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Chapter 770: It Is You Who Said You Don't Mind Fighting Against Many

“What a shameless person.”

Senior Immortal Canglan's voice no longer contained the previous rage, but had calmed down instead.

The matter had come to this point, and the anger could no longer solve the problem, so he had no intention to continue to be angry. Even though, as a matter of fact, he had enough reasons to be angry.

Because even Senior Gem Emperor was in shock and anger at this time.

“w.a.n.g Lu, how dare you! Do you know…”

w.a.n.g Lu rudely cut in, “Of course I know.”

In the present day Nine Regions, who knew and understood the Holy Light more deeply than w.a.n.g Lu? As the master of the Holy Light, would he not understand the consequences of burying the Holy Light as a poison in the providence of Nine Regions?

The introduction of foreign power into the providence of Nine Regions would cause a fundamental change in the nature of the land. From the point of view of Nine Regions, this thing was generally known as colonization. The cracking of the border was one of the biggest damages done to Nine Regions. The extremely cold land was a no man's land, but for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, no one has ever dared to do so.

“But, so what? Gem, are you out of your mind? Can't you tell the difference?”

When the Fallen Immortal came, the entire Nine Regions would be fragmented. Compared to that, what was a mere colony? Of course, Senior Gem Emperor understood this truth, but it didn't mean that she could easily accept it.

Gem, the Holy Light is my Holy Light. Wherever I am, that is where the Holy Light is. And that is also where this piece of land belongs to.” After that, w.a.n.g Lu no longer paid attention to Senior Gem Emperor and focused all his attention to Canglan.

The opponent was a Fallen Immortal. He could not be afraid of him, but he also could not ignore him.

The poison of the Holy Light destroyed his fireball, but it still could not destroy his existence. Right now, the poison of the Holy Light had indeed spread into his body, but with Canglan's strength, it was easy for him to disperse the Holy Light.

The poison infiltration tactic allowed w.a.n.g Lu to take some advantages, but generally speaking, they were still in a stalemate state. The depth of the Fallen Immortal was extremely deep, and it was impossible to just simply suppress it. When Canglan was really desperate, he might be able to spat out ten of those sun-like fireb.a.l.l.s, but w.a.n.g Lu had no ability to shoot a mini sun nine times in a row.

However, to be able to match with Canglan until now, w.a.n.g Lu's strategic goal had been achieved.

w.a.n.g Lu smiled and controlled the giant Divine Weapon to make a buzzing voice, “Senior Immortal's skill is really amazing, my utmost admiration. In a one on one fight, none of us can hold you back in two or three moves. So, we can only fight against you by relying on numbers. I hope you don't mind.”

“So what if there are more scoundrels like you?”

Canglan sneered, the Holy Light in his body had been entirely squeezed out, and three orange-red fireb.a.l.l.s emerged around his body. The color was slightly different from that of the previous one, and the power was slightly inferior, but they would not be interrupted by the Holy Light and thus collapsed in the middle. With this much force, it was more than enough to defeat the giant Divine Weapon and the outside path cultivator.

“So what if there are more? You said this yourself, senior. Now I can rest a.s.sured.” w.a.n.g Lu said, and paused, “Now I can use this many against one tactic without concerning moral issues.”

His voice had just fallen and the sky suddenly went dim. A dark cloud covered the clear sky, which put everything in its shadow.

“Greetings, Senior Immortal Canglan. I am Daoist Hetu of Nine Regions' Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.”

Above the dark cloud, Daoist Hetu's voice was loud and clear. From high above, with his feet stepped on the Nine Regions Map, he looked disdainfully at the senior immortal from the upper realm out of the corner of his eyes. The ground's arteries and veins and the lines on the map reflected each other. The reflected lights were like a fence, which completely blocked the battlefield.

Standing on each side of Hetu, each person was enough to shake the Nine Regions.

“Greetings, Senior Immortal. I am Kuqin of Royal Soldier Sect.”

Armored in golden body armor with a red battle flag on the side, the leader of the number one army in Nine Regions stood beside Daoist Hetu with a battle flag. As the flag danced in the wind, thousands of voices echoed in the distance. Right now, although they could not rush to the battlefield, they had become Kuqin's powerful support. He looked as if he was just a man, but actually he was with a magnificent army with thousands of men.

“Zhu Ri of Kunlun greets Senior Immortal.”

