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Eight times stronger than an average human? It might not sound like much, but in reality, this was a truly monstrous amount of strength!

An average person could exert a force of around 100 kilos. But Bei Feng could wield over 800 kilos of it! It was not an exaggeration to say that his every move contained the force of a thousand jin!

How terrifying was it that the force of a thousand jin was concentrated in a single person's body? Any casual punch or kick from the person could be fatal! [1]

Even his speed couldn't be measured with conventional methods. Olympic sprinters could run 100 meters in roughly 10 seconds, but Bei Feng could likely do it in under five seconds!

If Bei Feng decided to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympics, his medals would be so numerous that he would hardly have the s.p.a.ce to keep them all!

His body was changing everyday. In fact, Bei Feng had to spend quite a bit of effort getting used to the barbaric increase in his body's power everyday.

After the morning cultivation, Bei Feng led the three Bei Feng Guards down the mountain.


Back at the old mansion, Mystic Five was waiting for them in the yard.

"Mystic Five? What are you doing here?" Bei Feng asked, puzzled.

"I came here to bring you the custom-made clothes which you ordered back at the town."

Mystic Five said respectfully. The gaze with which he looked at Mystic One and the rest was that of envy.

Mystic Two was a well-known blabbermouth. Right after Bei Feng had told them about Minor Illumination Breathing Technique, he'd immediately called the other Mystics in a state of excitement and told them about the miraculous news. Only, he didn't dare to reveal the details of the technique without Bei Feng's consent.

Even so, the way he described the technique was so vivid and G.o.dly that the other Mystics almost died of envy. They could only resent the fact that they had not exerted every single ounce of effort during the initial placement test!

"En, you can go back now if there's nothing else. Remember, don't be too brazen in the outside world. I won't be able to save you guys in time if others come to wipe you out!" Bei Feng nodded his head and wagged his hands dismissively.


Mystic Five replied respectfully as he stole another look at Mystic One and the rest. After that, he immediately turned and left.

'I must perform well for Boss to see! So what if I'm not part of the first batch of people to learn the technique? I will definitely be among the next batch!'

Mystic Five steeled his heart. As his determination rose, things like brotherhood and friends.h.i.+p had been tossed into the back of his head.

From this point on, everyone was an opponent! They were all his enemies, competing with him to learn Minor Illumination Breathing Technique!

As the saying went, one would even be willing to die in the evening if he could hear the truth in the morning!

Although Mystic Five did not hold that much resolve, he still wanted this technique which could allow him to live longer.

Just like that, eight days went by. Bei Feng would spend some time every morning carefully instructing the three Mystics on Minor Illumination Breathing Technique.

By now, Mystic One had already comprehended the breathing technique and was able to absorb her first sunray!

But her success rate was still rather low. She was only able to absorb the sunray once every three tries.

As for Mystic Two and Three, they had reached the boundary of the technique and with just one more step, they would also be able to absorb the first rays of the sun!

You Prefecture, the Qin Family Manor.

In the study, Qin Wufa's face was stormy and overcast. He was like an unstable bomb which could explode at any time.

Numerous experts of the clan had died in the fight against the w.a.n.g Clan over that Spirit Medicine. In the end, they had still failed to s.n.a.t.c.h it!

If the Qin Clan had managed to obtain that Spirit Medicine, they would immediately gain a new powerful expert for the family!

"Qin Yi greets the Patriarch!"

The shadows twisted and contracted to reveal the silhouette of a man. His head was bowed low, not daring to meet the eyes of Qin Wufa.

"What's the matter?" Qin Wufa asked in annoyance.

"Reporting to Patriarch, there's news about the whereabouts of Young Master!"

"Bam!" An oppressive aura erupted from Qin Wufa, covering everything in all directions as soon as Qin Yi finished the sentence!

"What did you say?!"

The study was instantly crushed into ruins under the might of this aura!



Numerous old figures appeared around the destroyed study, their eyes filled with shock and confusion.

"I'm fine, you can back down," Qin Wufa commanded lightly. Then, taking Qin Yi with him, the two disappeared like a pair of ghosts.

"Tell me, what's his name? Where is he?"

