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Standing inside the office, Lu Buhui had decided to accept whatever fate awaited her at home.

"By right, the Zeng Family would not dare to do anything before the exams, but we should play it safe. I think I should go with you. With me there, the Zeng Family won't dare to act," Tang Li suggested.

"Thank you, Ms Tang," Lu Buhui said with a bow, and waited at the side.

It was getting late, so Tang Li quickly packed up, and left with Lu Buhui and the gang.

These men could not be ordinary men given their strong Qi. Could it be all members of the Lu Family have good foundations? Tang Li thought to herself as she observed Lu Bing and the gang, sensing strong power within their bodies.

Logically speaking, an ordinary family like the Lu Family would not be able to nurture such powerful cultivators. Even the long established Zeng Family could only produce no more than a hundred such cultivators.

In the opposite direction, Zeng Zhi and Zeng Li were heading towards the Lu Manor with their elite fighters.

On the Tianmu Planet, it was forbidden for cultivators above the Thousand Year King realm level to fight, for a Ten Thousand Year Supremacy could do too much damage. However, Thousand Year King realm cultivators were allowed to fight Hundred Year realm cultivators given that monetary compensation was to be made for broken objects and no innocent people were to be injured. Anyone who failed to abide by the rules would be killed!

Seeing members of the Zeng Family marching towards the Lu Manor without any reservations, the servants of the Lu Family hurriedly left the scene.

The servants were merely working for the Lu Family to get a generous pay, so it was only normal for them not to have a sense of attachment to the Lu Family. Hence, saving their own lives was more important.

"Master, the servants in our family have mostly fled. Only the adopted children remain," an elderly man dressed in black reported to Lu Liang. Though aged, Xue He could still stand very straight.

"Household Head Xue, where is Father?" Lu Liang asked as he pressed his temples.

"Family Head is still practicing in the garden," Xue He replied.

"Sigh, hopefully Father will come up with a solution."

Lu Liang sighed as he felt that depending on Lu Bu and the gang alone would not let them defeat the Zeng Family. Yet, there was no sight of backup.

"Oh, right. How long more before the Zeng Family members appear here?" Lu Baiyu asked in a serious tone.

"Second Young Master, they will arrive in less than twenty minutes."

Xue He sighed deep down in his heart. Considering his old age, he did not want to die elsewhere.

"Big Brother, Second Brother, in this critical moment, we should protect our fire seed. Let's send Qilin somewhere to take refuge first," Lu Hui suggested to Lu Baiyu and Lu Liang.

"It makes sense. Big Brother, my son is in Inferno Sky Sect. We should indeed send Qilin away to ensure the preservation of our family line," Lu Baiyu said approvingly.

Since his son was at the distant Inferno Sky Sect, there was no reason for the Zeng Family to reach out with its claws somewhere so far away. Moreover, it was better to be overly cautious than sorry.

"I will make the necessary preparations since the informants are no longer here to spy on us."

Lu Liang then instructed his trusted men as his head was filled with various thoughts and worries.

"Third Brother, you have finally grown up. You, too, should leave," Lu Baiyu said to Lu Huang. The youngest brother Lu Huang had always been the worry of Lu Liang and Lu Baiyu.

But ever since he got scolded by Bei Feng, he became different as though he got enlightened.

"Big Brother, since our bloodline will not end, I shall not leave. After all, I have been nothing but trouble to everyone for the past years," Lu Huang said firmly.

Lu Baiyu looked around with a frown, and asked, "Where is the woman?"

"Zhu Mei has already left. Though this woman has been making use of our family, on the account of her being my wife, I did not stop her. If she wants to leave, let her leave then. I will not have any burden left to carry," Lu Huang said, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

Everyone kept silent, not knowing what to say. A sense of impending war loomed above the Lu Manor.


"Greetings, Family Head!"

Time slowly pa.s.sed, and the remaining Lu Family members were filled with unease. Suddenly, Bei Feng appeared through the door. Although Bei Feng's build was not big, to the Lu Family members, he was like a mountain and the sky supporting the family, keeping it together.

"Let's go. Follow me outside to see if the Zeng Family members are made up of three-headed and six-armed monsters."

Looking at the twenty remaining people standing in the yard, Bei Feng was disappointed, though he did not say a word on the topic. It was true that they were going to face a strong enemy and that he allowed to leave those who wanted to leave. Still, he had not expected the numbers to drop from 300 to just 20.

