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Bei Feng felt some amount of shock deep in his heart. The talent of this Cerberus was really worthy of envy!

Right now, the h.e.l.l hound was only a Grade 3 Demonic Beast, but Bei Feng felt quite certain that its strength was definitely top tier among Evolved Jing masters!

Before it was injured, the Grade 6 Cerberus had powers comparable to Controlled Dan Heavenly Experts! Even though it was far from recovering to its peak state, the Cerberus still retained the knowledge and strength control of a peak Grade 6 Demonic Beast!

As long as there were enough resources, the rate at which it improved would cause others to despair!

The perfect use of blood and Qi as well as the perfect control of strength borne of a Grade 6 Demonic Beast allowed the Cerberus to have the abilities to contend against primary Xiantian Lords even though it was only a Grade 3 Demonic Beast!

Perhaps only a peak Evolved Jing old fellow with incredibly solid foundations and who had the backing of a powerful sect like Mount Longhu's Danxia Zi would be able to measure up to this dog.

"This decrepit old man greets the Esteemed Lord! Yesterday, this old thing was not able to recognize the Esteemed Lord, and offended you. Many thanks to Esteemed Lord for being merciful."

Xia Bantian walked out of the crowd and bowed lowly, not straightening his back.

After being sent flying by Bei Feng with a single finger the day before, Xia Bantian already knew that he had kicked his foot against an extremely fearsome steel board. Later on, after some investigations by his men, he found out who the young man was, causing him to feel even more gratified in his heart.

This Xiantian Lord was clearly not a merciful being. An entire host of Evolved Jing masters and two Xiantian Lords were slaughtered by him in broad daylight, so it was truly a great fortune that he'd managed to retain his life!

'Ai, wine is truly the source of all troubles! After this lesson, this granddaddy will not touch a single drop of wine before cultivating to the Xiantian realm!'

Xia Bantian swore resolutely in his heart. At the same time, his gums were itching with hate just thinking about those Evolved Jing masters who were gloating at him when he was facing such a deadly crisis!

All he had ever done to them was to give them a light beating. Was there a need for them to bear so much grudge?!

How could Xia Bantian not know by now that those annoying fellows must have been laughing their as*es off when he provoked a fearsome Xiantian Lord?

"Don't worry about it. By the way, do you know how to forge weapons?"

Bei Feng waved his hands casually as though the entire incident was only a small pa.s.sing event. Instead, he thought back to that forging hammer yesterday. The way he saw it, Xia Bantian should be a master blacksmith. For what other reasons would anyone carry such a ridiculously large hammer around for?

"Yes!" Xia Bantian replied with a proud nod. When it came to cultivation, he was definitely inferior to Bei Feng. But if they were talking about smithing, even ten of this young fellow added together would not be his equal!

"However, I can't forge anything for this period of time. I need to rest my body first and recover."

Xia Bantian felt a bout of depression sweep over him again as he thought of his internal injuries. Even if he had some spirit herbs, such injuries would still take him about one, two months to recover. Without the aid of spirit herbs, he would have to spend at least six months adjusting his blood and Qi to recover!

Still, Xia Bantian did not harbor any ill feelings towards Bei Feng at all. In contrast, he felt extremely fortunate.

If Evolved Jing masters could not be humiliated, what about a Xiantian Lord?! It was already his great fortune that he'd not been squashed to death with a finger!

"Oh? Wait a moment."

Bei Feng thought of something and quickly left with just a brief word. Xia Bantian could only wait dumbly on the spot.

Bei Feng returned to the tent and summoned Extreme Arctic Frost.

This spear was pretty much useless to him right now. He did not know any spear techniques, so he would simply be inviting humiliation for himself if he tried use it to fight an expert at a similar level.

As for why he'd returned to the tent to take out Extreme Arctic Frost, it was obviously to keep his secrets hidden.

At the same time, a blue fish tendon as thick as a thumb appeared from the spatial ring. This fish tendon was several tens of meters long, and emanated a frosty chill.

The golden flying dagger shot out of his body and with a brief flash, the tendon was cut into three sections.

