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Chapter 261: The Eve Of Transformation
Qin Yi's face was as pale as a piece of paper. He knew that he had overstepped his boundaries this time. This was the internal matter of the Qin family, and it was not his place to speak.

Qin Wufa turned around with a cold snort and looked out of the window. It was unclear what was running through his mind.

"Both my sons are exceptionally outstanding. The older one has a calm disposition, and does not hunger after power. The younger one has an overbearing character, and desires to lord over everything," Qin Wufa mumbled silently. The only thing left to see was whether Qin Wutian could suppress Bei Feng and make him his left and right arm, or if Bei Feng would 'awaken' under his younger brother's pressure.

A sly grin appeared on Qin Wufa's face as he thought to this point. Everything was for the prosperity of the clan!

Qin Wutian had already returned to his room. At this moment, his eyes were calm and steady. 'So what if he's the eldest son of the family? Without strength, he'll just be a bug leeching off the clan even if he returns!

But what is father's intention behind all this? Asking me to bring him back personally? This is rather interesting... Hm? Wait!'

Qin Wutian's pupils narrowed into mere slits. There was no way his father would ask him in such a serious setting to do something so seemingly simple. Could it be that this elder brother of his was an expert?!

'If that's the case, does father mean to select a successor from the two of us?'

This should the final battle. If he won, he would inherit everything. If he lost, he would have nothing!

An imposing might and confidence surged out of Qin Wutian's body. There was no way he would lose!

'I want to see which deity it is that he'd gain the acknowledgement of my father and vie for my position!'

A look

of pure frost flashed past Qin Wutian's eyes. Any threats against him must not be permitted to stand!

"Men!" Qin Wutian commanded in an authoritative tone.

"Young clan leader!"

A man hurriedly ran in and knelt down on one leg.

"Prepare some stuff for me; I'm going to Qingcheng," Qin Wutian instructed emotionlessly. If this elder brother of his was just a regular person, there was no harm in bringing him back. But if his cultivation was strong, and couldn't be used by him, then...


Back in Qingcheng, a petty youth with a coa.r.s.e smile was in the middle of s.n.a.t.c.hing the last piece of meat with Mystic Moon. This person was still unaware that he had been schemed against by Qin Wufa.

"How can a little girl eat so much? Aren't you afraid of getting fat?"

Bei Feng and Mystic Moon both had their chopsticks on the last piece of meat. Seeing the incensed look on Mystic Moon's face as though she wished to bite him to death, his lips curled up with amus.e.m.e.nt.

"This bit of food is not even enough to fill the cracks between my teeth!"

Mystic Moon refused to budge. Telling a Xiantian Lord that they will get fat from eating too much was simply a colossal joke!

"W-what is that?!"

Bei Feng's expression suddenly twisted dramatically with fear as he pointed to the door behind Mystic Moon.


Mystic Moon hurriedly turned around like a curious child as she stared blinkingly at the door.

"There's nothing there?"

Mystic Moon's voice rose a notch with confusion. But as she turned around and saw the empty plate as well as Bei Feng's chewing mouth, how could she still not understand that she'd been tricked?

"AH! This Empress is going to die from anger! I'll bite you to death!"

Mystic Moon's mind snapped as she bared her pearly little teeth at Bei Feng. Without any pause in her actions,

actions, she pounced towards the detestable fellow.

Bei Feng's eyebrows shot upwards as he jumped out of his chair and fled. A bite from this fierce girl was definitely no joke!

Although his physical body was rather strong, Mystic Moon was not weak! He had no doubts that her sharp little teeth would definitely be able to tear a chunk of his flesh away!


After lunch, the entire household went for a short nap. Teacher Lin Mei continued her lesson with Mystic Moon and the Cerberus. As for Bei Feng, he was still lying in the yard, sunbathing in a leisurely manner.

At this point, Bei Feng had finally accepted that Mystic Moon was not affected by the little fox's skills at all. Throughout the entire day, not a single bit of bad luck had befallen her at all!