Not only did many servants leave, but many adoptees who grew up in the Lu Family also left. It broke Xue He's heart to think that they were brought up by his very own hands.

Bei Feng, on the other hand, thought it good that they left. Leaving now was better than leaving after Bei Feng had injected them with resources.

Out of the remaining 20 people, only nine could fight, although none of them was particularly strong or talented, having attained only the Third Layer of the Hundred Year realm in their thirties.

However, Bei Feng did not mind, as those who chose to stay were worthy of his nurturing. Given his vast resources, he could easily groom them into Thousand Year King realm cultivators!

A group of 18 people and three demonic beasts was strutting towards the Lu Manor. Other than Bei Feng, Lu Liang and the rest also displayed fierceness and determination to fight their enemies, even if it meant death in the end!

"Lu Family members, come out to meet your doom!"

A fearsome howl could be heard from outside the Lu Manor gate, followed by a loud bang. The gate exploded and broke into many pieces, flying outwards like missiles.

A group of 50 people levitated in the air like G.o.ds overlooking the commoners below them. In the eyes of the Zeng Family, the Lu Family was unimportant and incapable.

"Eh? They actually brought the fight to someone's house. There must be an insolvable feud between them."

Pa.s.sers-by gossiped while waiting to watch the show.

One middle-aged man fanned himself as he spoke to the onlookers, "Hey, you must be from outside the city, right? This family is a top-tier clan in our San Chuan City. Just wait and see, the attacked party will be dead for sure."

An old man sighed as he spoke, "The Lu Family actually dares to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. The young master of the Zeng Family wanted to marry the girl from the Lu Family, but was rejected. Now, the Lu Family is doomed."

"Old man, since you have so much praise for the Zeng Family, why not marry your granddaughter into their family?" A young lad could not help but talk back to the old man.

The old man's face turned green and white as he turned around to glare at the young lad before walking away.

Talk was cheap, so it was easy for the old man to say whatever he wanted. But if it really happened to him, he would not be able to handle the matter the way he said.

"The Zeng Family members are so domineering," Bei Feng said mockingly in a soft voice from within the Lu Manor, and stepped out of the gate with the rest.

Zeng Zhi and Zeng Li came down from the sky, landing in the center of their team of elite cultivators. One then stepped out to question Bei Feng and the gang. "Who are you?"

"Haha, a dog that bites never yelps. Did you guys rush to come out because you can't wait to die?" Lu Bu stepped forward with a grin on his face.

After breaking through to the Thousand Year King realm level, Lu Bu no longer felt threatened by Hundred Year realm cultivators even if they came in huge numbers. As his strong Qi radiated from his body, the elite cultivator who seemed to be the most powerful among Zeng Family's group quivered, and stumbled back in shock and fear.

"Eh? You guys want to fight? I shall give you the chance! Men, kill every single one of them," Zeng Zhi commanded as he looked at the Lu Family's members.

Although he, too, was surprised by Lu Bu's capability, he did not want to look intimidated, as no family had ever dared to offend the Zeng Family before.

"Stop!" A panic-stricken voice came from afar.

It turned out to be Lu Buhui and the gang.

Zeng Li stepped out from the center, and came in front of his elite guards as he spoke, "Buhui, what do you think? If you promise to be my woman, not only will I spare your family members, I will also bestow upon them generous gifts."

Tang Li stood out, and chided, "What guts you of the Zeng Family have! Don't you know it's the exam preparation period now?"

Zeng Zhi scoffed, and explained, "Ms Tang must be joking. Last night, the Lu Family had murdered more than ten of our cultivators, so we are only here to seek justice. As for Buhui, we won't touch her until the exams are over. But now, we need to settle the scores with her family."

"You!" Tang Li pointed at Zeng Zhi angrily as she could not find the right words to say.

Meanwhile, among a group of five people overlooking the fight from afar was… Han Tuo!

"Young Master, if the girl is so important to you, why don't you just order us to capture her by force? Why must we go through so much trouble?" a puzzled middle-aged man asked, scratching his head.

"Our target is too big, so we should play it safe. If something goes wrong, even our family won't be able to save me. Now, let's just wait a while before it's time for me to s.h.i.+ne," Han Tuo said as his eyes stayed locked in one direction.

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