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Chapter 589: Changes in the Little Fox's Soul!

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Bei Feng watched emotionlessly as the weapons disintegrated the moment they got swallowed by the Star Palace.

The entire Star Palace only had 10 levels, yet eight were destroyed by Bei Feng's attack. Various forms of attack shot out from within the Star Palace!

Bei Feng also increased his attacks by throwing palm imprints around the Star Palace, forming a net which covered the remaining two levels of the Star Palace!

At that moment, all sorts of dents appeared on the Star Palace. They arose from attacks ranging from sword slashes to clock crashes.

Sounds of clanging metal and neighing of war horses could be heard, causing people to shudder in fear.

“Destroy, shatter!”

Bei Feng did not show any signs of stopping as the star formation started to take effect, stellar energy being directed into the Star Palace. With Bei Feng's Star Art in place, there was no need to worry about the lack of stellar energy.

Time slowly pa.s.sed, and the Star Palace started to become quiet, but Bei Feng knew that it was far from over. The weapons were just acc.u.mulating energy to put up a final fight!

Bei Feng dared not underestimate his opponents. Tens of thousands of star imprints were encircling the Star Palace as they aided the Star Palace in repairs!

“Family Head, have you broken through? What are you doing now?

Lu Bu had to squint his eyes while looking at Bei Feng. It had to be due to the remnant Qi not yet absorbed by Bei Feng.

At that moment, blood Qi activities were still visibly continuing inside Bei Feng's body.


The gangster rabbit Gu Qi was also blankly staring at Bei Feng after feeling the pressurizing Qi coming from Bei Feng's body.


Under the surveillance of Bei Feng, the Star Palace violently shook before finally collapsing. High levels of stellar energy were emitted in all directions, flattening three square kilometers of land!

A mushroom cloud rose up into the sky, and Bei Feng stepped in to take a look.


Bei Feng frowned with indignation.

“Oh? No way!”

Bei Feng opened his eyes wider in realization, and quickly walked in another direction, toward a pile of rubble.


Bei Feng scanned the rubble, looking through all types of rocks, and managed to find a s.h.i.+ning blue fragment. It was crystal clear despite looking old.

Changing the skies and the lands, turning projections into reality, I have succeeded!

Bei Feng smiled widely while looking at the fragment intensely.

The Yin-Yang legacy's Star Art required a Thousand Year King to turn a Star Palace made of Stellar Energy into reality. Judging by the s.h.i.+ning fragment Bei Feng was holding, he had succeeded.

Bei Feng had been lucky as he almost did not find the s.h.i.+ning fragment!

Before Bei Feng could do anything, the s.h.i.+ning fragment shone brighter as it generated a strong gravitational force, pulling in Stellar Energy from its surroundings.

Not only that, even the materials used to make the Star Formation down in the sealed room levitated above the ground, and were pulled into the fragment!

Not only was the Stellar Energy not stopped by the destroyed Star Formation, it had grown stronger.



Bei Feng could hear his heart beating loud. With a sudden change in expression, Bei Feng touched the center of his brows.

Then, a dark purple symbol appeared. It looked like it was grown from flesh.

Before Bei Feng could examine it properly, the symbol started to divide, forming a pair of eyes!

There was no pain or discomfort when the symbol stretched apart and revealed a pair of irises inside.

However, only its physical form looked like eyes. Deep inside each iris was complete darkness. Not only that, but it even gave off an evil Qi.

“Is little fox finally awake?!” Bei Feng said in a delighted tone. After all, he had been waiting for a very long time.

n.o.body would have guessed that Bei Feng could become a Thousand Year King and the little fox could regain consciousness!

Having given its blood to Bei Feng, the little fox's soul was forced to enter an accupoint in between Bei Feng's brows, mixing with the source of evil present inside.

However, Bei Feng was feeling happy and worried at the same time.

What he was happy about was that the soul of the little fox was about to awaken. On the other hand, he was worrying that the little fox would not be able to recognize or remember its past.

