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Chapter 186: Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing!
The atmosphere turned frosty in an instant. By that sentence from Bei Feng, it was quite apparent to Qin Yi that the young master did not intend to return with him.

"Young Master, you should just follow me back without resistance... I cannot disobey the will of the Clan Leader."

Qin Yi was at a loss of what to do. But, no matter how he looked at it, it was still better to offend Bei Feng than to offend Qin Wufa!

"Oh? Are you going to make a move against me?"

Bei Feng narrowed his eyes craftily as he looked at Qin Yi.

"Apologies, Young Master. The Clan Leader had already ordered that you must be escorted back to the clan no matter what!"

Qin Yi answered respectfully. Even so, his movements did not hesitate in the slightest. He directly extended a hand, grabbing towards Bei Feng's collar!


Qin Yi had a very relaxed expression on his face. As long as he managed to grab Bei Feng, he could only follow him back obediently. But unexpectedly, a palm suddenly appeared out of nowhere, blocking his fingers!

With just a light touch, Qin Wufa's face immediately changed. A huge amount of force was actually gus.h.i.+ng forth from that fair-skinned palm!

"Bang, bang!"

Qin Yi took seven, eight steps backwards uncontrollably as he utilized a special technique to s.h.i.+ft the tyrannical energy to his feet. Deep footprints appeared on the ground with his every step.

As for Bei Feng, his body had merely s.h.i.+fted a little, and there was no further reaction from him. As for the spiraling energy unleashed into his body by his opponent earlier, it was completely suppressed by his bountiful blood and Qi before it could even deal any damage to him.

Qin Yi's expression was extremely comical at this moment. ‘How could this be?! How could he be so strong?!’

Although Bei Feng had only unleashed his blood and Qi energy for a mere instant, it had been sensed by Qin Yi. That blood and Qi aura was so incomparably thick… it was as if it didn't belong to a human!

Qin Yi looked up at Bei Feng with shock. The boy was still sitting leisurely on his stone stool, sipping nonchalantly at his tea without a care in the world. It was as if the exchange just now had nothing to do with him at all!

Qin Yi began to get serious, "Young Master, please don't take offense."

A powerful, chilly aura rose out of Qin Yi, like that of an ancient Striking as quick as lightning, reaping lives with every strike!

Qin Yi was like an illusory ghost as he disappeared from the spot to appear behind Bei Feng in an instant. His palms chopped down like a blade!

Bei Feng struck out later, but his attack actually reached first. His middle and index finger were pointed out like a small sword as he stabbed outwards!

Qin Yi switched his stance, crooking his fingers into a claw to grab onto Bei Feng's wrist!

However, everything within ten meters of Bei Feng was within his range of perception. Although Qin Yi's actions were very fast, they weren’t not so fast that Bei Feng's mental power could not lock onto them!

The two of them were like a pair of movie actors. Every strike was matched perfectly, and no matter how Qin Yi tried to change his angle of attack, it would always be met with that sword finger.

"Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing Art!"

Qin Yi's face turned slightly pale as he jumped two meters backwards. At the same time, a formless claw completely made up of Heaven and Earth Ling Qi appeared beside Bei Feng!

The Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing Art was a top grade martial technique, even bordering on the rank of a Divine Technique! It could manipulate the Heaven and Earth Ling Qi to form a claw. According to rumors, when this art was cultivated to its peak, it even had t

he power to subdue a real dragon and catch divine cranes!

Of course, Qin Yi had not reached such a level yet. Still, this claw made up of Heaven and Earth Ling Qi had enough power to lift a small car up and crunch it into a pile of metal!

Bei Feng felt his body grow heavy all of a sudden, as though his person was being rejected by the Heavens and Earth. "Boom!" Bei Feng mustered all the blood and Qi energy in his body, immediately scattering the heavy pressure on him.

"Is that what Xiantian is like? The ability to control the energies of Heaven and Earth? However, this pressure is still inferior to my Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique by at least 1 star and a half!"

Bei Feng mumbled lightly. He turned his gaze onto the huge claw nearby and sent a powerful punch at it!

That single fist had reached such a speed that it was completely inconceivable. Before it had even neared, a huge boom sounded out from the empty s.p.a.ce. It was like Bei Feng had just punched through a solid wall!

