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Published at 21st of July 2019 04:10:04 AM Chapter 577: 577

In reality, the combo executed by Han Kui and the armadillo was not that deadly . A Thousand Year King would only sustain slight injuries if he was not standing directly in the impact zone .

That move could only cause maximum damage when executed at the right time and in the right place . If not, it would only be good to eliminate the weaker cultivators .

Looks like it's time to pay the rising family a visit, Gu San Sheng thought to himself, and vanished from the site .

What was more astonis.h.i.+ng was that n.o.body could notice Gu San Sheng's presence the whole time he was there .

At the Lu Manor, Lu Family members could finally relax and forget their worries while trying to digest what had taken place .

"Thousand Year King! Our Lu Family can finally have a rank from now on," Lu Liang muttered under his breath . Families without a Thousand Year King could not even get a rank, but since they had a Thousand Year King, Lu Liang started to plan their family's rise .

Our Lu Family finally has a Thousand Year King . A pity Lu Bu was adopted, and is not a Lu Family member by blood, but I shall treat him well to prevent other families from trying to buy him .

Lu Baiyu had thought way further into the future . There were way too few core members in the Lu Family; who would know if Lu Bu would ever have bad ideas in the future .

"Buhui, since the problem has been solved, I will take my leave first . Remember to come back on time . " Tang Li was also surprised by the outcome, though it was a positive one .

Lu Buhui nodded, and said, "I understand, Teacher!"

She had been enduring a lot of stress for the previous period, fearing the Zeng Family and wanting to break through to increase her chance of entering the University of Tianmu .

But the more she rushed it, the harder it was to break through .

Now that the Zeng Family issue had been settled, she could finally feel relieved and focus entirely on training herself . As long as the burden on her shoulders was removed, she would easily break through Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer!

"Alright, I shall return to our school first . "

Tang Li bid her goodbye as her only reason to be there was to ensure Lu Buhui's safety . Now that the threat had been removed, she was no longer needed .

Noting Tang Li's departure, Bei Feng quickly said, "Ms Tang, right? Buhui has already told me that you were the only one who supported Buhui over the troubling past months . In order to show my grat.i.tude, please accept my small gift . "

"Family Head Lu, Buhui is my student, so it's only my duty to do so . Plus, I have not been able to help much, so please take back your gift," Tang Li politely rejected .

"Our family takes grat.i.tude and grudges seriously, so we are really very thankful that you spoke up for Buhui . Please accept it," Bei Feng said with a smile as he handed her a spatial ring .

"This… In this case, thank you, Family Head Lu . There are still matters to settle back at the school, so I shall take my leave . " Tang Li took the gift respectfully with both hands before leaving .

Bei Feng faced Buhui, and instructed, "Buhui, don't be shy to ask for resources during this period of time and aim to enter the University of Tianmu . "

Before Buhui could answer Bei Feng, Lu Bu's voice could be heard from the gate . "Family Head, the entire Zeng Family has been wiped out!"

"Wow! Such fearsome Qi!"

"The Zeng Family is gone? Then wouldn't our Lu Family become the new top family in San Chuan City?!"

Upon hearing the news, the Lu Family members were shocked, which was followed by elation .

"What else?" Bei Feng asked as he had long been sure of Lu Bu's victory .

"The Zeng Family's a.s.sets and inheritance have also been destroyed," Lu Bu reported while giving the two Demonic Beasts behind an accusing look .

"Ah? Nevermind, though it is a pity . But, I am curious as to how it got destroyed . "

Though it was a pity to lose the a.s.sets, it was not serious enough to make Bei Feng worry .

"Han Kui and the armadillo worked together to come up with a combo move which leveled the Zeng Manor, destroying its dungeon and secret cellar," Lu Bu reported honestly, betraying the two Demonic Beasts .


Han Kui jumped forwards and bit Lu Bu's b.u.t.tock for selling them out . Earlier on, when they were on their way back, Lu Bu had promised not to tell on them, but he still chose to betray them in the end .

What about the promise of being each other's protector?


A loud sound sent s.h.i.+vers down Han Kui and the armadillo's backs .

One roar from the gangster rabbit made the two Demonic Beasts quickly settle down and behave themselves .

The two Demonic Beasts were difficult to tame even when they were at the Hundred Break Mountain Range .

"Forget it, no big deal . Moreover, you guys did not leave us during dangerous times, so you have not done anything wrong to us, and we would not mistreat you, either . Each of you shall get a hundred pieces of high-grade spirit stones and ten ninth-grade medicinal herbs . "

Bei Feng distributed some resources to everyone present with the sway of his arm .

"Protect our family till the end!"

Everyone was touched to tears .

High-grade spirit stones and medicinal herbs were not cheap items!

Medicinal herbs were ranked from the first grade to the ninth grade—the higher their grade, the better .

For Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer cultivators, ninth grade medicinal herbs would be of great help to break through two layers or more .

As for Lu Bu and the gang, Bei Feng had bigger plans, but had not revealed it in front of everyone .

"Won't this make those who took flight regret and envy us?"

"Luckily, I stayed till the end . "

Apart from Lu Liang and his two brothers, the rest were adopted orphans . Those who did not abandon the family during difficult times were glad that they stayed . They were even curious of the reaction the ones that escaped would have upon hearing the news .

As expected, when the news of victory reached the Lu Family members who had fled, they were all shocked and regretful of their actions!

"How is that possible? We are talking about the most powerful family in San Chuan City!"

"No way! No way!"

"I am most aware of the Lu Family's capabilities, how could they defeat the Zeng Family?"

Those who abandoned the Lu Family were busy discussing the shocking news and regretting their actions . Had they not fled, they would have become core members of the Lu Family and been rewarded heavily .

"Right, let's go back! The Lu Family doesn't have many members to begin with . Now that they have taken over the Zeng Family's businesses, they would definitely need more hands . We grew up there, after all, so there's a higher chance for them to use us than outsiders!"

The bunch of cultivators was first troubled, and then delighted by the idea .

"The Lu Family was the one that raised us, yet we left them behind when they were in danger . Now that they have eradicated their enemy, wouldn't they have the time to deal with us? No, we shouldn't stay in San Chuan City anymore . "

There were also some who were scared of consequences, and thus left San Chuan City .

After the fight was over, Bei Feng no longer managed the family, and just spent time practicing his moves and improving his cultivation technique .

Lu Liang, Lu Baiyu, and Lu Huang, on the other hand, were responsible for the management of their business . Since the Lu Family had no enemies in the city, the handover was a breeze .

"Father, all of Zeng Hai Ming's businesses have been taken over . "

"Ok, sell them off as soon as possible," Bei Feng said with his eyes closed as he practiced his moves in the garden .

"Father, there are so many businesses under the Zeng Family and they are all functional, so wouldn't it be a pity to sell these profitable businesses?" Lu Liang asked carefully as he could not bear to sell off some profitable businesses .

"Just sell them . From now on, our focus shall be on Tianhuang City," Bei Feng replied before returning to praticing his moves .

Feeling the intensifying Qi from Bei Feng, Lu Liang dared not question his decision further, and just took his leave .

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