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Chapter 604: G.o.d’s Trial

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

The giant Sun hung high in the sky, shedding down an infinite amount of light.

At the city center of the City of Dan, a celebration was going on. Everyone was cheering on Ling Xian and celebrating his victory.

All gazes were fixated on Ling Xian. There were admiration, overwhelm, and respect.

Amongst the crowds were female cultivators. There were traces of bright colors in their eyes as they stared at Ling Xian without blinking.

There was a saying that heroes love beauties and beauties are easily affectionate towards heroes. What Ling Xian did today didn’t really make him a hero. However, his t.i.tle as the winner of the gathering of alchemists was enough to spark interest in many female cultivators.

The gathering of alchemists only happens once every decade. It was a gathering made for the top talents of the younger generation in Yuezhou. The weight of his t.i.tle was not hard to imagine. Whoever acquired this t.i.tle meant he or she was also accepting the t.i.tle of being the most talented in Yuezhou.

At this year’s gathering, because a monster like Dan Tong Sheng was present, the t.i.tle of the winner meant more than usual.

If this was before, a medicinal Dan of the eighth rank would be enough to win the gathering. Yet this time, a Dan of the nine and eight ninth rank was created. Despite this, Dan Tong Sheng still could not claim the winning t.i.tle.

This alone was enough to prove just how heavy the winning t.i.tle meant!

In the beginning, Dan Tong Sheng wanted to step all over Ling Xian and use Ling Xian as an opportunity to show how powerful he himself was. The result, however, ended up being the opponent.

One has to admit how ironic this whole thing was.

Ling Xian’s powerfulness didn’t need to be contrasted against Dan Tong Sheng’s for it to be seen. The moment he had brewed the perfect Dan, his capabilities had been proven!

More accurately speaking, since the initial test, he had displayed capabilities normal people could not fathom and he continued his streak of shocking everyone!

Whether it was the two purple lines he acquired, for the insane 1,000,000 scores, or using merely 30 minutes to mold the Fire Testing Stone, all of his achievements were impactful!

It impacted everyone’s emotions and proved that his seating at the winning seat belonged to him!

Therefore, the moment the Cao Clan Leader announced Ling Xian as the winner, the entire City of Dan boiled.

Everyone was shouting, everyone was cheering. They did not shy away from showing the excitement and joy in their hearts.

One was because Ling Xian had no background and rose above everyone to be the winner using his true capabilities. This fitted well with the normal citizens’ mentality and they named him as their spiritual pillar.

Two was because everyone had betted on Ling Xian while gambling. Though the number of those people were not high, it was enough to earn many people much wealth.

Therefore, the entire City of Dan turned into a clamorous sea.

Inside the Realm of Alchemy, Hong Zhuang Luo was staring at the collected and handsome young man. Her gaze was very complexed. There was helplessness, defeat, and some admiration. There was even a trace of affection.

Originally, she was very confident and thought she could defeat Ling Xian. However, soon after that, her confidence turned an unwillingness to lose. After he had won, she couldn’t help but give up on her lavish idea of catching up to his capabilities.

Instead, it was replaced by a trace of affection.

What could she do? Ling Xian was far too attention fetching. The t.i.tle of the winner of the gathering, plus his perfectly brewed Dan, made him s.h.i.+ne like the Sun in the sky.

Leaving aside how he looked, his accomplishments in alchemy was enough to move the hearts of many women.

Especially women like Hong Zhuang Luo, who was deeply pa.s.sionate about alchemy.

“What a genius alchemist, he had suppressed the strongest descendants of all of our clans.” The Hong Clan Leader softly sighed. His complexion didn’t look too good.

The Hong Clan had won the gathering twice in a row. He naturally wished for it to become triple. Sadly, the winning seat ended up being taken by Ling Xian. Of course, he wasn’t too happy about it.

“Don’t be unhappy. I think we should thank him.”

The Cao Clan Leader grinned, “Without Ling Xian, the winning seat would’ve been s.n.a.t.c.hed by Dan Tong Sheng. Don’t forget, a decade ago, he humiliated all of us. If he took the winning t.i.tle once again, where did we put our faces?”

“That is true.” Shang Guan Clan Leader smiled faintly. The way he looked at Ling Xian was full of admiration.

Hearing this, the Hong Clan Leader understood the logic and the way he looked at Ling Xian was much gentler.

After all, compared to the extremely presumptuous Dan Tong Sheng, Ling Xian winning this gathering was a much better outcome. Plus, he had taught Dan Tong Sheng a lesson and avenged the five clans.

“I have finally acquired the winning t.i.tle.”

Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. Though he didn’t care about the t.i.tle, to be able to acquire such an honorable achievement naturally made him happy.

Don’t forget, this was the top most important gathering for the young generation of Yuezhou. To have risen above everyone else meant his alchemy skills were at the peak of the young generation.

In other words, he was ranked number one amongst the young generation!

At least this was the case by appearance. Therefore, Ling Xian couldn’t help but feel excited even with his mentality.

However, as he was feeling extremely happy, the clouds in the sky suddenly turned grey. Then, the entire sky darkened and electricity slithered throughout the clouds, emitting an atmosphere that was similar to utter destruction.

This was G.o.d’s Trial! He had experienced this once!

Immediately, Ling Xian’s expression changed. Everyone’s expression changed.

Everyone knows of the prominent G.o.d’s Trial. From certain angles, it represented utter destruction and represented pure terror!

To put it bluntly, once the G.o.d’s Trial is unleashed, very few can survive. Though compared to the thunders sent for impossible achievements, the thunders sent for achievements in alchemy were somewhat weaker, it remained a trial that not all Heaven’s Favorites could defend against.

Therefore, the moment everyone saw the dense dark clouds above, they instinctively marched backward, terrified of tainting themselves.

Even Fu Di and Shen Xian, the omnipotent figures watching from the external world, had a change of expression. G.o.d’s Trial was extremely terrifying. Even with their cultivation level, they would have some trouble with it.

“G.o.d’s Trial… again…”

Sensing the brewing terror, Ling Xian couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly. He had experienced this once and knew very clearly how scary this could be.

Though he had successfully handled the previous G.o.d’s Trial, he was struck until his flesh bared and his blood ran dry. Therefore, today, he still wasn’t confident.

However, since G.o.d’s Trial was here. There was no chance for him to escape. Facing it was the only way for him to choose.

“Alright, come at me. It’s been a while since I have exercised. I will use this opportunity to battle to my fullest satisfaction!”

Ling Xian had a faint smile and there was no fear on his handsome face. Instead, there was a heated desire for battle there.


He slowly marched forward one step and terrifying Qi poured out of him and shot through the cloud!

Instantly, the atmosphere in here became tense.

As if they all knew how fearless Ling Xian was, the thunderous clouds rolled on and on. Then, abruptly, three thick bolts of lightning struck down!

The moment they struck, the s.p.a.ce shook and all cultivators trembled!

Everyone was fearful and all of their bodies were shaking in response. Under the embrace of the thunderous light, Ling Xian appeared extremely tiny and only one thought flashed across everyone’s mind.

Could it be, that the heaven-defying monster who was s.h.i.+ning so bright would soon be a victim of the G.o.d’s Trial?

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