The simple and upright Daoist with a stiff look stood on the other side of Daoist Hetu. His posture and expression were strictly according to the rules. As he slightly raised up his chin, the angle of the Nine Regions Map slightly twisted, and the battlefield was locked more firmly. If Daoist Hetu and his Shengjing Sect symbolized the ‘Way of the King' of the Nine Regions' immortal cultivation world, then Supreme Zhu Ri considered himself the correct way.

“Tianlun of Ten Thousand Arts greets Senior Immortal.”

The handsome and free from the dust of the mortal world Supreme Tianlun lightly smiled while standing beside Zhuri. From time to time, he rotated a thin ring on his right index finger. However, as the ring rotated, the mountains and rivers in the Nine Regions Map quietly changed and formed a new law of heaven and earth.

“Feng Yin of Spirit Swords greets Senior Immortal.”

Daoist Master Feng Yin finally stepped forward. Among the five leaders, he was the most junior and the lowest in realm, but impressively, he stood in front of the four, which showed his core figure.

At this time, Feng Yin showed unprecedented solemnity. The Kunlun on the bridge of his nose had been wiped spotlessly. Behind the, the mysterious light from the Stellar Divine Eyes was restrained. Behind him was a broad sword-box, from which came out galaxy-in-the-night-like specks of lights. As Feng Yin set foot on the Nine Regions Map, the immortal treasure that controlled the Nine Regions suddenly came to life, as if it was the vital finis.h.i.+ng touch.

All the connecting threads from the sky to the ground that fenced the area disappeared. But they only became invisible. Instead, the force that restricted the battlefield was multiplied. That step from Feng Yin fully activated the array, which activated all the magical abilities and main paths contained within the Nine Regions Map.

“Senior, you said just now that you don't mind us using the tactic of many against the few, so you won't mind me calling these several reinforcements right?”

w.a.n.g Lu said as he put away the Absolute Domain and lifted up the weapon in his right hand. It was a long and slender cannon with its muzzle facing Canglan.

“…” Senior Immortal Canglan was silent for a moment, and then suddenly laughed, “Ha! Haha! Hahaha! The many against the few? What a joke! For pieces of s.h.i.+t like you guys, no matter how many you are, I'll kill every one of you!”

As he spoke, the three small suns rushed up to the sky and directly exploded at the Nine Regions Map. Then the light veil on his body suddenly swelled and swept toward w.a.n.g Lu. And then, he disappeared in a flash.

From the Nine Regions Map, came tribulation lightnings, which accurately hit the three fireb.a.l.l.s and detonated them in mid-air. The attribute of ‘annihilating all things' of the tribulation lightnings completely wiped out the after effects of the explosion, which completely nullified the killer move of the immortal! On the other side, although w.a.n.g Lu's giant Divine Weapon seemed to be bulky, it burst out with amazing agility. It flickered thousands of times within hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, which made the light veil immortal treasure unable to catch him, no matter how many magical abilities it had.

At the next moment, an intense strange light burst out over the snowfield thousands of miles away. Thousands of crisscrossing light gratings suddenly appeared in the air and alternated between bright and dark, and also slightly deformed under the impact of invisible force. These crisscrossing gratings were the fence created by the Nine Regions Map that locked the battlefield.

In the sky, Daoist Hetu slightly shook his body and groaned. Supreme Kuqin took a step forward, the battle flag beside him fluttered and summoned out the millions and millions of divine soldiers in the form of sharp blade projection to kill in the faraway distance. Supreme Zhuri then pressed both of his hands down to maintain the Nine Regions Map which was not easy. Supreme Tianlun frowned tightly, pinched the ring on his right index finger, and then slowly rotated it. The gratings thousands of miles away gradually stabilized along with the rotation of the ring.

Finally, Daoist Master Feng Yin closed his right eye, and looked with his left eye. Suddenly, he sharply turned back. The Stellar Sword swung and lunged toward Daoist Hetu!

This sword strike was extremely fast, so much that no one could respond in time. It's distance from Daoist Hetu was already less than three feet. At this distance, even if the other four Supremes made their moves and surrounded it, no one could stop Feng Yin's sword.

However, this immortal sword actually stopped at three feet.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d…” Senior Immortal Canglan's eyes were full of rage as he showed his shape from the void. He actually stood between Feng Yin's sword tip and Daoist Hetu. His two palms closed together tightly, forcefully holding Feng Yin's immortal sword that was sandwiched between them.

