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The matters between martial pract.i.tioners could only be interfered with by other martial pract.i.tioners. Unless it involved a person's life, the regular police force could not act against them.

But as the special force unit was made up of martial pract.i.tioners, they would not be expected to handle these matters for free. The tasks were given out as missions, with different rewards based on the difficulty level of the mission.

The specifics of the mission this time were that a martial pract.i.tioner with estimated strength at the Evolved Jing level had started a fight at the city center. In order to prevent any mishaps, a large portion of the special force unit was sent out to investigate.

"Isn't it just a single Evolved Jing master this time? No lives were lost as well. Is there a need for the three lords to act personally?" a Dark Jing expert asked as they drove down the road.

"Although that may be the case, that Evolved Jing master had behaved too unbridledly in the mall. That place is an iconic district of our city, and represents the face of Qingcheng. Furthermore, any matters involving an Evolved Jing master cannot be taken too lightly. Regardless, we have to determine what that fellow's intention was in stirring up trouble," an older-looking man explained.

At this time, Bei Feng's group was driving out to the suburbs, finally stopping at a wide, empty piece of land.


The screeching sounds of car brakes could be heard as Qin Wutian's entourage also stopped by the side of the road. A long distance away, an ordinary car also came to a stop.

"Young Clan Leader, there's a bug following behind us. Should I catch him and bring him over?"

A stalwart Evolved Jing master narrowed his eyes and glanced at the back of the road.

"No need. Although Qingcheng's special force unit is not anything impressive, we can't guarantee that we won't draw some old senior out. The less trouble, the better."

Qin Wutian was not exactly so unbridled to completely disregard the world. No matter what, the special martial pract.i.tioners' task force had the power to crush any singular power in the country. They were definitely not an existence which should be offended lightly!

"My beloved Elder Brother, are you intending to exchange blows with me? It'll not be very good if you got beaten up too badly and suffer serious injuries..."

Qin Wutian smirked with disdain as he walked towards Bei Feng.

Although Qin Wutian's cultivation was only at the peak of Xiantian primary stage, his battle prowess could not be measured by his cultivation. There were always some geniuses who were capable of skipping levels and fighting those at a higher cultivation level than them. Quite obviously, Qin Wutian was one of those heaven defying geniuses.

The shade under a mighty tree was always the coolest. And now, the Qin clan in You Prefecture was exactly this mighty tree! Throughout the years, they had collected vast amounts of cultivation and martial techniques!

A good cultivation technique could allow a cultivator to uncover more of their potential at each level of their cultivation. And when they ascended to the Xiantian realm, the Xiantian essence Qi formed in their bodies would also be purer!

The same went for martial techniques. A good martial technique could allow the cultivator to utilize and wield their strength more perfectly!

"Hoho, please don't go around acknowledging people as your elder brothers on a whim. I don't have any younger brothers like you."

Bei Feng retained a light smile on his face. 'You can say whatever you like, and use all kinds of tricks to provoke me. I will still crush through all these antics with strength!'

"I don't really want us brothers to go at each other's throats either. How about this, I'll let you go if you let this girl come with me? In any case, all that should have been yours had already gone to me from the beginning. This time, it's just adding on one girl. Surely you wouldn't mind, right?"

Qin Wutian pointed at Mystic Moon and drawled with a wicked grin. One had to admit that Mystic Moon's charms were really great. Qin Wutian was the young clan leader of the Qin clan, and he had seen all kinds of women in his life. However, there was none, no matter how beautiful, that was able to move his heart at all. But this time, he felt his heart palpitating with excitement when he saw this celestial beauty!

"Are you looking for death?"

Bei Feng's blood and Qi aura surged majestically in an instant, shooting high into the sky!

"Ta, ta!"

The Evolved Jing masters who were standing closer to Bei Feng suddenly felt their vision grow blurry as they retreated backwards repeatedly in shock. In their eyes, there was only the huge cloud of blood and Qi aura.!

"Is this a beast in human skin? How could anyone have such a vast amount of blood and Qi?!" a middle-aged Evolved Jing master exclaimed in shock. His own blood and Qi energy was only like a firefly as compared to Bei Feng's which was like the moon!

