Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 579 - Seeking Death In Various Ways

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Chapter 579: Seeking Death In Various Ways

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A loud boom could be heard throughout the Lu Manor, attracting many Lu Family members to the scene.

What happened? What's going on? Who still dares to stir up trouble in our Lu Family!? members of the Lu Family thought to themselves as they rushed to the place where the sound came from.

Everyone present was a cultivator, so they could sense that the sound originated from an attack.

"Reckless fool."

The man who'd executed the move thought it would be alright to at least teach a rabbit a lesson if they could not teach the Lu Family a lesson.

After seeing his subordinate retract his hands after the move, Gu San Sheng actually felt relieved. Blaming his age for being timid, Gu San Sheng convinced himself that there was a low chance that a random rabbit could be a Demonic Beast King.

I was paranoid. It was only a rabbit. If it had really been powerful, it would have attacked before the palm imprint landed. Seeing how it failed to react in time, it was clearly an ordinary rabbit.

Gu San Sheng calmly stood there as such thoughts came across his mind. Harming a mere rabbit would not offend the Lu Family for sure.

Conversely, Gu San Sheng felt the urge to escape as the dust began to settle down.

Gu San Sheng stared intensely at the center of the plume of dust and had an unsettling feeling. Even the person who started this shouted in disbelief, "How could this be!?"

So screwed.

Gu San Sheng's lips twitched as the shadow in the dust started to appear clearer.

After the dust fully dissipated, a figure could be seen standing in the two meters deep crater with its head hung low. It appeared unhurt at all.

"Die for me!"

The man who'd executed the move was embarra.s.sed by how useless his move seemed even though it was enough to kill a Hundred Year realm Third Layer cultivator. Turning embarra.s.sment into anger, he gathered a round ball of Qi in his palm, ready to blast the rabbit.

"Stop!" Lu Bu appeared from afar and stopped the person by teleporting a long spear to the s.p.a.ce above the man's head!

"General Lu is overreacting. It's just a stray beast that blocked my way." Gu San Sheng stopped the spear in its tracks while trying to coax Lu Bu.

In reality, Gu San Sheng was not as calm as he sounded. Deep in his heart, he was greatly surprised by Lu Bu's skills. Having just attained Thousand Year King realm, Lu Bu already had powerful blood Qi. If not for Gu San Sheng's higher cultivation level, he could have been embarra.s.sed just now.

The thought of it made Gu San Sheng irritated and jealous. Why could not it be him who had such gifts!

However, Gu San Sheng's face did not show any signs of his true thoughts, and he instead looked friendly towards Lu Bu.

Seeing that his move had been blocked, Lu Bu sighed.

"Sigh, City Lord, I think we no longer need to trouble you to sell off the Zeng Family's businesses, since you will be busy selling off yours," Lu Bu said to Gu San Sheng in a sympathetic tone. One would not die if he did not seek death. Why did they have to offend the Gangster Rabbit out of all the people around?

Lu Bu had no intention of fighting the city lord, and was only going to block the attack of his subordinate. He did not expect them to be so ignorant, and thus felt they deserved to die.

"Oh? What do you mean by that, General Lu!?"

Gu San Sheng had thought that after blocking Lu Bu's move, the Lu Family would become less proud and realize that he had the most power in the city. Who would have expected Lu Bu to say such a thing…

While Lu Bu had no intentions of fighting, he did not want to waste his time talking to people whom he deemed about to die. Rolling his eyes, Lu Bu blatantly said to Gu San Sheng and the gang, "Let me be honest with you, City Lord, you might not be able to walk out of our Lu Manor today."


Just when Gu San Sheng was about to gather his energy, a soft sound came from behind him. It sounded familiar to what he had heard when the Zeng Family killed his father. Despite sounding pleasant, it made Gu San Sheng feel unpleasant.

Theoretically, the rabbit should be dead after receiving the attack from his subordinate, but hearing the sounds coming from the crater, Gu San Sheng could not help but turn around and look.