It turned out that the Samadhi True Fire was a bait, the light veil chase was also a bait, and the raid thousands of miles away was also another bait. Senior Immortal Canglan's real goal was to directly strike at the root of the problem!

The expertise to do this had already reached the extreme, but Daoist Master Feng Yin was able to see through it at the critical moment. His sword crossed over and cut the impossible gap, blocking Canglan's sneak attack.

However, the strength of a single person was not enough. Senior Immortal Canglan clamped the immortal sword with both of his hands. One hand sent out the Yang concentration which gave out high temperatures that could burn mountains and boil oceans, another hand sent out the Yin concentration which sent out bitter cold that could freeze s.p.a.ce and time. In an instant, the heat and cold crisscrossed, which caused wail from the immortal sword as it fractured.

“Get lost!” Canglan roared.

As he held the broken sword with both hands, Canglan moved forward. Feng Yin could not hold it, the hilt that flew backward toward him pounded his chest, which sent him flying back for more than a hundred miles and his blood spilled in the sky.

The next moment, Senior Immortal Canglan's Yin and Yang hands moved toward Daoist Hetu again. This time, there was no obstacle between them. At the critical moment, Daoist Hetu tapped his toes a bit on the Nine Regions Map. In an instant, the Nine Regions Map was magnified ten million times, and the several people who gathered together were suddenly separated from each other by thousands of rivers and mountains. The palms of Senior Immortal Canglan subsequently fell into an empty spot.

“Ha!” Although his move had failed, Canglan showed a smile of success. He roared and then, like a sharp arrow, flew straight up. In an instant, his figure immediately looked small.

“Not good! He's going to run away!”

The five sect leaders came with the Nine Regions Map. The Nine Regions Map was above the clouds, blocking the area under it. However, there was actually an endless sky above the clouds. That was an area that no cultivator could block. Up high in the sky at above the blue dome of heaven there were screaming astral winds. The higher the elevation, the more fierce the astral wind was. So far, no cultivator has been able to explore the strength of the sky… But, there was no doubt that as the most powerful individual, Senior Immortal Canglan could fly higher than anyone else. At that time, relying on the astral wind, he would be able to draw an insurmountable distance with other people, and the encirclement and suppression against him would be meaningless.

Unfortunately, although all the people on the scene could realize this problem, they were unable to stop it. Senior Immortal Canglan was too fast, faster than anyone on the scene. And since he moved first, no one could catch up to him.

Unless, someone had already moved earlier than him.

Just as Canglan was about to break through the sky, he suddenly saw a white figure above his head. That person held up a mountain with one hand.

That person was w.a.n.g Wu!

When did she come here? Suddenly an unbelievable emotion surged in Canglan's heart. However, before he could think clearly, w.a.n.g Wu had already flung downward the mountain that she held up.

The strength of this falling mountain was far beyond Canglan's imagination. At the moment when the huge rock hit his face, Canglan felt that his primordial spirit was about to be kicked out of his body. In a trance, he seemed to see more golden cores in w.a.n.g Wu's body.

The next moment, he lost all control of his body and, like a meteor, was slammed to the ground from the sky in a straight line.


Amidst the loud sound, a towering mountain was smashed by his back, and the upper half of the mountain collapsed, which revealed a hollow mountain.

Canglan lied amidst the crushed rock in the belly of the mountain, struggling to get up. However, it seemed as if his entire body was against the current, they did not listen to his wish at all… He tried several times in succession, but he was completely unable to lift himself.

How could the damage caused by an inferior being be so serious?

Canglan was a bit in disbelief, but the next moment, he found out that there seemed to be some invisible power around him that constantly absorbed his immortal spirit, making him weaker and weaker.


“It's me.”

In front of Canglan's eyes, a pure black human figure appeared.

“It's you, dog!”

“Yes, it's me. But you should care more about where you are than me.” Black plainly said, and then, before Canglan responded, he gave out the answer, word by word, “I wonder if you ever heard of the Netherworld Mountain, the Immortal Trap Array.”


“Please rest here quietly. See you again in ten thousand years.”

The next moment, the crushed rocks suddenly began to gather. They filled the hollow mountain belly completely and left it with no gap.

And Canglan's world thoroughly sank into darkness.

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