of Madam and Do Mingyan, who were recently recruited, the entire Ground Clan only had five people to manage it.

The four great clans forced Li Yunmu to leave the city, so they definitely wouldn’t let him take his time with it. However, the Ground Clan had been established just recently, so if he didn’t make any arrangements, everything would probably descend into chaos.

Just when Jia Lou, who was busy working in the forging room, rushed out covered in dirt, Li Yunmu slowly opened his mouth while sitting on the main seat. “You should all get to know each other first. This is Madam and Do Mingyan. They were recently recruited into the Ground Clan and are half G.o.ds. Rat is the main manager while Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is the manager of construction. There’s also Jia Lou, who is the manager of manufacturing.”

Rat and Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d nodded toward Madam and Do Mingyan, which could be considered as greeting. After the five of them met face to face, Li Yunmu said with a grave expression, “Ground Clan has been established just recently, so everything is just beginning. After I leave, I will leave the matters of the Ground Clan to the five of you. I will arrange a specific field for each of you to manage.

“First, Rat will be the head administrator after I leave. Regardless of whether it is the other descendants of the Ground Clan or you four managers, you must report to him if anything happens. As for Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will be responsible for construction. Wait until Jia Luo’s forging hall creates proper flux power excavators, then you can start working in the lower city.”

Once he said that, excitement appeared in Rat’s eyes. He had been handed over the control of the entire Ground Clan. It was clear that the ancestor had great confidence in him, which was why he made such a decision.

Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d and Jia Lou looked at each other, then earnestly nodded.

Li Yunmu turned to the side and looked at Do Mingyan and Madam, then began to think.

Madam was a woman, so there was a great position open for her. Ground Clan’s spinning and weaving unit lacked a manager, so Madam with half G.o.d cultivation would naturally be the best choice. Moreover, even if she didn’t know how to do it, she could learn.

That only left Do Mingyan, but there was no good position for him. Doro Clan’s people were always intelligent and had flexible thoughts.

If Rat had managed to rouse his bloodline at the time of birth, he probably would have been a member of Doro Clan. However, Rat was appointed as general administrator already, which left Do Mingyan in an awkward position. As a member of Doro Clan, he couldn’t always keep losing to Rat. After pondering it for a long while, Li Yunmu suddenly had an insight and thought of something.

“Do Mingyan, do you know about trading?” he enquired.


Do Mingyan was startled for a moment.

“Lord ancestor, what is this trade that you speaking of?” he asked softly.

When Li Yunmu, who was sitting on the main seat, heard his words, his expression changed. After a moment of silence, he began to speak.

“Previously, didn’t Asura City used to have business dealings with other ancient G.o.d territories? For example, trading for something which you didn’t have from the territories of other ancient G.o.ds which had it? For example, someone could run to Lakshmi City to purchase something which Asura City didn’t have, then sell it in Asura City at a slightly higher price?”

After hearing the explanation, everyone felt enlightened. But such a thing called trade had never appeared in Lanlou before. After all, Lanlou was the region where use of power of belief was prevalent, so the ancient G.o.ds were much more suspicious regarding development.

The cities under different ancient G.o.ds did things in a different manner from each other and never had much dealings between them. Apart from guarding against spies, there was another reason for that. It was to use the resources under their control. Every clan walked the path of bloodline ability and didn’t need external materials.

“Lord ancestor, Lanlou doesn’t have anything like what you call trade. Every region is basically sealed in, and the resource lands can provide sufficient resources for each clan,” Do Mingyan said.

Li Yunmu suddenly understood it and asked, “Oh, then what about within Asura City?”

When Do Mingyan heard this, he began to frown and enquired, “You mean trade in Asura City?”

Li Yunmu nodded, and Do Mingyan expression turned quite strange. Asura City was only so large: apart from the upper city’s four great clans, there was only Ground Clan. Every clan had a designated amount of resources to use, so how could trade be conducted in the city? Something which was had by one clan was had by all the other clans too. Something which was not had by one clan, the other four also did not have.

“Lord, the four great clans have their respective resource lands, so how could you trade in the city?”

Li Yunmu waved his hand and said with a smile, “Trading is a very broad term. I am talking specifically about doing business. The four clans have profound background and stable foundation. They also have everything for their use. But what they want, our Ground Clan might have.”

Was there something that the Ground Clan had but the four great clans did not?

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