"d.a.m.n it!"

"How could this be!?"

Not only Gu San Sheng, but also his staff froze in disbelief.

What did they see? The rabbit swayed its paws a few times, and the attacker appeared locked in its paws.

The attacker could not escape its grip regardless of how hard he tried. With a gentle pinch, the half-step Thousand Year King's body disintegrated into a blood mist, floating in the air.

The sight made a great impact as a seemingly harmless rabbit was able to kill a half-step Thousand Year King so effortlessly.


A low but loud howl lingered in the Lu Manor, causing all who heard it to tremble in fear.

"Oh? Who was dumb enough to offend Gu Qi and make it this angry?"

Before Gu Qi howled, Bei Feng could already sense its anger due to their special telepathic connection. Its anger was like an active volcano ready to erupt any second. As such, Bei Feng knew he could no longer stay inside his room.



Both Han Kui and the armadillo could hear Gu Qi's roar. Shocked, Han Kui could not react at first, but later roared to the armadillo as though communicating with it.

The armadillo gloated as it wondered who could've been stupid enough to enrage their grandmaster.

The two demonic beasts exchanged looks, and turned in the opposite direction of where the fight was taking place. Why would they want to be a busybody and go near the place where their fuming grandmaster was? Wasn't being near the site pure danger?

A Demonic Beast King!

Gu San Sheng's heart skipped a beat as he tried to digest what he was seeing. He could no longer lie to himself. Only a Demonic Beast King would be able to kill a half-step Thousand Year King with just one move.

At that moment, the gangster rabbit Gu Qi stepped out with killing Qi, its body reddish in color as though drops of blood were going to fall off it.

The gangster rabbit Gu Qi's eyes also looked different. The stupid look had disappeared from its face, leaving behind a look of determination.

Feeling indignant, it found it hard to forgive the person who'd attacked it for no reason!

Pulling back its lips to reveal a set of sharp teeth, the gangster rabbit Gu Qi looked very intimidating.

"There must be some sort of misunderstanding. General Lu, please restrain this Demonic Beast!" Gu San Sheng did not hesitate to seek a.s.sistance from Lu Bu.

"City Lord, I have tried earlier on, but now I can't do anything about it anymore," Lu Bu replied with an innocent face.

"Is the Lu Family starting a fight with the city lord?!" Overpowered by fear, every step taken by the approaching rabbit felt like a stomp on Gu San Sheng's heart to him. Gu San Sheng gathered his blood Qi and questioned Lu Bu loudly, making sure everyone present at the scene could hear what he was saying.

"Oh? That's from the direction of the Lu Family. Don't tell me they are up to something again?"

"The voice earlier… belongs to City Lord!"

"Oh my G.o.d, the Lu Family must have too much energy. Having just eliminated the Zeng Family a few days ago, they're now challenging the city lord?"

"The Lu Family's ego has become too high, thinking that having one Thousand Year King is enough to disregard the city lord. The city lord has strong foundations that shouldn't be taken lightly."

"You're right; though the two demonic beasts are strong, City Lord still has an army. It's not like the demonic beasts can't be killed."

Discussions ensued after Gu San Sheng's words spread within the city.

Albeit excited, the people also felt that the Lu Family was too domineering. If they lost, it would be less worrisome, but if they won, there would be trouble.

The Lu Family had caused too many killings, unsettling the families in San Chuan City. They were worried that they might be next.

"City Lord Gu, you don't need to worry about that, as you are a dead man to me now."

Lu Bu's lips twitched as he tried to hold back his laughter. He had only heard about people who courted death, but had never seen one before. Who knew the Lu Family would get another surprise gift before leaving for Tianhuang City? Lu Bu secretly vowed not to destroy the city lord's foundation this time.

In Lu Bu's mind, what Gu San Sheng had done was equivalent to a rabbit poking fun at a wolf, asking to be swallowed.

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