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Chapter 259: A Promising Young Fellow!
w.a.n.g Qin's face paled like a sheet of paper. She was just feeling smug a moment ago, and had not expected such a twist.

"You dare! Are you not afraid that I'll call the cops?"

w.a.n.g Qin was truly scared now. The young man before her did not reveal any feelings, but she could feel a coldness from him that was hard to describe with words. This young man was definitely not joking around. He really intended to break her arm!

"Mystic Three."

Bei Feng completely ignored w.a.n.g Qin's threat and turned to look at Mystic Three.

'Hmph! Not knowing life from death, to actually dare to extort me!'

To the current Bei Feng, money was just a number. If she felt that the pay was too little, it was not a problem for him to double it for her. But to take his money and not do any work, Bei Feng had to let her know that it was not so easy to hold onto the money!

Mystic Three walked towards w.a.n.g Qin with a dark expression. Because of this woman, he was implicated and scolded as well!

"I was wrong! Sir is magnanimous, so please let me go! I admit that I was not serious in teaching, but it's a DOG you're asking me to teach! There's no way it can learn anything no matter how I teach!"

w.a.n.g Qin started bawling and begging with tears and snot all over her face as she looked at the muscular Mystic Three walking towards her.

Bei Feng furrowed his brows and pulled his sleeves out of her grasp. Without glancing at her further, he coldly instructed Mystic Three to drag this fat woman out of the villa and take care of her there. It was too annoying to listen to her making a din here.

Mystic Three nodded and

continued towards w.a.n.g Qin who was now squealing like a pig being taken to slaughter. Ignoring her kicks and screams, he dragged her out of the villa like a sack of rice.

Although w.a.n.g Qin was a little on the fat side, she was pretty much weightless to Mystic Three. Right now, his strength exceeded a thousand jin. Thus, no matter how she struggled, it did not make any difference to Mystic Three at all.

Bei Feng narrowed his eyes and looked at the Cerberus. "This matter has come to an end. Don't do anything to upset me anymore."

How could Bei Feng not understand what Indigestion was thinking, especially seeing the strange gleam in its eyes?

If it had really intended to kill earlier, how could w.a.n.g Qin have managed to escape from it? The Cerberus was merely putting on a show. This definitely did not mean that the Cerberus truly intended to let the woman go. This was Bei Feng's home after all. If it was at any other place, that woman would surely be dead without a doubt!

Right now, the Cerberus was indeed harboring thoughts like sneaking out to finish her off. In its opinion, Bei Feng's punishment of breaking her arm was really going too easy on her.

'Fine, this Lord Dog will let her off this time. D*mn fatty who does not know life from death... actually daring to try to con this Lord Dog!'

Indigestion snorted coldly. As soon as it heard Bei Feng's words, it knew that its plans were dashed.

"I'll ask Mystic Three to find another teacher for you later. It just so happens that you can learn together with Mystic Moon."

Bei Feng nodded and returned to his room to take a bath. His body was still sticky with sweat and he felt extremely uncomfortable. Every time he cleared a

a blood vessel, the impurities would be forced out of his skin. Although most of the dirt had been removed by Bei Feng using his hidden Jing, there was still an annoying sticky feeling on his skin.

After his bath, Bei Feng proceeded to make dinner. Throughout dinner, he would constantly glance at Mystic Moon with a weird expression on his face.

"Hey, have you looked to your fill yet?!"

Mystic Moon slammed her chopsticks down and snapped with exasperation.

Bei Feng looked as if he'd been awoken from a dream as he cleared his throat and continued eating.

'This is really strange... why isn't anything happening to her?'

Bei Feng was truly confused. She had definitely been hit by the little fox's innate skill, but nothing was happening to her. Could it be that Mystic Moon also had an immunity towards the Fox of Human and Natural Calamity?

'That should be the only reason!'

Bei Feng did not really dare to believe this conclusion either. If she was truly immune to the Fox of Human and Natural Calamity, its ability would not have been triggered in the first place. He was becoming more and convinced that the ability had failed because of her beauty.

Bei Feng returned to his room to sleep immediately after eating. As for Mystic Moon, she was left grinding her teeth as she faced the dirty dishes and table again.

"What kind of man is this! Where is the tenderness towards women!?"

Mystic Moon continued grinding her sparkly little teeth. The way she saw it, Bei Feng was an absolutely horrible demon. That detestable fellow actually had the heart to make such a cute girl like her mop and clean!

But as she thought back to the delicious Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat in the detestable demon's hands, she could not help but drool

but drool a little. Everything was for the sake of food! Thinking to this point, Mystic Moon suddenly felt that this arrangement was not impossible to accept.

Early the next day, Bei Feng headed up the mountain again. The day when he would reach the grand completion in the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique was right around the corner. Right now, he was naturally more serious about it.

Every movement Bei Feng made was as natural as a heavenly horse striding through the sky, or an antelope raising its horn. The entire Minor Illumination movement set seemed like it had been created just for Bei Feng!

As soon as he finished the movement set, a dense ray of purple sunlight shot through the clouds and entered his body.

At the same time, the sun finally rose. The purplish ray was absorbed into Bei Feng's body even before the first rays of the sun appeared. This kind of sunray was the type with the most unbelievable powers!

The dense purple ray of light dyed Bei Feng's body a purplish color, causing him to look like a glazed purplish gold statue. One could even see the red, viscous blood like mercury flowing under his skin rapidly.

Bei Feng's jet black hair was dyed purple, and his snow-white robes fluttered noisily in the cold wind.

Worldly and independent, he was like the center point of the world as he stood atop the mountain. In that moment, he seemed like a celestial being descended on the mortal world!

Powerful waves of aura rose off Bei Feng's body constantly, radiating intense pressure in all directions!

Only after a long time did the strange phenomenon around his body disappear. As he opened his mouth, a long breath of white mist roiled forward, extending for over ten meters in front of him before disappearing!

Numerous light scars appeared on scars appeared on the nearby ancient tree's bark, obviously scratched by Bei Feng's breath!

As the ancient saying went, an exhaled breath as a weapon!

A single breath could become capable of overrunning all fortifications! A single breath could level a mountain! Although Bei Feng was obviously not at that level, that breath of his was still capable of causing great harm to any ordinary humans standing three meters before him!

"What a pity... it's still lacking that little bit."

Bei Feng opened his eyes slowly as a purple light flashed past his pupils. As he inspected his body with his mental power, he could see that all his bones had turned into a glazed purple color. A layer of sheen even appeared on his bones!

In the end, Bei Feng was still not anxious about how close he had been to breaking through. The long-awaited transformation should occur within these few days. Right now, a day or two was something that would pa.s.s in the blink of an eye. He had already waited for several months, so what was one or two days?

Back at the villa, Mystic Three was already waiting outside for him. A huge sat brightly atop his head, causing Bei Feng to think of a sentence: "Youngster, I see that you have amazing bones, and are a promising young fellow. Thou surely are a rare talent!"

Bei Feng felt the corner of his mouth twitch slightly as he caught the Cerberus looking away gruffly at the side. Without even thinking, he knew that this on Mystic Three's head must have been caused by this fellow. This little fellow was actually so good at bearing grudges!

As for why Mystic Three had suffered the beating, it was obviously payback by the Cerberus. Who asked him to bring a s.h.i.+fty teacher like w.a.n.g Qin in the first place?

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