Bei Feng stretched lazily and began to practice the Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique. This time, he could not bear to use the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat for his cultivation. Instead, he swallowed a lava python gall as a subst.i.tute.

He still had a large pile of lava python galls in his spatial ring, so it was not a worry for him. A portion of them were Grade 3 and Grade 4 lava python galls, but over two thirds of them were Grade 5 lava python galls!

Apart from using them to brew wine, there wasn't much use for these snake galls. In that case, he might as well consume them to strengthen his body!

The more he practiced the Minor Illumination Body Tempering technique, the more resources he would require. After his physical body broke through to the Xiantian realm, the amount of energy needed to clear a blood vessel was more than ten times as compared to before!

With regards to the ma.s.sive draining of his resources, Bei Feng already felt a ton of heartache. At this rate, how much resources would he need to clear all the blood

the blood vessels in his body?! Even the entire Earth might not have enough resources to sustain this rate of absorption!

Bei Feng closed his eyes and swallowed a bright red python gall about the size of a thumb down his throat. His powerful digestive system went to work immediately, breaking down the lava python gall into pure energy!

But Bei Feng did not stop there. He further swallowed several tens of python galls before finally stopping.

Those were all Grade 3 lava python galls, so Bei Feng was not worried about eating too many.

Many little things adds up to something great. A single Grade 3 lava python gall might not be much to Bei Feng, but tens of them added together contained a shocking amount of energy!

Shortly after swallowing the python galls, a substantial amount of energy began to roil about within Bei Feng's body. A single python gall contained most of the essence of a Grade 3 lava python. Eating two of them was already equivalent to swallowing a whole Grade 3 Demonic Beast!

Sensing the large amounts of energy in his body, Bei Feng did not hesitate to begin cultivating. Using the energy revolution method in the Minor Illumination Body Tempering technique, he sent the energy smas.h.i.+ng towards his blood vessels!

Soon, bits of dark red blood were forced out of his body, carrying with it a noxious smell.

Under the unique pressure of the body tempering technique, the blood within his blood vessels slowed down. In that controlled state, the energy steadily cleared one blood vessel after another.

If anyone were standing nearby, they would be able to hear a thunderous sound from Bei Feng's body as if there was a roaring river within his body!

The blocked blood vessels were like dams, preventing the river of blood and Qi from rus.h.i.+ng through!

The strange pressure even prevented Bei Feng from extending his mental power out of his body. It could only turtle up in turtle up in him.

The pressure generated by the Minor Illumination Body Tempering technique did not only apply to the fleshly body. Even his mental power was not spared!

Bei Feng's cotton-like mental power was struggling against the all-pervasive pressure. Despite its struggles, his mental power was actually shrinking slowly!

His mental power had not depleted by much; however, it had become much denser! It was like it had undergone a change in its essence!

If the strength of his mental power could be compared to a chaotic mess or a ball of cotton with countless gaps between them before, it was now heading towards the point where it would become as hard as steel!

The results might be a little weak now, but if it continued improving at this rate, his mental power would one day achieve a qualitative transformation!

At this moment, Bei Feng was like a piece of metal filled with impurities. He could only rely on resources as fire, and the might of the Heavens and Earth as the hammer to temper himself!

Bei Feng's face was twisted in a grossly offensive expression as he gritted his teeth and endured. Those who had never experienced this pressure would never be able to understand the pain he was going through.

With sheer might of will, he maintained the state for ten whole minutes! Even with the support of tens of lava python gall, Bei Feng could not withstand the pressure any longer!

As he relaxed his body, the strange pressure also disappeared without a trace.


As soon as the suppressive might of the pressure was lifted, the blood in Bei Feng's body gushed forward like a herd of wild beasts! In an instant, tens of thousands of blood vessels were cleared!


Streams of dark-red blood as thin as hair shot out of every pore in Bei Feng's body. From a distance, he looked extremely comical, like a deflating balloon with the air leaking out of him.

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