Right now, Bei Feng had no inkling of the true value of his actual strength as well. But, he was sure that it was no lower than 800,000 or 900,000 jin!


The formless claw collided into Bei Feng's fist with a resounding bang. The huge claw made out of Heaven and Earth Ling Qi seemed to be shuddering for a moment. However, it only managed to hold on for a brief moment before being completely shattered by Bei Feng's fist!


Not only was Qin Yi not disappointed, his eyes even lit up with delight. Looks like he could finally fight with all his might and not worry about hurting Bei Feng.

In almost an instant, numerous huge claws were congealed in midair. Each claw was stronger than the first one by onefold!

But Bei Feng did not show the slightest hint of fear in his eyes. His blood and Qi rose up impressively, flowing through every inch of his body with incredible vigor. His every punch and kick contained a force of 800,000 to 900,000 jin of strength, breaking apart the gigantic claws congealed from Heaven and Earth Ling Qi with ease!

The two of them both wielded power equivalent to Xiantian masters. The only difference was that Bei Feng relied entirely on the strength of his own physique, while Qin Yi was using incomparably pure inner Jing to manipulate the Heaven and Earth Ling Qi!

"Dragon Subduing!"

Qin Yi raised both arms before him in a claw-like shape and shouted. In an instant, the Heaven and Earth Ling Qi in the yard congealed together rapidly before him, forming a towering claw!

This claw looked ancient and powerful, and numerous scales could be seen covering it. The patterns on the scales were extremely lifelike, and it looked like it was filled with unsuppressed might!

The reason the Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing Art was known as a top-grade martial technique was naturally not because it was as simple as it looked. Its true strength lay in that it could even take down a dragon if its user was powerful enough!

As for Crane Curbing, that was in reference to its insane speed, quick to a point where it could reach a speed too fast for the naked eye to follow!

At this time, the towering claw was descending towards Bei Feng. Its speed was not fast, but it gave one a feeling as if it was impossible to dodge!

"Ursa Smas.h.!.+"

Bei Feng did not back down in the slightest. The muscles on his back bulged like a lively dragon, and his shoulder blades were raised high to form a 十 figure.

The move gathered all of Bei Feng's energy and unleashed it all at once to clash directly with the towering dragon claws!


Like a clap of thunder, a loud boom rang out in Bei Feng's yard as both techniques collided together!

The beautiful green stone tiles on the floor cracked as spider web-like lines appeared at the point of impact. A huge gust of wind blasted off in all directions, causing the two people's sleeves to flutter violently.

Under Qin Yi's astonished gaze, the towering claw actually began to disintegrate bit by bit before disappearing completely!


Another shockwave blasted into Qin Yi, causing him to take numerous steps backwards. A series of deep steps appeared on the ground, and Qin Yi only stopped after colliding into the poor fake mountain. A line of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

"Alright, Young Master, it seems like the Clan Leader and I have both misjudged your abilities. We'd a.s.sumed that you're just a regular human, but your cultivation had reached such a high level!"

Qin Yi was incredibly excited. "Young Master, this strength is all the more a reason for you to come back to the clan with me! At that time, the position of Clan Leader would be yours alone!"

Bei Feng felt the corners of his mouth twitch slightly. Was this person stupid? Didn't he already say that he had nothing to do with the Qin Clan at all?

"Go back to wherever you came from. The Qin Clan has nothing to do with me at all. Whoever likes being the Clan Leader so much can go ahead and claim the position!"

Bei Feng calmed his raging blood and Qi and said.

Qin Yi's face stiffened slightly for a moment before he took out a flexible sword from his belt. The flexible sword flexed gracefully in Qin Yi's hands, like an agile poisonous snake, seeking its opponent's weak point.

The aura of the flexible sword changed in Qin Yi's hands as a chilling killing intent manifested on the blade, causing it to gleam with a vicious light.

In that moment, Qin Yi was like a completely different person. Cold-bloodedness and cunning were written on his face, causing him to resemble a poisonous snake lying in wait!

Bei Feng stopped his steps. An extremely uncomfortable feeling like that of being locked on by one's natural enemy lingered on the back of his neck. The jet-black flexible sword seemed to have come alive, and its every move caused Bei Feng to feel a stinging sensation on his skin!

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