"This is a fleshly body Xiantian Lord! The young clan leader has encountered a bit of trouble this time."

Another peak Evolved Jing master took a step back in amazement. Such bountiful blood and Qi could only belong to people who achieved the Xiantian realm with their physical bodies. In addition, every single body cultivating Xiantian Lord was extremely hard to deal with!

Martial pract.i.tioners who broke through to the Xiantian realm by cultivating their fleshly bodies had near unlimited power in battle. Furthermore, they had shocking defensive might. Their recovery ability was also unbelievable!

Typically, a fleshly body Xiantian Lord would be somewhat stronger than a Qi cultivator Xiantian Lord at the same realm. If they were fighting to the death, the former would be able to obtain victory simply by wearing his opponent out!

Still, the Evolved Jing master was filled with confidence towards Qin Wutian. As the young clan leader of the Qin clan, he had access to the best cultivation techniques and the strongest martial techniques. He could not imagine a scenario where the young clan leader could possibly lose!


The moment he sensed Bei Feng's strength, Qin Wutian seemed to have transformed into another person. An impressive blood and Qi aura also surged forth from his body, seemingly forming a link with the Heavens and the Earth!

A dominating aura which disallowed disobedience enveloped the area, causing the Evolved Jing masters to retreat even further. A battle between two Xiantian Lords was not something that people of their level could be involved in! If they were struck by a stray remnant ripple from their battle, that would be their own bad luck.

"Flat Mountain!"

Qin Wutian raised his hand high into the air! In an instant, the image of a huge mountain manifested behind him, emanating a savage aura!

The name of this skill was extremely dull, but it was actually a long lost Demon Subduing Art!

This skill had the power to subdue all kinds of demons and was incomparably tyrannical! The qualities of this savage art also happened to match Qin Wutian's characteristics perfectly!

This martial technique held the absolute power to subdue all kinds of G.o.ds and demons. At this time, the strange-looking mountain behind Qin Wutian had reached a height of several dozens meter tall. From a close distance, it looked like it could suppress anything under its weight!

Bei Feng did not display any fear at all as he revolved his blood and Qi energy. His blood and Qi energy which was like the ocean began to surge and roil!

The dual apertures on his arms formed a harmonious link as a mysterious strength flowed through Bei Feng's arms. In that moment, his arms seemed to have turned into solid gold. A faint golden light could also be seen around his arms!

As Bei Feng dashed forward, his hands moved rapidly to form a fist seal. As he completed the seal, a tyrannical power gathered in his fists!


Under the amazed eyes of the crowd, Bei Feng's tiny frame collided directly against the huge mountain!

"Overestimating his own capabilities! If he decided to take the young clan leader on in a battle of attrition, he might still be able to last for some time against him. But clas.h.i.+ng directly? He's going to lose for sure!" one of the Evolved Jing master said as he snorted coldly. A year ago, while the young clan leader was still at the level peak Evolved Jing and held the t.i.tle of being invincible under Xiantian, he had depended on this martial technique to kill a primary stage Xiantian Lord!

Now, the young clan leader had already reached the peak level of primary stage Xiantian. His abilities were far stronger than when he was a peak Evolved Jing master!

Right now, none of them would be surprised if this attack could slay a late stage Xiantian Lord!


A powerful sound wave blasted outwards, sending the mud and stones flying dangerously. All the Evolved Jing masters were forced to retreat even further!

"Oh? Interesting! However, this is still not enough!"


When Bei Feng's fist smacked into the mountain, he realized that they had fallen into a stalemate for a while. In that moment, he instead raised his opinion of Qin Wutian. This fellow might be arrogant, but he definitely had the capital to be arrogant!

If Bei Feng had not broken through to the Xiantian realm middle stage, he might have found it slightly more strenuous to deal with this attack. But right now, this formidable martial technique had only received an evaluation of "interesting" from Bei Feng!

Without further hesitation, he directly executed the Bear Form Style. A 20-meter-tall silvery white giant bear appeared behind him, causing the faces of all the Evolved Jing masters to pale!

Simply looking at this Giant Bear Manifestation caused a sense of helplessness to appear in the lofty Evolved Jing masters' hearts. Many experts even found it hard to breathe in the presence of this giant bear!

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