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Chapter 637: The Dragon Gate

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Due to the fast speed it could travel with, the s.h.i.+p easily sailed at the speed of sound.

Accordingly, the rate at which spirit stones were being used was also heartbreaking.

The pile of spirit stones in the broiler was slowly disintegrating into powder as their Ling Qi got drained.

Bei Feng sat on the deck as strong gusts of wind were blocked by his blood Qi.

The golden waters of the Yellow Golden Sea were like top-grade wine as a huge seagull circled above. It would constantly dive into the water and catch fishes a few meters long.

The view on both sides looked the same, which made people feel like they were remaining on the same spot. The waters had no end in sight, and a salty smell got blown aboard by the strong winds. One would see a few s.h.i.+ps catching fishes every now and then.

Again, half a month pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

A large golden gate had appeared on the horizon. It was 10,000 zhang tall, and just like the gate to Heaven. Looking at it would make one feel in awe.

“Pa.s.sing through the gate would mean reaching the deep sea region. From what I know, the person who created this gate is unknown; one Ten Thousand Year Supremacy had attempted to destroy this gate, only to get stopped and killed on the spot,” Lu Wei explained to Bei Feng slowly.

“Don't tell me it's the Dragon Gate?” Bei Feng laughed; he thought he was overthinking it.

“Dragon Gate?” Lu Bu asked with much interest.

Although he had no idea why it was called dragon gate, the word dragon was enough to interest him.

Bei Feng recalled his memories before speaking, “In my hometown, there is a gate called Inaugural Dragon Gate and a type of fish called carp. Carps were considered normal organisms due to their low cultivation, but if they jumped over the gate, they would become a dragon.”

The story of the Carp Leaping Over The Dragon Gate had been told all over the world since a long time ago, so one would definitely find it familiar.

“Dragon? Is that a kind of high-grade Demonic Beast?” Lu Bu asked in confusion.

Bei Feng smiled as he said, “Dragons are mythological G.o.d beasts. A single strike by a fully grown dragon is enough to destroy Tianmu Planet. Even peak-grade Demonic Beasts are not worthy of carrying their shoes for them.”

Lu Bu was a little surprised as he had no idea what destroying Tianmu Planet within one move was like. He could not visualize it, but it did not mean he had no idea how strong a dragon could be now.

Still, Lu Bu was not fully convinced. Seeing his reaction, Bei Feng did not speak further, as no dragon had ever appeared in this world yet.

Not even a small dragon.

Bei Feng ordered the s.h.i.+p to stop by the gate, while he stretched his hands towards the gate.

Sensing a chill emitted from the gate, Bei Feng retracted his hand out of natural reflex.

“What a low temperature! Yet, the coldness is bound only to the gate instead of spreading outwards into the sea.” Bei Feng raised his hand and observed the ice fragments formed on the tip of his finger.

The temperature was low even for a Thousand Year King like Bei Feng!

If it had been a Hundred Year realm cultivator, he would have been frozen to death!

Bei Feng gazed deeply at the gate before he hurriedly ordered the s.h.i.+p to steer away.

After quite some time, the frost on Bei Feng's fingertip finally melted.

“Family Head, it's time to eat,” Lu Wei said respectfully as he stood behind Bei Feng.

Gathering his thoughts together again, Bei Feng replied, “Yes.”

Deep in his mind, Bei Feng could not help but wonder who had created the Heaven Connecting Towers, and what exactly were Heaven Connecting Towers used for.

Moreover, every world 1 contained traces of human existence, yet no other human species had been spotted on Tianmu Planet.

Where did all those people go? If demonic beasts could survive in these towers, then there was no reason for humans to be unable to survive there as well.

However, it was true that no sight of humans had been reported. It was as though they had all vanished in one night.

Why should I think so much about it? I'm only a pa.s.ser-by.

Bei Feng then followed Lu Wei into the cabins.

The Yellow Golden Sea had an abundance of resources, though not all fishes were as precious as the Immortal Spirit Fish. Still, some other species also had other valuable uses.

Sitting in the room alone was Bei Feng, who was enjoying his food.

The aroma of steamed conchs filled the room. On the table was a large lobster with a bluish body, emitting cold water vapor and looking as fresh as it could.

Another plate was filled with sh.e.l.lfish that had as white as marble.

Another eye-catching item was an urchin which looked like a blue basketball with spikes on its exterior.

Bei Feng gently picked up a conch that looked fat and juicy. After dipping it in a plate of sauce, he then placed it in his mouth. As soon as he took a bite, the juice of the flesh burst in his mouth. Although it was common for seafood to taste fishy, it was not the case for the conch meat, which tasted light and fragrant.

That's right, one conch alone has the cultivation level of a Hundred Year realm fourth layer demonic beast.

Bei Feng's eyes lit up as he chewed on the conch meat. The fact that a conch the size of a fist was able to provide him with that much energy was indeed surprising.

Bei Feng then excitedly proceeded to try the other foods.

As the family chef was not travelling with them, Bei Feng could only get the guards to cook. Thus, it was natural for the food to taste not as good. However, due to the quality of the seafood, any method of cooking was sufficient to make the food taste good.

After completing his meal, Bei Feng nodded in satisfaction before leaving the messy table.

After his room had been cleaned, Bei Feng swayed his hand to reveal a pile of spirit stones.

“My foundation should have been strengthened enough after remaining in Thousand Year King realm Fourth Layer for some time. It's time to break through now,” Bei Feng mumbled to himself as he breathed in deeply, absorbing the Heaven Earth Ling Qi.

Without further hesitation, Bei Feng started to prepare for his breakthrough.

Gathering his mental power, Bei Feng could tell the type of energy stored by his spine.

The spine was the pillar of the human body, so it could be deemed the source of energy.

The stronger the spine, the better one could perform!

Adjusting his blood Qi, Bei Feng started to break through!

Like a ferocious tiger running downhill, his blood Qi managed to break past his fifth spinal joint!

As his joint broke, Bei Feng could not help but frown. The pain was not something ordinary people could imagine.

But, it was a normal process to a cultivator. The more power one wanted to gain, the higher the price one had to pay!

Fighting against someone, fighting against heaven's will, and fighting with yourself and getting hurt were all too common for a cultivator!

This was also why so few could live to the maximum of the lifespan one could live.

Just like how Hundred Year realm cultivators: they could live for 800 years, but still barely lived past 500-600 years.

It was due to the endless battles one had to encounter during the cultivation process.

One might not even notice their internal injuries sometimes. This was why some who looked strong physically could pa.s.s away suddenly.

Although cultivators usually understood their bodies better than ordinary people, there were limits to what they could do.

An example would be an injury which wiped out large amounts of cells. During repair, when old cells regenerated and produced new cells, life energy was used.

If it happened frequently, then one's longevity would naturally be affected… unless one could find a longevity pill that lengthened life.

Saint Pills were the lowest-grade pills of that kind. Such pills were equivalent in value to at least several cities.

The only thing was that this kind of life extending pill was only useful under the premise that it didn't increase the longevity beyond the realm's max limit.

For example, a peak Hundred Year realm cultivator had a maximum lifespan of 800 years.

If a cultivator at that level was dying at the age of 600, they could use a longevity pill to extend their life. Theoretically, there were still 200 years of their lifespan left, and the pill would extend that cultivator's life by that much.

On the other hand, if a peak Hundred Year realm cultivator who'd reached the age of 800 wanted to use the pill to extend his life, it would not have any effect.

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