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A+ A- Chapter 235: Lido Ghost City Opens!
Sanji Ifu was truly terrified. Everything had been proceeding perfectly according to plan a mere moment ago. Who would have guessed that the situation would turn out like that, and a murdering madman would appear out of the blue?!

For the sake of a few people who were not even Evolved Jing experts, this madman actually decided to fight to the death against them!

Forget that, the madman even somehow killed the two Xiantian Lords on their side in a strange way, and then turned around to destroy their entire camp!

Right now, Sanji Ifu only wanted to escape as far as possible, then return to his country and bring more people back to exact vengeance on Bei Feng!

As he ran, Sanji Ifu discovered that his vision was getting blurrier for some reason. Only when he collapsed on the ground and saw the three-headed beast beside him did he finally understand what happened.

The Cerberus walked up with all three heads held high as its beady eyes swiveled down to look at Sanji Ifu's corpse with disdain.

This human had obviously been scared out of his wits. If he did not try to run, it might need to exchange a few hundred more blows to take the human down. But Sanji Ifu had lost the will to fight, and even exposed his back to it. That was simply seeking death!

Leaving the corpse, it trotted back to Bei Feng's side in a leisurely manner. As it pa.s.sed the two Xiantian Lords' bodies, all three heads could not help but to start drooling.

The bodies of two Xiantian Lords would be a huge supplement for the Cerberus! If it could swallow these two Xiantian Lords, its cultivation would definitely improve by a huge step!

But as Indigestion looked again at Bei Feng, it still chose to endure its cravings. Compared to its cultivation, its life seemed to be more valuable.

Especially the final attack Bei Feng threw out just now! That attack had given Indigestion a really good scare. It had not expected that Bei Feng would have such a powerful weapon on him!

Even a Controlled Dan Heavenly Expert might fall to such an attack if they were not careful! An attack power which could pierce through anything, coupled with that terrifying speed, was completely an unbeatable strike in single combat!

Bei Feng surveyed his surroundings, then turned to leave. The crowd parted instinctively as he came near, opening a path for him. Everyone was looking at him with mixed gazes of shock and fear.

"Which sect does Fellow Daoist cultivate at? Fellow Daoist's fame will certainly skyrocket after the news of the matters here spread!"

Zhou Jue and the other three Xiantian Lords walked over and clasped their fists as they greeted Bei Feng.

"You can consider me a solitary cloud, or just a wild goose."

Bei Feng answered tersely. Although he could understand their circ.u.mstances, his impression of these four was still not very good. After all, these four had to consider the clans before they did anything. They could not act as unrestrained as him.

But understanding was just that—understanding. Bei Feng was unable to develop any favorable impression towards them.

Zhou Jue furrowed his brows and fell silent for a moment. "Although Fellow Daoist has killed all the Evolved Jing masters and the two Xiantian Lords today, the news of this matter will eventually travel back to j.a.pan. The Ize and Ryuzu clans are two of the large clans in j.a.pan, and they will definitely not let the matter rest.

"What does Fellow Daoist mean?"

Bei Feng looked at Zhou Jue calmly, as though he could see right through his heart.

Faced with Bei Feng's steady gaze, Zhou Jue also felt slightly awkward. Even so, he thickened his face and continued, "If Fellow Daoist doesn't mind, you can join our four great clans

as an elder. That way, the Ize and Ryuzu clan will have to think twice before they try to do anything."

"I've killed two more j.a.panese Xiantian Lords on Mount Longhu, two fellows by the name of Itoh something."

A playful smile appeared on Bei Feng's face as he observed Zhou Jue's expression.

Then, without waiting for Zhou Jue to reply, he went back into his tent.

The consequences of his actions were not something that normal people could bear. Danxia Zi had also warned Bei Feng at that time that the Itoh Clan was not an ordinary clan at all. They held great power in j.a.pan, and could even be considered as the top 5 clans in j.a.pan!

The smiles on the four Xiantian Lords' faces froze as Bei Feng dove back into his tent. What the f*ck? He was actually such a savage person?! Four Xiantian Lords had already died by his hands!

"Wait! What did he say just now? What name was it again?" Zhou Jue finally managed to react as he turned to look at Guan Xing.

"I think it was Itoh?!"

