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Bei Feng looked over the ingredients in the fridge and decided on a dish of green pepper skillet for dinner.

He placed the sliced Savage Beast meat to the side and poured some oil into the pot. The meat was 80% lean meat and 20% percent fatty meat. It was especially suitable for this dish. He threw the meat into the pot and began heating the oil.

The most important factor to making a good skillet meat dish was the oil. If the oil was not hot enough, the meat would not taste good.

A ball of milky white flame suddenly erupted in Bei Feng's palm, and was swiftly pushed under the pot.

In less than a minute, the cooker underneath it was directly melted through!

It was easy to see just how strong the temperature of this flame was! Probably any other regular pans would have been melted through in an instant!

The pot had three legs, so even if the burner beneath it was gone, it would still stand firmly.

The bottom of the pot was lined with thick stones; even under the extreme temperature of the Alchemist Azure Fire, it remained unchanged!

Bei Feng controlled the flame carefully and concentrated its heat on one spot. As the flame burned, the heat emanating from it turned even the ground and the mud beneath it into powder!

Under Bei Feng's precise control, most of the fire was directed upwards, concentrating on one spot. Just a small portion of the pot was being heated, but the small area had turned completely red from the fire!

"Chi, chi!"

The Grade 9 Savage Beast meat was also unable to bear such an intense heat. In less than a minute, the meat had become golden and s.h.i.+ny with oil. The excess oil had been evaporated long ago.

Bei Feng extinguished the Alchemist Azure Fire and began to add other complimenting ingredients. Using the remaining heat on the pot, he began to stir-fry the other ingredients with the meat. Chili was added last.

'My control over the Alchemist Azure Fire is still too weak. If I want to control the temperature of the flames freely, I'll still need large amounts of practice. But time is never enough!'

Bei Feng sighed as he scooped the food out of the pot and onto a plate. At the same time, he picked up a piece of meat and tried it.

'Not bad; taste-wise, it's not much better than the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat. However, the amount of energy contained in it is a hundred times stronger!'

Bei Feng had stayed in the Myriad World for an entire year, feasting on top-grade spirit beasts and herbs cooked by elite chefs everyday. His tongue had grown accustomed to good food long ago. Thus, he didn't feel that this dish was all that delicious.

Mystic Moon was sitting in the hall, watching TV. She had grasped the language here long ago, and was watching a melodrama show with great relish.

"Mystic Moon, wash your hands and come for dinner," Bei Feng shouted as he brought out the plate and placed it on the table.


Mystic Moon appeared before Bei Feng in an instant and dashed into the kitchen like a devil. The delicious fragrance flooded into her nose, causing her mouth to salivate uncontrollably. She had truly not smelt this kind of fragrance for too long!

The speed at which she washed her hands and sat down was shocking to the extreme. Mystic Moon reached out with her chopsticks and grabbed a piece of meat, shoving it into her mouth. As she chewed, her eyes narrowed to mere slits in enjoyment.

"How is it? Does it taste good?" Bei Feng asked with a proud smile.

"It's pa.s.sable.The fire's a little too strong." Mystic Moon continued chewing happily as she evaluated.



Bei Feng felt the corners of his mouth twitching as he flicked a finger at Mystic Moon's forehead. This girl had no conscience. Others had spent so much effort cooking for her and instead of being grateful, she could still quibble about the food so nonchalantly!

"Don't hit my head!"

"AH! Let go, let go! Are you born in the year of the dog?!"

Mystic Moon pouted unhappily and retaliated.

Bei Feng had controlled his strength perfectly, and only aimed to let her feel a bit of pain. The pain was even extremely light, only meant to shock her a little. But without waiting for him to respond, Mystic Moon grabbed his hand and bit down ruthlessly!

The meal was spent with the two of them smacking each other and quarreling pettily. Most of the food was eaten by Bei Feng. Mystic Moon was only able to stomach a bit of the food before becoming completely stuffed.

The energy in the meat was too much. If one ate too much, they would only end up like the Cerberus, overstuffed with food.

