Fishing the Myriad Heavens 588 Turning Faith Into A Condor!

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After much consideration, Bei Feng stabilized his blood Qi. He knew that it would be useless to employ only brute force.

What did I overlook?

Bei Feng's Qi continued to increase, though at a slower speed.

Seeing how the life essence was continuously being released, Bei Feng started getting anxious.

Tianjun Liquid!

With one thought, Bei Feng took out a vial of Tianjun Liquid. Tianjun Liquid was usually used to increase one's awareness, although it might not always work. Bei Feng also did not have much of it.

This time round, Bei Feng did not hesitate, and swallowed the liquid immediately.

A cooling sensation could be felt before mist rushed up to the top of Bei Feng's head.

The gray mist enshrouded Bei Feng's head before getting absorbed by cells in his head.


Once the Tianjun Liquid was swallowed, Bei Feng's head almost exploded like he got struck by lightning!

Large amounts of spiritual rays clashed in Bei Feng's mind continuously.

Unwavering and determined, Bei Feng's morale was not affected at all.

"Faith! It must be faith!"

Bei Feng sprung up in realization before grabbing a ray of spiritual ray!

Feeling that his body was nearing the limit, Bei Feng quickly settled down.

"Roam freely, up in the heavens!"

Bei Feng channeled his vast amount of blood Qi towards the golden gate as his blood Qi took the shape of a condor!


The huge condor flew at a great speed, banging hard at the gate, leaving a deep dent on the door.

A mere dent was able to boost Bei Feng's confidence greatly!

Indeed! I was right to doubt it!

A smile appeared on Bei Feng's face as he quickly focused to make another attempt.

"Who would have known that Martial Dao Will is the key to opening the gate… No wonder there's so few cultivators with perfectly combined blood Qi," Bei Feng mumbled. The condition seemed easy, but in reality, it was hard as Martial Dao Will would only become eminent in the Ten Thousand Year Realm.

Those who could understand Martial Dao Will after becoming a Thousand Year King could be considered gifted, not to mention those who understood it in Hundred Year realm.

It was rare even for powerful and rich families. Having more than one in the family would have been considered extreme luck!


Continuous banging sounds could be heard as Bei Feng's chest flesh became more and more torn, revealing his internal organs.

A fist-sized black spirit ray quietly floated inside the hole in his chest, emitting terrifying vibrations.


Bei Feng's head was clear at that moment, and he knew that he needed to gather his energy to make the final burst!


Bei Feng could feel his Martial Dao Will improving by a great deal, up to second level!

The originally fat condor surged 10 000 zhang high into the sky, ready to dive down with full force!

With it howling at the sky, a ring of black sound waves came out from the Condor's mouth and slammed against the gate!

By then, the Condor had already grown to a very large size, blocking everyone's view of the sky above!

An identical Condor also appeared behind Bei Feng, mirroring the actions of the Condor above!


The huge condor charged at the gate with s.h.i.+ning, sharp talons.


The Condor's talons collided with the gate, sending energy waves in all directions!

The gate violently shook before a larger dent was formed. Even so, the gate did not give way.

"Break for me!" Bei Feng angrily shouted, releasing vast amounts of Qi into the sealed room. The pressure was so great that the sealed room collapsed. Any falling rock that neared Bei Feng was instantly shattered into small fragments by Bei Feng's powerful energy!


The Condor opened its mouth and turned in Bei Feng's direction before taking in a deep breath of his blood Qi!

Bouts of blood Qi entered the Condor's stomach, changing its body's color from black to red!

With enhanced blood Qi, its wings became as hard as a knife and gave off blood-red waves of energy as it flew higher into sky, reading to charge at the gate!


Among the sounds caused by the collision, Bei Feng could clearly hear the sound of the gate breaking.

However, to Bei Feng's disappointment, the gate was still intact. Only scratch marks remained on it.

Unwavering, Bei Feng pointed at the Condor, and instructed, "Burn!"


The large Condor was covered in red flames. The heat looked like it was able to melt any object!

Engulfed in red flames, the Condor started to shrink to a size of no more than a hundred zhang.

Though small, its Qi could not be overlooked. Just a gentle flap of its wings was able to shake the s.p.a.ce around it as if it could not withstand its power!

Bei Feng opened his mouth and ordered, "Shatter!"



At the moment of impact, Bei Feng could feel a portion of his mental power getting destroyed by the energy produced by the two things colliding. Unsure of what exactly changed within his body, Bei Feng could only wait.

A look of uncertainty was written all over Bei Feng's face as he tried to console himself. He had given it his all, and if the gate failed to open, there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, heavenly music could be heard coming out of Bei Feng's chest. Initially soft and unclear, the music grew louder and clearer after Bei Feng took a deep breath. Though the lyrics were inaudible, the song sounded pleasant and soothing.


Surprised, Bei Feng was overjoyed that his efforts did not go down the drain. After so many years of cultivation, he had become a Thousand Year King at last!

With one thought, the door was taken down and blood Qi flowed in, spinning in a circle and intertwining.

Complete transformation still needs time, but now that my cultivation has reached the next level, it's time for Yin-Yang legacy to break through.

Bei Feng opened his eyes as the life essence inside him entered the gate. The vast amount of life energy was no longer a burden to him, but a supplement.

Even his Heavenly Laws Embodiment Technique had reached the Fourth Layer, helping him to constantly upgrade his blood Qi quality.

The moment Bei Feng managed to break through, the golden blood Qi hidden amongst the silver blood Qi multiplied as it went past the gate. It had grown to cover one percent of Bei Feng's blood Qi!

Do not underestimate the power of that one percent, as it was the key to Bei Feng's capability upgrade!

As the two types of blood Qi intertwined, no spirit power ability was created.

The sky above the Lu Family looked dark as though an apocalypse had just taken place.

Big chunks of collapsed buildings were strewn everywhere, and floors were blown apart.

Not only that: Lu Bu and the gang were also forced to retreat three kilometers away, so not a single soul was at the site.

Up in the sky, the 19 weapons were still fighting each other!

The power produced by the weapons was so great that even a Thousand Year King could get crushed if he entered the fight zone!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sparks flew as Qi of the weapons strengthened from the shrinking Star Palace.


A sword slashed at a black umbrella, which used its frame to counter the attack, clas.h.i.+ng together.


A green clock chimed on its own as greenish Qi flowed out of its body. With one move, it was able to stop the weapons in their tracks!

The Star Palace had already shrunk to ten zhang big, with marks from the weapons' attacks left all over its body.


A strong voice could be heard from among the rubble. It was Bei Feng who appeared and sent hundreds of palm imprints at the Star Palace!

The Star Palace then shook before releasing vast amounts of starlight which gave off a strong suction force!


Where the Star Palace stood, the surrounding s.p.a.ce became twisted from the suction, and eventually cracked!

As the spatial cracks opened up, the projections of the 19 weapons got sucked into the black hole!

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