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"Did I say that you can go?"

Bei Feng clasped his hands behind his back as he looked over at the crowd. Seeing the figure of Ma Dao Zhu trying to sneak away, he picked up a stone and flicked it out!


The stone shot through the air with a sharp, shrilly sound, appearing instantly behind Ma Dao Zhu! As though it was pa.s.sing through cotton, the stone did not even slow down as it entered the back of his head and exited through his forehead, bringing with it a trail of blood!


Ma Dao Zhu collapsed heavily into the snow, face first. A pool of scarlet blood slowly seeped out of the tiny wound in his head, dying the white snow red.

Even in death, Ma Dao Zhu could not believe that he had actually died in the hands of the person whom he had chased like a homeless dog a few days ago!

The stone continued unhindered—until it was finally embedded in the trunk of a huge tree far away.

The power of a single strike, causing terror with ease!

A tiny stone in Bei Feng's hand had turned into the most terrifying weapon! It was like a bullet straight out of the barrel of a gun!

As for the old men who were still bowing, Bei Feng completely ignored them as he turned to leave.


w.a.n.g Yuyan suddenly shouted.


Bei Feng stopped his steps and regarded w.a.n.g Yuyan.

w.a.n.g Yuyan ignored w.a.n.g Yudie's pale expression and walked up to Bei Feng boldly. "You owe me three favors, right? For my first request, I want the Reis.h.i.+ King. Can you give it to me?"

"Little Sister!"

"Second Young Miss! You can't!"

w.a.n.g Yudie felt her heart plummet once again as soon as she heard her little sister's words. In that moment, she disregarded her safety and dashed forward, placing herself before w.a.n.g Yuyan. At the same time, Qian Tang and the rest also hurried over.

"Esteemed master, our young miss is speaking out of ignorance, I hope that you can excuse her for this."

Qian Tang clasped his fists and said humbly.

What kind of treasure was the Reis.h.i.+ King? How could one give it up for just a single favor?"

Putting himself in the other's shoes, he would definitely not surrender a treasure like that too! This was especially so since the other party was in a position of absolute advantage!

"No offense taken. However, the Reis.h.i.+ King had already been consumed by me. Since you've raised the request, I'll look for another divine herb and pa.s.s it to you in the future."

Bei Feng wagged his hands and pushed off the ground lightly with the tip of his foot. Like a dragonfly hopping through the lake, he disappeared far into the distance.

"Hmph! It sounds really beautiful... wait for you to find me another stalk? Do you take me for a three-year-old kid?"

w.a.n.g Yuyan scrunched her nose unhappily. That person was really too much of a braggart. The Reis.h.i.+ King was already a super-rare treasure. Who knows how long it'll take before another divine herb like it would be found?

The others also broke into conversation as they heard his words. That guy was obviously giving her a stage to step off of. After all, n.o.body would gripe about having too many divine herbs like the Reis.h.i.+ King! Something like that was still very useful even for a Xiantian expert!

'D*mn your granny! If you've already eaten the Reis.h.i.+ King, why didn't you say so earlier?!'

Lei Peng and the rest cursed bitterly in their hearts as they hugged their wounds. Didn't that mean that they'd all taken a beating for nothing?

Merely one day later, the news of the events that'd transpired in the Grand Canyon of Yarlung Zangbo had spread in all directions.

A mysterious expert had obtained the Reis.h.i.+ King and successfully broke through to the Xiantian realm on the spot, forcing back all the Evolved Jing masters!

Countless people sighed internally as they heard the news. Why couldn't it have been them who'd found the Reis.h.i.+ King?

Two days later, Bei Feng finally returned to his villa in Blue Spirit Mountain. As he stepped through the gate, the three little fellows immediately ran out excitedly, jumping about wildly around him.


Mystic Four walked out and bowed respectfully.

"En, you've done well. You can go back now, there's nothing else I need from you here for now."

Bei Feng nodded lightly and said.

The two little wolfdogs had grown much bigger, and were almost as tall as an adult's thigh. From the looks of it, they had been living quite well recently.

The little fox scampered up Bei Feng's shoulders adoringly and rubbed its furry head against his face.

Bei Feng squatted down and played around with the little fellows for a while before going in to take a nice hot bath.

After a lengthy shower, he allowed his damp, long hair to flow down his back as he pulled on a pair of pajamas and walked into the bas.e.m.e.nt.