Qin Wufa's voice was calm as he turned around, his back facing Qin Yi.

A crus.h.i.+ng sense of fear rose up in the latter's heart as a voice in his head told Qin Yi that each of his words absolutely had to be true! Otherwise, he would die—beyond a shadow of a doubt!

His voice quivering, Qin Yi revealed a name and an address in as low a voice as he could muster.

"Haha! Good, very good!"

Qin Wufa laughed in delight as he disappeared on the spot.

No one knew what kind of conversation had transpired between Qin Wufa and Qin Yi, except that when he returned, Qin Wufa immediately arranged for a private plane!

His destination—Qingcheng!

Bei Feng was lying down, reading some ancient books. They might be called ancient books, but in reality, he was just reading ancient texts printed on modern paper.

"Bao Puzi" wrote, "Although the purpose of consuming medicine by its very nature is to extend longevity, external supplements, when coupled with the activation of Qi, would result in the most rapid gains. Even if medicine was unattainable, those who understand the circulation of Qi could live to the age of a hundred."

One could infer from the book that a breathing technique was actually one of many Qi circulation methods. It was simple and, if practiced from an early age, would result in a lifetime of benefits.

"The wisdom of the past philosophers is truly unbelievably profound!"

Bei Feng closed the book lightly and released a long, turbid breath.

Apart from spending some time ruminating on crafting his own martial technique, Bei Feng used all his spare time on reading.

The more he read, the more he felt that the ancient texts were filled with limitless wisdom! He would continuously gain various inspirations and understanding from the books which was extremely useful to his comprehension of Minor Illumination Breathing Technique.

Eight days had went by without incident, and the rate at which Bei Feng's strength grew had surpa.s.sed even his own expectations.

Two days ago, his strength and speed had both reached 99. The slowest one was his Mental Power, but even it had also soared to 99 as he meditated on the ancient books.

But the most troubling matter was that, after reaching it, neither would rise to 100 no matter what he tried, be it his strength or speed. It was like he had encountered a bottleneck!

Neither the sunray absorbed using Minor Illumination Breathing Technique nor the boundless vitality of the Blood G.o.d Fruit could raise Bei Feng's strength and speed that one point further!

Disasters rarely came alone, as was the case for poor luck. The only thing he'd managed to catch from the Myriad Worlds the past eight days had only been an ordinary sheep-like beast. It was about as mediocre as the Spirit Chicken he'd caught on his first attempt!

Other than tasting better than a regular sheep, there was really not much usage for it.

A private helicopter hovered above a tall building in Qingcheng, slowly descending until it landed on the huge helipad. Qin Wufa stepped out of the helicopter, the wind blowing wildly about him. Behind him were Qin Yi and a few other men dressed in black suits.

Immediately after landing, the group hurried off the roof and soon exited the building. A chartered vehicle had long ago been prepared for them, its destination—Qing Ling Village!

"Brother Hu, I need your help to take care of a person for me."

After lying in the hospital for such a long time, w.a.n.g Yong had almost recovered. However, a cast remained around his arm, slung over his neck.

"Oh? Did you get mugged?"

'Brother Hu's' real name was Zhou Bin. The reason he came to be known as 'Brother Hu' was because everytime he fought, he resembled a fierce tiger. With time, everyone started calling him 'Brother Hu'. It was questionable if anyone still remembered his real name! [2]

"Who's the other guy? What's the fellow's background?"

Zhou Bin sipped on a gla.s.s of red wine as he replied. Although he was nicknamed a fierce tiger, his true character was very calm. He was the type of person who was very lax normally, but could not be offended, or one would end up miserably!

"Background? There's nothing of the sort. He's just a country b.u.mpkin, running a third-rate restaurant in the mountains! I want his restaurant wrecked, and his arms broken!"

w.a.n.g Yong became visibly agitated as he remembered his experience in that wretched old mansion.

"Ok, 500,000!"

Zhou Bin savored the wine in his mouth as he watched w.a.n.g Yong patiently.

[1] TL/N: One PUNCCCHH! ED/N: Totally, MAN

[2] TL/N: Hu stands for tiger.

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