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Black Puppy became furious when it heard the wildly arrogant voice.

It was the dog ancestor, and also very famous in the entire self-cultivator realm, so who could dare to threaten it?

Black Puppy looked over at the voice and noticed a youth that sat to the east of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

This youth wore black clothes with dark skin and looked very wild. He had a unicorn on the top of his head, and it pierced through the sky.

He sat there with crossed legs, and all of the universal chaotic law spun around him. The coldly arrogant words just came out from his mouth.

Black Puppy was overwhelmed with fury. It couldn't be offended, so it stepped out, and prepared to attack the youth in black.

Black Puppy activated its internal demonic vital essence, and unleashed its ma.s.sive dog claws to form a ma.s.sive claw that covered the sky.

However just as its claws formed, it was suppressed by the chaotic law that surrounded around, and decreased its over ten million feet claw into the size of several feet big.

However, even so, Black Puppy's claw still contained horrific force that tore through the void, and charged towards the black one-horned youth.

The black youth coldly smiled, as hints of disdain appeared in his eyes, and didn't care about Black Puppy's charging claw at all.

He still sat there with legs crossed, and didn't stand up at all.


A ray of black light shot out from the youth in black's black eyes.

Just as the black light appeared, it cracked through the void, and clashed onto Black Puppy's claw. It released rounds of loud sound with a 'kaboom', as the time and s.p.a.ce around separated, and turned into nothing.

In the next moment, Black Puppy's body stepped back, and its claws felt slightly in pain.

Its eyes filled with shock. It never expected that this youth in black would be this powerful and was much more powerful than its own super power attack. Seemed like it has encountered a real opponent.

Most important thing was, Black Puppy actively attacked, and the opponent only sat there, which meant that Black Puppy couldn't defeat that youth in black across from it at all.

Black Puppy refused to believe it, so it activated its internal demonic vital essence to continue the attack, Qingfeng stepped forward, and pulled onto it, and stopped it from fighting.

Just a while ago, Qingfeng has already clearly felt the great powers of this youth in black, as he released the energy equivalent to peak immortal.

Black Puppy might be very powerful, but was clearly weaker than the youth in black across from it. Amongst everyone around, only Qingfeng could defeat the youth in black.

Just then, a crisp nice-sounding voice sounded from beside him.

This voice might sound very alluring, but it had hints of apathy, as she coldly said, "Devil Race Monarch, didn't I just tell you? The Chaos Spirit Fruit is about to ripen, you're not allowed to fight."

Qingfeng followed the crisp and looked over, as he noticed a woman that sat west of the Chaos Spirit Fruit.

This woman was very beautiful. Her face was as white as snow, like an immortal snow lotus without any imperfections, as if she was a great work of nature.

Her delicate nose was slightly raised and looked elegantly beautiful. Her red lips were slightly raised with hints of s.e.xiness. She wore a white dress that made her curves look more alluring.

The woman in white quietly sat there like a rare beauty, but his whole body released a rush of energy that shook the sky and ground, which not even the air around dared to approach.

Qingfeng was shocked; he never knew that a powerful woman was not far from the youth in white. He has only noticed her for the first time just a while ago.

Qingfeng knew that this only meant how powerful this woman in white was. She has already reached a realm that combined two into one, or else, she wouldn't have hidden so deep.

At the same time, Qingfeng also found out about the youth in black's ident.i.ty from the woman in white's words. He was the Devil Race Monarch, no wonder he was this powerful.

Not long ago, Qingfeng once suppressed a Devil Race King who had a body that couldn't die. Qingfeng had to use his Ninth Fist Suppresses h.e.l.l to put him into h.e.l.l, but now he has encountered a Devil Race Monarch.

The youth in black looked at the woman in white, and coldly said, "White Crane Demon Immortal, what do you mean? This mixed dog dared to tease me, so what if I kill it?"

A ray of cold light flashed past the White Crane Demon Immortal's eyes and was very upset with the Devil Race Monarch's words. She clearly didn't take his side, but she knew that the opponent's ability was no less powerful than hers.


Just then, another voice rang, and this voice had piercing sound that pierced through the bone with coldness at the same time, and sounded like a night bird.

This night bird's voice coldly said, "White Crane Demon Immortal, I thought the Devil Race Monarch was right, this chaotic ancient tree here only have one Chaos Spirit Fruit, and it isn't enough to share amongst the three of us, aside from others. We should chase them away soon."

Qingfeng felt very upset with this voice, as he looked over, he noticed a youth that sat on the south side of the Primitive Mountain.

This youth wore clothes with five colours, and spiders, centipedes, pythons, and gold eagle sculpted on it.

At the same time, there was a ma.s.sive crocodile sculpted in front of the clothes, and this crocodile looked like an immortal crocodile, as it released energy that engulfed the s.p.a.ce.

The White Crane Demon Immortal slightly frowned, and coldly said, "Mutated Emepror, what do you mean? Does this mean that you agree with the Devil Race Monarch's advice?"

Qingfeng was frightened; he never thought that he has seen the Mutated Monarch. This was all of the emperors of the mutants, and very extremely powerful.

Qingfeng has once supressed a mutated female, and felt a rush of wild energy from her body, as the law she trained in was different from humans.

Qingfeng could be sure, no matter the Devil Race Monarch or the White Crane Demon Immortal, or Mutated Monarch, the few of their power has all reached peak immortal, and combined the Heavenly duo into one. They were only one step away from the immortal king realm.

So they could melt into all of the natural existence, and just as Qingfeng and the others stepped onto the mountaintop, he never noticed them until now.

Qingfneg knew that these people were all his great enemies, but the White Crane Demon Immortal seemed nicer, since she was a beautiful woman.

Qingfeng felt a fierce rush of murderous intent on the other two youth's bodies, and he also knew that they were his opponents, and wouldn't let him go no matter what.

Qingfeng has killed someone from the Devil Race and a female mutant, so his body had their energy.

Certainly in the next moment, the Devil Race Monarch coldly laughed at Qingfeng, and said, "I could feel our Devil Race King's energy on your body, have you once suppress my follower into h.e.l.l?"

Qingfeng lightly smiled, and said, "Yes."

Hints of oddness appeared in the Devil Race Monarch's eyes, he thought that Qingfeng wouldn't dare to admit it, but who knew that he proudly admit it, as he didn't fear him at all.

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