Zhou Jue and the others looked at each other as their breaths quickened slightly. After that, as though they had all coordinated it beforehand, none of them mentioned the matter of inviting Bei Feng to join their four great clans anymore.

That was the Itoh clan! Adding the Ize and Ryuzu clans together, their combined strength was enough to completely suppress the four great clans!

Bei Feng sat down cross-legged as soon as he entered his tent, and began to revolve his blood and Qi to treat his wounds.

'Every level in the Xiantian realm represents a qualitative transformation in all aspects of the body. With my current blood and Qi strength and my speed and mental power which surpa.s.sed ordinary Xiantian Lords, I can at most match up against a middle stage Xiantian Lord. I'm still far from being a match against late stage Xiantian Lords!' Bei Feng thought silently. His full-powered Ursa Smash was only able to block a move by a late stage Xiantian Lord. If he didn't have a trump card like the flying dagger up his sleeves, he would definitely be the one dying instead!

'Still, my Bear Form Style feels somewhat different when I executed it just now. It's as if there's some unique resonance with this land?'

Bei Feng thought back to how some energy had flowed from a far distance into his Bear Manifestation, causing the power of his Ursa Smash to be raised by an entire level!

'I'll find out when the Lido Ghost City opens,' Bei Feng thought for a while and decided.

Time pa.s.sed steadily, and several patriarchs and clan heads also came over and requested to meet with him him from time to time. However, they were all sent back by Bai Song at the instruction of Bei Feng.


This day, a monstrous sound echoed out from the earth as the entire mountain shook.

Everyone dashed out of their tents as fast as they could.

Bei Feng also awoke from his meditation and went outside.

The stone stele before the cliff had completely sunk into the ground, and the ground had also split apart to reveal a black pa.s.sage of unknown depth!

A path of winding steps led downwards, extending as far as the eye could see.

"Lido Ghost City is open! Those who hold the bronze masks can follow the stairs down!"

The people from the four great clans surged over. They had more than a hundred experts, and they all began to descend the steps.

Bei Feng had not expected that the Ghost City's entrance would open in such a fas.h.i.+on, and was rather shocked. He could not even figure out how such a construction was designed! It was truly an awe inspiring sight.

"Cerberus, go down with them. Remember, unless it's a matter of life or death, you are not to intervene to save the Mystics," Bei Feng instructed sternly. After that, he allowed the Mystics to descend the steps.

The other powers also sent out their representatives and descended into the Ghost City.

At the same time, every power warned their candidates repeatedly that unless they had no other choice, they must not enter into a conflict with Bei Feng's group.

Of course, if there was something with a value so great that they had to obtain it at the cost of offending Bei Feng's people, they must ensure to wipe out those people cleanly first. Not a single bit of news must leak out!

Bei Feng's methods were simply too ruthless, causing the others to fear him. But to allow a precious lucky opportunity to slip from their hands without fighting for it was something that they could not accept either. Thus, such a command was issued.

There were over a thousand people entering the Lido Ghost City together. Even if your people died in there, if you did not have any evidence, how will you know whom to exact revenge on?

Of course, not all the people entering were Evolved Jing masters. Evolved Jing masters only represented about 20-30% of their numbers.

Mystic One and the rest followed the crowd and arrived before a huge cave. Within the cave was many a stone door.

The people from the four great clans occupied a portion of the stone doors as they retrieved their bronze masks and placed them on a statue beside each door. As they did so, the statues sunk into the stone walls.


With a light creak, the sealed stone doors swung open. When eleven people stepped in, it immediately slammed shut again!

After the door was shut, the statue reappeared outside the wall. Only, the bronze mask on it was missing.

Along with the Ghost City opening for so many times throughout the years, the number of bronze masks circulating in the world had become less and less. That was why the fights between the medium and small powers for the masks were so intense.

The stone doors were too incomparably st.u.r.dy, and apart from the masks, there were no other ways to gain access through them. There was a clan who once tried using explosives on it, but was unable to do anything to the stone doors. Although the result might be due to the amount of explosives being too little, it still proved how strong the doors were.

As for using more explosives, it might cause an accident to appear and result in the collapse of the entire cave. Thus, no one dared to do such an idiotic thing, and everyone could only go about hunting for the bronze masks honestly.

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