Bouts of evil Qi spread from the eyes outwards, to the surroundings, slowly.

Meanwhile, stellar energy continuously flowed into Bei Feng's accupoint between his brows at an incredibly fast speed!

Looking deep into Bei Feng's accupoint, one could clearly see a floating egg, and the vast amounts of stellar energy that entered were making its heartbeat sound louder!

The egg was also constantly rocking side to side as its heartbeat sounded like the thing inside the egg could not wait to come out!

Bei Feng could sense the evilness in Qi which had enshrouded Lu Bu and the rest, and thus ordered, “Lu Bu, quickly get out of this area! Evacuate the others too!”


A shocked Lu Bu nodded his head before taking action.

Lu Bu and the demonic beasts trembled in fear despite not knowing why. It was as though they were being watched despite not seeing anything abnormal; hence, n.o.body wanted to stay there.

The evil Qi was grayish black, although only Bei Feng could see its color.

Before Lu Bu and the rest could depart, the evil Qi suddenly sped up its movement and covered the entire city!


Bei Feng was dumbfounded as he did not expect it to involve the entire city. Everyone in the city had become implicated, landing in danger of being wiped out by the stellar energy…

Furthermore, Bei Feng had experienced the ability of the Little Fox before—it was impossible to avoid and painful even to Bei Feng himself.

The thought of it was enough to make Bei Feng jump in fear. If the entire city suffered, the government and Martial Alliance would definitely not let him off.

Thinking of being chased by the most powerful forces made Bei Feng queasy.

“Lu Bu, come back.” Bei Feng sighed in despair.

“Yes.” Although Lu Bu was puzzled by Bei Feng's order, he still followed.

Bei Feng nodded approvingly at Lu Bu who always followed instructions without any question.

Even so, it did not mean Lu Bu had no thoughts of his own. In fact, it was only because Lu Bu was able to suppress his curiosity. If anyone happened to mistakenly regard Lu Bu as a fool, that person would be enlightened by a giant halberd.

Bei Feng sighed, and mumbled, “Forget it. Be it good or bad, it's unavoidable. I shall change my appearance totally and leave here for good after this!'

As long as no innocent people were harmed, the government would not interfere in family feuds and battles.

But it had become a different picture now. A city populated by tens of millions of people was endangered. Bei Feng was not even sure how many people would survive the oncoming catastrophe…

The cause itself was enough to make the government and Martial Alliance punish Bei Feng.

Two terrifying gravitational forces occupied two sides of the sky, and strong stellar energy was being drawn to them.

As there were countless stars in the universe, every star gave out its unique type of stellar energy.

Also, worst of all, stellar energy would always be spread around every corner of the universe. As long as stars were present, there would be a limitless supply of stellar energy.

Time slowly pa.s.sed as the fragment from the Star Palace absorbed the materials used in the Star Formation. After absorbing mineral stones, the fragment even started to grow in size!

Right! The fragment had the ability to grow into a tower!

The tower would be ten levels tall, with every level being different. At that point, only the first level was real, while the remaining nine levels were made of Stellar Energy.

The Qi given off by the tower was enough to suppress even a Thousand Year King! So terrifying!

It looked like a tower, but it had the thickness of a clock, sharp pointy corners of a sword, and lightness of a feather!

It might be just ten centimeters tall at that point, but Bei Feng knew that it could grow thousands of zhang tall if it wanted!

“Now, now, now… The sky can capture a beast, while a Star Palace tower can trap a demon…” Bei Feng murmured as he looked at the Star Palace which sent powerful energy waves with every spin, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

With one thought, the Star Palace tower disappeared from his hands and entered his head, ready to hibernate.

So much time has pa.s.sed, yet nothing has happened. Could it be that it needs more time? Bei Feng wondered to himself as he looked at the numerous cultivators a thousand meters away and hoped that the catastrophe would never happen.

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