This piece of tendon came from the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King, and he had around ten of them. The most valuable one was faint pink, and only as thick as a chopstick. The blue one he took out this time was one of the his more ordinary ones.

After that, he took out a Grade 5 lava python gall and placed it into a box. Only after that did he walk back out of the tent.

"Help me reforge this spear into a bow. Here's your remuneration."

Bei Feng pa.s.sed Extreme Arctic Frost and the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King tendon to Xia Bantian. At the same time, he threw the small box containing the lava python gall over to him.

Xia Bantian caught the box with a dazed look on his face before a strong fragrance smelling of blood and energy floated into his nose, sending the blood and Qi energy in his body to surge!

Xia Bantian hurriedly kept the box away before placing his full attention on the three-meter-long spear.

He lightly flicked a finger against the shaft of the spear, causing a keen ring to sound out.

"Good spear!" Xia Bantian exclaimed with surprise as he moved to lift the spear up.

"Eh? So heavy?!"

Xia Bantian gasped. Although his left hand was not as strong as his right hand, the difference in strength between the two was not too much. But to think that he had not managed to pick up the spear in one try caused him to be extremely shocked.


Xia Bantian grunted lowly and gathered his strength in his arm. He was a body refining Evolved Jing master and had great strength. Earlier, he had not expected that the spear would be so heavy, catching him off guard. Now that he'd grown serious, the spear was still lifted up.

Extreme Arctic Frost weighed over 3,000 jin. Even Xia Bantian could not swing it around recklessly like his hammer.

The more he scrutinized the spear, the more shocked he became. No matter if it was the material or the forging technique, they were definitely of the topmost tier!

From the looks of it, this spear did not seem to have been designed for battle. It seemed more like a piece of art which could only be seen and not touched.

"Esteemed Lord, I can't reforge this spear. The workmans.h.i.+p has already far surpa.s.sed mine! If I were to take it to the forge, it would no longer be this perfect!"

Xia Bantian looked like he'd fallen in love as he caressed the spear's shaft with his bulging right arm. Finally, he set the spear down again and shook his head as he looked back at Bei Feng.

"It doesn't need to be perfect; just try your best."

Bei Feng smiled lightly. From the way Xia Bantian treated the spear, he knew that this was a person who gave his life to the forge.

"Esteemed Lord, do you really wish to reforge this into a bow?"

Xia Bantian felt some reluctance towards this task as he ran his fingers lightly up and down along the intricate patterns on the long shaft.

"Of course. When you're done with it, just contact him."

Bei Feng pointed at Mystic Four in a flippant manner.

Seeing this, Mystic Four hurriedly ran over and began to discuss the details with Xia Bantian.

Extreme Arctic Frost was actually a pretty fine weapon. Just the ability to be recalled into his body was enough to cause numerous people to grow mad with desire. But ultimately, the spear did not suit him.

In this period of time, Extreme Arctic Frost had risen to a Grade 3 level weapon under the nourishment of Bei Feng's blood and Qi energy. The structure and strength of the materials had also been boosted up significantly. But now, just the Form and Will Fist martial technique would require a huge amount of time to practice. He would not have any extra mental power to train in a spear art martial technique.

It was never good to bite off more than one could chew. Although there were geniuses who could master everything very quickly, normal people would end up being a complete beginner at everything if they did not moderate the things to learn quickly.

Xia Bantian took out the little box he had received from Bei Feng and observed the snake gall as he walked. The thumb-sized lava python gall contained a large amount of blood and Qi energy. It was extremely useful for cultivators!

The moment he returned to his tent, he sat down in a cross-legged position and directly swallowed the gall in one bite. If Bei Feng really meant him harm, he did not have to do it in such a roundabout and troublesome way.

The snake gall did not have the slightest bit of fis.h.i.+ness. It did not taste bad, and was actually filled with a rich fragrance. The scorching juice which burned like fire slid down his throat.

A moment later, a tyrannical force surged up from his stomach. Numerous waves of fiery heat rose out of his body, enveloping his whole body in a warm feeling!

The energy allowed Xia Biantian to swiftly recover from his injuries as it strengthened his body. It took him as much as half a day to actually completely digest the lava python's gall and turn the energy it contained into blood and Qi energy.

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