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Bei Feng was rather indifferent about the whole matter. This was only a Grade 2 Treasure, after all... the amount of Grade 5 Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat in his house was so plentiful that his warehouse was literally filled to the brim!

"That's some good stuff! Our young friend is truly lucky! Even if you couldn't obtain the Primordial Heavenly Tree this time, the trip would not be in vain," an old man sighed as he looked at the Thousand Year Frost Ginseng in Bei Feng's hands enviously.

"Youngster, will you be willing part with this thousand year ginseng for 100 million yuan?" Tie Qianren asked seriously.

"My apologies, this ginseng is a rare treasure, so I would like to keep it for myself," Bei Feng shook his head.

Tie Qianren looked away with disappointment. If it was him, he wouldn't bear to sell such a treasure away as well.


An Evolved Jing expert from Su Clan of Wuzhou prefecture suddenly swung a 1.5-1.6 meter long, wide-spined saber against a random tree, seemingly having been triggered by Bei Feng.

"So tough?!" Su Yangwu's mouth dropped with shock. That slash earlier contained about 80-90% of his strength, and was at least a few thousand jin of force!

Even a 2-3 cm of reinforced steel would not be able to withstand such a slas.h.!.+ But the toughness of this tree far surpa.s.sed Su Yangwu's expectations!

At the same time, those who were observing Su Yangwu's actions revealed strange expressions on their faces. 'The weapon on this young lad's hands is also an extraordinary thing! It can cleave through these strange trees with so little effort!'

The gazes of two of the men were especially heated and filled with greed as they stared at Bei Feng's Extreme Arctic Frost.

"Hmph! The two of you want my spear?" Bei Feng had already kept the Thousand Year Frost Ginseng away. He snorted coldly and looked over as he felt the detestable gazes of the duo.

The two men looked extremely similar and were also both early stage Evolved Jing experts. The technique they cultivated was the same and since they were twins, their teamwork and cooperation were also at a very high level. With the two of them acting together, they could even defeat a middle stage Evolved Jing expert!

"Looks like us two brothers had not shown our strength for too long. Everyone had already forgotten our prowess!"

Xu Chang Qing grinned slyly. They were just thinking about the best excuse to s.n.a.t.c.h the spear and the thousand year ginseng away from Bei Feng when this stupid lad unexpectedly opened his mouth without them needing to do anything. This could be counted as a provocation, and basically gave them the perfect excuse to act.

The others stepped backwards without a word, as though they were prepared to watch a good show. They naturally did not mind letting the twins go before them to test out the capabilities of this unfamiliar stranger.

"If you want my spear, you can just say so. What's the point of hemming and hawing like a woman? Since you want it, here you go!" Bei Feng smiled lightly.

The twins nearly stumbled upon hearing his words. They were prepared to attack, but Bei Feng's words instead caused them to feel even more suspicion. 'Could it be that this kid is just a wax head pretending to be a silver spear? [1] This impressive aura of blood and Qi was all an act?'

Without giving much time for the twins to think, Bei Feng leaned backwards and chucked Extreme Arctic Frost over to them as though he was competing in the Olympic spear throwing event! The duo felt their eyes blur for a moment before they realized that the long spear had already arrived before them!

Xu Chang Qing extended his hands reflexively to catch Extreme Arctic Frost with a dumb look on his face.


"Ah, sh*t! Second Bro, help me, quick!"

His fingers had just wrapped themselves around Extreme Arctic Frost when a monstrous force suddenly crashed into him. In that instant, a loud and bone-chilling sound came from his arms.

Xu Chang Tian heard his brother's cries and immediately circulated a round of Qi into his palms. In an instant, the pair of hands which looked no different from a regular person's was doubled in size!

His palms were as red as a piece of soldering iron, and white smoke continuously rose out of it!

With a swing of his hands, Xu Chang Tian sent a fearsome slap towards the long spear. Based on the force of this slap, it could easily leave a palm mark even on a steel plate!

But this forceful slap against Extreme Arctic Frost was like the efforts of a mantis raising its claws against a charging chariot, completely ineffective!

Being in the path of Extreme Arctic Frost, the duo was knocked back uncontrollably, causing them to take step after step backwards. The ground was filled with the deep footprints of the poor twins as they attempted to withstand the terrifying force.

