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Chapter 739: Forceful

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

In midair, Ling Xian was brave and undefeatable as he continued to attack his opponents. Like a descended G.o.d of Warrior, he was utterly unstoppable.

His movements were aggressive and out of the world as he attacked the other five Heaven’s Favorites. Every single move he made expressed his Qi from the undefeatable realm and how he was without enemies!

Against his violent attacks, the five Heaven’s Favorites were stuck in a tough spot. All of them were displaying everything they knew as they tried to break his attacks. Sadly, the gap between Ling Xian and them was far too big. They were fundamentally different!

In other words, these people have completely been stopped. They could only barely defend and had no way of resisting!

This made them feel humiliated. Remember that they were the prominent six heroes of Yuezhou and were true Heaven’s Favorites.

Yet right now, as a unit, they were being defeated. Why wouldn’t they feel humiliated?

As much as they felt humiliated, they were also full of helplessness.

They weren’t the type of people to lie to themselves. The moment Ling Xian stopped them, they realized how powerful he was.

If the five of them together were so easily stopped by Ling Xian, if they were fighting solo, wouldn’t they be instantly killed by him?

“Where did he come from? How could he be this powerful?”

“No questions asked, he is a monster who has reached the undefeatable realm of the completion level!”

“Undefeatable realm… today, I finally know the terror of this realm.”

The few of them bitterly endured themselves against Ling Xian’s attack as they exclaimed over his powerfulness.


Shouting, Ling Xian continued to act like the G.o.d of Warrior and attacked, sending shocks to the Heavens!

He was courageous and brave as his power scared the G.o.ds. With enough aggression to start a rainstorm, he continued to beat the five heroes of Yuezhou!

Bang, bang, bang!

Despite the five people’s effort at defending, they could not help themselves against Ling Xian’s strength. Within a short period of time, they all became wounded.

Some lost their limbs and others were heavily injured. However, the bottom line was that none of them were unharmed.

This intensified the humiliation they felt and shocked everyone at the scene even more.

Remember that these five people were the strongest people of Yuezhou. Out of all the completion leveled cultivators, they were considered powerhouses and could suppress everyone!

Yet before their eyes, they were heavily injured by someone. It was also under the circ.u.mstance that they formed an alliance. This was unbelievable!

It was tough to do this even for those at the undefeatable realm of the completion level.

But Ling Xian had done it. He had suppressed all five Heaven’s Favorites and hit them until they had no more strength to fight. Naturally, this triggered fear in everyone.

“This is far too terrifying. This is far too unbelievable!”

“They are the six heroes of Yuezhou! Yet he beat them up like they are merely three years old. Even if he is of the undefeatable realm, this is a bit out there.”

“It is obvious then, just how powerful this person is. I believe that even if he wasn’t at the undefeatable realm, he would be stronger than the six heroes!”

Everyone exclaimed. Other than shock in their tone, only respect remained.

Some women cultivators revealed their extreme admiration as they stared at the silhouette in the sky. Their faces flashed with infatuation.

He beat up the six heroes!

The six Heaven’s Favorites who could easily defeat everyone of their own generation was beaten up by this one person. This has proven how undefeatable he was and how out of the world he was!

Why wouldn’t the appearance of this monster make the female cultivator’s heart waver?

Even Hua Wan Yue, who has met many talents, could not exclaim how heaven-defying he was.

Yue Wu Xiu was even more astonished. She didn’t realize Ling Xian’s capabilities had reached such a level. It made her feel hopeless!

“Aye, I never should’ve tried to target him and name him as my victim.”

Yu Wu Xiu sighed a long sigh. Thinking that she might now forever be Ling Xian’s slave and kneel by his feet, her entire body quivered.

Yet there was nothing else she could do. She could only wish that he wouldn’t behave too erratically.

As she exclaimed, the battle in the sky became more heated.

Of course, it wasn’t that the reb.u.t.tals were getting more intense or that the scores were tying, it was that the five Heaven’s Favorites were getting more and more pitiful.

Under Ling Xian’s stormy and angry attacks, his opponents’ hairs were now in disarrays and they were now covered in blood. Their pitifulness had reached an extreme.

Ling Xian looked the same.

However, his hair was disorderly because he was fighting crazily. And the blood on his robe was of the five Heaven’s Favorites.

He was not at all injured!

What could he do? He was far too powerful. Since the beginning to now, he had been beating them so hard that they could not resist!


Ling Xian’s expression was emotionless and his attacks were ruthless. Like a ghost, his silhouette disappeared and reappeared mysteriously.

Every time he made a move, his Qi forced the five of them to puke blood and it fatigued them. Their wounded and hurt look was truly sorrowful and pitiful.

If n.o.body was watching this live, none of them would believe that these people were the famous Heaven’s Favorites of Yuezhou!

“We cannot let this continue. Or else we will all die here!”

The blond man shouted and used his last squeeze of Qi to set up a golden protective array. Then, every single strand of his golden lock turned into sharp swords!

As he did this, the other four all used their last bit of Qi. They knew very well that if they cannot break Ling Xian’s seal, then they would have to give up their lives here.

Therefore, they all revealed their strongest technique. They didn’t dare to wish for Ling Xian’s destruction. They merely wished to be able to escape this place.

After what happened, they had realized the difference between Ling Xian and them. Therefore, at this moment, they no longer had the thoughts of defeating him. They merely wanted to run away.


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot out and terrifying Qi circulated. They were the strongest descendant of their respective clan and naturally were equipped with many powerful techniques. They were now all finally using them and creating a turmoil that shocked the earth and heavens!

This made everyone’s expression change. Even Hua Wan Jue raised an eyebrow.

Ling Xian’s expression froze a bit and he walked back several steps. However, he was not stepping down, he was merely preparing.

“Since this is your last struggle, then let me finish you all at once.”

Speaking softly, Ling Xian leaped into the air. Like a real immortal who peered down on everyone, he called out to the unparalleled technique, the Disorder Conquering Fists. Then, he put all his strength into his left foot and slammed down!


Just then, the sky turned inside and out and everything within miles turned barren!

Immediately, all five of their techniques were destroyed and all of them puked out a mouthful of fresh blood.

This wasn’t the end. Under his Qi that seemingly had enough power to move them, they all lowered their backs and kneeled onto the ground.

Their backs were bent and so were their knees. With humiliation that filled their heart, they attempted to fight against that Qi. However, it was all useless because every single bone in their body was crackling, paining them so much that their faces turned twisted.

They couldn’t resist and could only allow that force to bend them over. Every single second that pa.s.sed, their knees inched closer to the ground.

One attack had flattened the ground and forced five Heaven’s Favorites to kneel on the ground. How powerful was this?

How glorious was this?

Everyone was astounded by him. All nine heavens and 10 silenced for him!

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