Bei Feng's chest was suddenly filled with a faint warm sensation as he finished the meal; this feeling was extremely strange, and caused his entire body to relax.

He directly returned to his room and fell asleep.

The next day, he woke up with a lazy yawn. It'd been a long time since he'd slept so comfortably.

Although the environment of the Myriad World he was in was exceptionally good for cultivation, the overall martial strength of that world was too high. Bei Feng was living on tenterhooks everyday, afraid that he would be smacked to death in one slap if he was not careful.

Within the span of a single night, the Cerberus's body had grown larger again, inspiring terror in the hearts of anyone who saw it. It looked like a mythological beast from fantasy stories.

Perhaps because it had only recently broken through, its body was emanating a strong aura of suppression. Even Mystic Three stayed far away from it.

'I've finally broken through to the Xiantian realm! But that fellow's strength seems to be even more unfathomable now. Dammit, could it be that this Lord Dog will never be rid of him?'

Indigestion looked at Bei Feng and frowned as he examined the powerful blood and Qi aura around him. The aura was thick and caused the Cerberus to feel a sense of pressure.

The moment it broke through to the Xiantian realm, it was already able to match up against late stage Xiantian Lords. Bei Feng only looked on, not interested to interfere.

At this time, three cars had pulled up outside the villa. A young man in a black suit walked out and went straight up to the main gate.

"Mystic Moon, I'm Han Mu, I'd like to have some words with you." Han Mu stood outside the door and pressed the bell patiently.


The large gate opened slowly, and Han Mu walked in with a dark expression.

He was dying from anger at this moment. From the day he laid his eyes on Mystic Moon, he'd fallen head over heels for her. But in these two years, she had not taken a proper look at him at all!

Last night, he actually received a call from Mystic Moon's manager, telling him how Mystic Moon had ran away from a concert, leaving tens of thousand of people stranded. She even wanted to retire from the music industry! But none of this was important. The most crucial point was that a man had suddenly entered the equation, and their relations.h.i.+p seemed to be extraordinary!

Han Mu almost fainted from anger. He was the successor to the biggest entertainment company in the entire country and had a net worth of several billions! The number of female popstars under his flag were so numerous that they were uncountable. Yet, the one that he'd taken a liking to was s.n.a.t.c.hed away!

With regards to the rumored powerful backing behind Mystic Moon, Han Mu did not care about it at all. From the way those unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had been handled, he was sure that her backing was not one from any official government source.

That was because anyone from the military or government would not be so extreme with their methods. As long as her backing was not from any of those sources, he did not have to worry at all.

"What are you here for?"

Mystic Moon stood in the doorway and yawned lazily.

"Mystic Moon, you're on the verge of becoming the top star in the entire country. Why must you ruin your own career like that? Return with me to the company immediately, and I can pretend nothing happened," Han Mu said in a low voice.

"I only did it for fun, and to kill some time. Being a popular star doesn't really mean much to me. As for the losses for last night's concert, didn't I give you the proper compensation already? If there's nothing else, you can leave now," Mystic Moon said in a bored tone.

"You think that the losses from last night could be covered so easily with a mere 10 million?! Do you know how much damage our company has suffered to our brand and image?!"

Han Mu laughed coldly. Was the damage in their reputation something that could be compensated so easily with 10 million yuan?

"The Missus asked you to leave."

Mystic Three appeared beside Mystic Moon and raised his chin with displeasure at Han Mu. A frosty chill flashed in his eyes.

"Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are? Scram! When is it the turn of a lowly fellow like you to speak here?"

Han Mu's face turned black as he pointed at Mystic Three. He naturally recognized this bulky fellow. After all, he'd been by Mystic Moon's side throughout these few years.

A dangerous gleam flashed past Mystic Three's face as he stepped forward. Just as Han Mu was about to continue his tirade of abuse, a middle-aged man suddenly pulled him back.

"So it's an Evolved Jing master. No wonder you're so haughty."

Han Cheng stepped forward as well, his aura surging menacingly upwards!

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