The twins had extremely ugly looks on their faces. They were in a terrible state, and their blood and Qi were circulating at a crazy rate. Large amounts of white steam continuously rose off their bodies. "Big Brother, I can't hold on anymore! We'll let got together!" Xu Chang Tian groaned.

The two brothers nodded at each other and immediately dodged to the side together with perfect timing. "Pu!" A mouthful of fresh blood spilled out of their mouths each as soon as the crazy force was gone.

Without the two brothers behind it, Extreme Arctic Frost continued soaring forward with frightening momentum, only stopping after piercing through a two meter thick tree!

The twins were simply too careless. If they had not attempted to receive the spear forcefully, perhaps they might be able to fight equally with Bei Feng. But they chose to stupidly clash headlong with the thrown spear!

Extreme Arctic Frost was 3,600 jin heavy! In addition, Bei Feng had used all his strength to execute the throw. One could easily imagine how shockingly scary such a spear was!

"Do you still want it now?" Bei Feng smirked mockingly as he strolled up to the large tree and casually plucked Extreme Arctic Frost out.

The two brothers were completely silenced this time. They wiped the blood away from their sleeves and did not even dare to look at Bei Feng. The rest of the group also looked away with a dry cough. After witnessing the tragic state of the twins, everyone quickly dispelled their own greedy thoughts.

Without further delay, everyone continued rus.h.i.+ng towards the center of the cavern with renewed haste.

A gigantic lake over 10 thousand meter wide greeted the group as they arrived at the heart of the cavern. A few other groups of people could be seen standing around the lake.

At the center of the lake was a small island, a few tens of square meters in size. A single two meter tall tree sat on the island.

The tree was not very tall, and its bark was cracked and old, layered together like a fish's scales. The branches were wild and bunched together, and countless palm-sized jade green leaves hung on the tree's crown. The short tree appeared extremely ancient, as though it had existed for many decades!

"Primordial Heavenly Tree!"

Surprised gasps could be heard in all directions as numerous individuals arrived. Everyone had come here with a certain amount of hope, but no one expected the Primordial Heavenly Tree to really exist!

"What's that? A fruit?"

A sharp-eyed Evolved Jing master gasped aloud as he pointed at a small red fruit the size of an infant's fist, hidden within the tree's leaves.

"A heavenly opportunity! A single Primordial Heavenly Tree is already a precious treasure from the heavens, needless to say a fruit borne by it! That fruit is probably enough to let an Evolved Jing pract.i.tioner reach a higher stage, perhaps even allowing one to catch a glimpse of the fabled Xiantian Realm!"

"My Ma Clan can forgo this Primordial Heavenly Tree, but all of you can forget about vying for the Primordial Heavenly Tree's fruit with us!"

A tall and well-built old geezer stood out and demanded fiercely. His 2-meter-tall body was framed with an impressive cl.u.s.ter of bulging muscles, and a dominating aura emanated steadily from him.

The Ma Clan was one of the well-known and long-established clans in the Southwest region of the country. During the resistance war [2] decades ago, the clan was a huge force which was instrumental in repelling the enemy forces. They'd even helped to crown the emperor, and after the founding of China, they became a great power in the Southwest region of China!

"Hur hur!"

A few mocking laughs drifted out of the crowd. What Ma Clan? Perhaps they might spare the Ma Clan some face for other things, but now? It'd be a wonder if they did not kick the Ma Clan group of people out of the cavern first!

Before the Primordial Heavenly Tree and the Primordial Heavenly Fruit, nothing else mattered!

"Who was the one who laughed? Stand out and laugh if you have the b.a.l.l.s!" Ma Yunfei flew into a rage as he turned to look at the crowd.

"I was the one who laughed!"

"I was laughing aloud too, what is your Ma Clan going to do about it?!"

"My Qingfeng Gang does not fear any challenges too!"

Three people immediately stepped forward fearlessly. The first two were still fine. Although they were also people from large clans, the Ma Clan did not fear them at all. But when the middle-aged man with a 3-chi Qingfeng sword on his back stepped forward, Ma Yunfei suddenly found himself riding on a tiger, unable to get off!

The Qingfeng Gang was a group with no more than a few dozen people every generation, but although they were much fewer in numbers than most large clans, every single person from that gang was a lunatic!

With only a few tens of people from this generation of the Qingfeng gang, they were able to sit firmly in the top 3 powers of China's Southwest region!

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