Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 944 - Splitting the Treasures

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Chapter 944: Splitting the Treasures

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

The Sun had just risen, shedding down golden light that was reflecting off of the beautiful figure.

Huang Jiu Ge smiled brightly and her white dress fluttered in the wind. Like a fairy from the heavens, she was out of the world beautiful.

“You must’ve been worried all night.”

Ling Xian smiled and descended down from midair.”

“As long as you are safe. What happened to the others?” Huang Jiu Ge was curious.

“They wanted to kill me.” Ling Xian said but didn’t elaborate.

Hearing this, Huang Jiu Ge had a realization and didn’t say much.

If Ling Xian returned safely, that means everyone else had died.

“Alright, let’s look at my gains.” Ling Xian faintly grinned. He then flapped around his sleeve and revealed the treasures he gained.

Immediately, four little Suns began to float in midair, exuding bright light.

One of them was a pair of bells, one red and one blue. One had the carving of a phoenix while the other had the carving of a dragon. It looked delicate and intricate.

However, Ling Xian didn’t dare to think lightly of these. Because despite the fact that they were frozen in midair, they were emitting much terrifying energy.

Huang Jiu Ge couldn’t look away from them after catching sight of them. Delicate items like this always attract girls. Plus, the phoenix carvings were personalized for her.

Seeing this, Ling Xian smiled. “if you like it, I will gift them to you.”

“No, I just want the red one. How about you wear the blue one?” Huang Jiu Ge was red in the face. She was 30% shy and 70% hopeful.

Ling Xian was a little startled but then chuckled. “Alright.”

Then, he gave the red bells to Huang Jiu Ge.

This made the phoenix over ecstatic and even shyer. She took over the bell and lightly jingled it.

At once, a bright phoenix’s chirp arose. It pierced through the clouds and crushed the s.p.a.ce.

Huang Jiu Ge was startled. She didn’t think such an intricate looking treasure would possess so much energy.

Ling Xian was a little surprised as well. “It is a treasure left behind by an omnipotent, it truly is extraordinary.”

Then, he swung the blue bell in his hand. Instantly, a dragon’s roar arose, shocking everything around him and generated cracks in the mountains.

“Such powerful bells.” Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and tied the bell around a loop on the robe where his waist was.

At this, Huang Jiu Feng copied him and tied the red bell to her robe. Her face was flus.h.i.+ng red.

Ling Xian shook his head at this and moved on to the second treasure.

It was an orange token that was emitting gold light. It dyed the area around it golden yellow – truly extraordinary.

“You take this token as well. It’s useless to me.” Ling Xian waved around his hand and brought the token to Huang Jiu Ge.

Huang Jiu Ge hesitated. “Master, what are you going to keep if you give me everything.”

“I just need my physical body. Don’t forget, the strength of my physique does not pale next to these treasures. They are useless to me.” Ling Xian smiled.

“Okay, then I will take them.”

Huang Jiu Ge nodded, knowing he was right. Or in other words, she didn’t dwell on them.

Ling Xian then looked over to the third treasure. This treasure was a burnished mirror that was palm-sized. Much spirituality was circulating it.

“Could this be… the legendary Mirror that Reflects Demons?”

Ling Xian frowned, a little uncertain. After making sure, he finally decided that this was the Mirror that Reflects Demon.

This item has no offensive abilities nor defensive abilities. However, it was a rare treasure. Just like its name suggests, this mirror can reveal a demon’s real form.

Even the beasts and demons who specialize in concealment cannot hide from this mirror.

“Not bad. Then I will take this.”

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, very interested in this. Though it’s not useful normally, under certain circ.u.mstances, it may become effective.

Just like that Plate that Identifies Gold, though this item is strange, without it, he may find situations more troublesome.

Then, he took the mirror into his storage pouch and looked over to the last one.

It was a black scroll made out of unknown materials. The surface of it was pulsing with energy – strange and weird.

Ling Xian’s eyes brightened at this.

Based on his knowledge, all scrolls indicate mysterious techniques. Therefore, he took the scroll and impatiently unrolled it.

Then, disappointment climbed onto his face.

All because there were no techniques recorded inside the scroll. What he found when he unrolled it made him laugh bitterly.

[If you are reading this, then you have broken into my, O Yang Gong Yu’s, grave. Since you have stolen my treasures, then please do one thing for me.]

That was the first statement. Ling Xian shook his head and continued.

Though he had no responsibility to help O Yang Gong Yu, since he did take his treasures and learned such a big secret, it was right for him to help out.

Therefore, Ling Xian seriously read over what was written on the scroll. Then, he found out what the omnipotent wanted him to do.

Basically, he wanted to find a force called the Pavilion of Three Lives, and tell the tale of his death to its Supreme Headmaster.

“So it’s to send a message. That shouldn’t be hard.”

Ling Xian grinned. “Oh well, since I learned the secret about immortality because of you, I will help you out.”

Then, his gaze moved over to a jade bottle tied to the scroll. It was crescent shaped and was fully red. It was pulsing rhythmically with bright light, truly extraordinary.

Based on the scroll, this was the item O Yang Gong Yu wanted to send. If Ling Xing can take this to meet the Supreme Headmaster of the Pavilion of Three Lives and tell him about his death, then everything is done.

Based on what was written, he seemed to hint that if the person actually goes, the person can receive a payment. As for whether or not there will be follow-up requests… that was unclear.

“A payment?”

Ling Xian laughed. He didn’t really care about being repaid. The main thing is that he owed O Yang Gong Yu anyway and he wanted to repay this favor by doing something for him that wasn’t extremely difficult.

However, when he remembered about the name the Pavilion of Three Lives, he frowned.

All because he was unfamiliar with this name and basically never heard of it. Though he doesn’t know the different forces in Tianzhou well, he has at least heard a few names.

But he was very unfamiliar with the name the Pavilion of Three Lives.

“To have an omnipotent in the force means this force isn’t an ordinary one. But I have heard of all the top forces in Tianzhou, how come I’ve never heard of this one?”

Ling Xian frowned but then laughed. He decided not to be bothered by this.

There are many different forces in Tianzhou. Perhaps the Pavilion of Three Lives is not a famous force. Or perhaps, it’s not in Tianzhou, but resides on another continent. All of these were possibilities.

Therefore, Ling Xian didn’t dwell on this. He decided to find out more once he got to the Palace of Heaven’s Favorites.

There, the Heaven’s Favorites from all nine continents will gather. He had no doubt he will find out something.

“Jiu Ge, let’s go.”

Ling Xian smiled and his eyes were heated. “Let’s go to the Palace of Heaven’s Favorites.”

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