The bas.e.m.e.nt was filled with waves of chilly air and bits of ice. It was like it had already turned into a huge freezer. The vast amounts of Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat remained stacked neatly around the room, while Extreme Arctic Frost sat in the center of the bas.e.m.e.nt, giving off waves of Frost Qi steadily.

With a thought of his, the long spear shrunk and disappeared into Bei Feng's body, nestling comfortably in his dantian.

All the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat was also kept into the spatial ring. When that was done, he exited the bas.e.m.e.nt and made his way to the vault-like room and opened the huge steel door. With another thought, the golden dagger swam over to him like a fish and disappeared into his body too.

In the garden, most of the flowers had already wilted. Only the stalks of multicolored wintersweet remained, giving off a pleasant smell.

It was already January now and although Qingcheng was situated in the South and was not covered in snow, the temperature was not high. Right now, the temperatures were fluctuating between 8 - 13 degrees Celsius.

Bei Feng was only clad in the thin pajamas, but he did not feel cold at all as he walked into the yard.

Every fist and kick of his would carry with it a shrill whoos.h.i.+ng sound. At his current level, a simple set of fist technique in Bei Feng's hands could be turned into a rare and ethereal technique.

"I wonder what level of strength my body is currently at?"

Bei Feng mumbled lightly as he took out Extreme Arctic Frost and waved it about. The heavy spear felt extremely light and smooth in his hands.

"Ding! Fis.h.i.+ng location rea.s.signment complete!"

The System's monotone voice suddenly sounded in his head, causing Bei Feng's eyes to light up with excitement.

'After such a long time, it's finally completed!'

Bei Feng smiled happily as he made his way to the well in the garden.

With a thought, the White Jade Fis.h.i.+ng Rod appeared in his hands. After so long, he could finally fish again!

He still needed 5,420 experience points to level up to a level 3 Fisherman. If his luck was good, he might even be able to achieve it today!

Everything felt no different to when he was fis.h.i.+ng back at the old mansion. His movements felt as natural as before as the line was cast into the well.


In a mountain range within the Myriad Worlds, there was an urban jungle filled with buildings seemingly made entirely of white jade. They looked simple and elegant, without appearing too plain, vulgar, or rough at all.

Countless people walked about busily within the city, going about their daily business. Among the chaos, there was a certain order to the flow of humans, allowing the streets to stay organized.

"I wonder how many people will be able to pa.s.s the once-every-three-years official alchemist examination held by the sect this time?"

A few thousand people had gathered outside a huge public square, standing around in small groups and discussing.

"This time, the main focus should be on Senior Brother Long and Senior Brother You, these two people!"

Another person said confidently. His tone was tinged with a hint of respect as he mentioned the two names.

"Right, I heard that Senior Brother You managed to refine a pot of Barrier Breaking Pills recently!"

"One must know that even an official alchemist might not succeed in refining the Barrier Breaking Pills every time!"

Everyone was obviously filled with admiration for this Senior Brother You. n.o.body raised any doubts as to whether he would succeed.

"Senior Brother Lu is not bad too. I heard that a pill cloud with a strong medicinal fragrance had spread out from Senior Brother Lu's residence two days ago, spreading out for a hundred meters! Everyone who smelt it even said that they could feel their cultivation improving slightly! I wonder what kind of pill he'd refined to cause such an effect!"

Another person who looked like Senior Brother Lu's supporter said. After hearing the endless praise for Senior Brother You, he could not hold himself back.

"Both Senior Brother You and Senior Brother Lu are once-a-century geniuses that are hard to find, even for our sect. The top position of this alchemist examination will be a fight between dragons and tigers. As for the other examinees, they can only take the role of minor characters."

Another person sighed. However, his expression was not one of dissatisfaction. After all, the fact that there were two geniuses among them was the fortune of the sect!

The status of an alchemist was exceptionally lofty. A top-tier alchemist would be treated with respect no matter where they went!

Whether a sect was strong or weak, a big determining factor lay in the number and skills of their alchemists!

Of course, the cost of nurturing an alchemist was also rather terrifying. Smaller powers would not even have the resources to groom a single alchemist, and could only spend large amounts of money to employ the help of official alchemists to help them refine pills!

And right now, just a simple examination for alchemists already had over fifty candidates! From this, one could easily tell the strength of the sect!

Author's note: Sorry, I have been feeling somewhat frustrated lately because some of my family members have been pestering me to find a girlfriend and get married quickly. Because of that, my creativity and mentality might have been affected somewhat. This author will try to readjust his mental state as quickly as possible. Thank you, everyone, for your support. I'm grateful that I can have you guys to accompany me all this time.

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