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Chapter 2157: Thunder Lake

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Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and patted Black Puppy's head, saying, “Don't ever think this way. We killed the Golden-Sun Saint Son only because he was about to kill us and was our enemy. Do you really think you can kill all the other saint sons and saintesses?”

Black Puppy smirked awkwardly and said no more.

It was only a spur of the moment that Black Puppy got this idea. It also felt this thought was ridiculous now. No matter how powerful Qingfeng Li was, he couldn't stand against all the saint sects in the universe.

Qingfeng Li looked at Black Puppy and said, “Puppy, find the smell of the Blood Sea Saint and Sky-Devouring Snake with your dog nose. Then we'll go look for them.”

Black Puppy nodded and sniffed around with its dog nose, releasing super talisman scripts of Order at the same time.

The talisman scripts turned into numerous black light spots and scattered all the over the Fallen Immortal Arena.

Black Puppy was a middle-grade Demonic Saint. With its power increasing, it could smell further. At this moment, it could clearly smell all the familiar auras within 30 thousand kilometers.

After a while, Black Puppy opened its eyes and pointed its dog claw to the north, saying, “Qingfeng Li, I sensed the aura of the Blood Sea Saint five thousand kilometers to the north.”

Qingfeng Li was delighted, saying, “Let's go north to look for the Blood Sea Saint right now.”

Qingfeng Li was about to take Black Puppy and leave, but then he stopped, for he found that the Clear-wood Saintess, Yun Lan, and the rest were looking at him longingly.

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit. If he went to look for the Blood Sea Saint with only Black Puppy, they would find her very soon. But it would be much slower if he taking Clear-wood Saintess and others with them.

But Qingfeng Li also knew it was extremely dangerous inside Fallen Immortal Arena. There were not only lots of thunder beasts, but also many saint sons and saintesses from other saint sects. They were all not easy to deal with and might attack Clear-wood Saintess and others.

Qingfeng Li thought for a while, then said, “Clear-wood Saintess, I'll go to look for my friends. You're welcome to come along, or you can leave us if you want.”

Clear-wood Saintess and Yun Lan said simultaneously, “We want to be by your side.”

Although Clear-wood Saintess was a saintess, she was only in low-grade. As the weakest among all saint sons and saintesses who had entered the Fallen Immortal Arena, she was even not in the top 100 on Hidden Dragon List.

Qingfeng Li was such a powerful character for her to rely on. Of course, she didn't want to let him go.

Qingfeng Li brought Clear-wood Saintess, Yun Lan with him, following the route which Black Puppy provided, and flew toward five thousand kilometers to the north.

Meanwhile, at the place five thousand north to them, many saint sons and saintesses from saint sects had gathered around.

There was a giant lake of 100 thousand kilometers wide, and the water was very different from other lakes outside.

Normal lakes had calm water. But the water here kept rolling. Occasional lightning and thunder struck from the sky into the lake, making the water create giant cracking sounds.

Moreover, many thunder beasts flew over, breathing the thunder, s.h.i.+ning the lightning, with energy pervading all over the lake.

This lake was very famous in Fallen Immortal Arena. It was called Thunder Lake.

There was a treasure lying in Thunder Lake. It was said that whoever got this treasure would have great chance to break into the immortal level in the future. That was why many self-cultivators were surrounding there.

Standing in the east of Thunder Lake was Rock Saint Sect. Rock Saint Sect was an upper-grade saint sect and was well-known in the universe. Their saint was Vast Sky Saint Son.

Vast Sky Saint Son was a young man over 20 years old. Though he was young, he was strong and st.u.r.dy, full of furious power, shocking the rest of the world.

He was carrying a giant rock. It was too ignorant to think this was a normal rock. It was actually a Dharma Treasure of Rock Saint Sect. Vast Sky Saint Son had once crushed an upper-grade Saint into powder with it.

In the west of Thunder Lake stood those from Purple Flame Saint Sect. Their Saint was called Linglong Saintess.

She was a beautiful woman, with a delicate face, bright eyes, and white teeth. She looked hot with her slender body figure in the red dress, drawing much attention from other self-cultivators.

She exuded a powerful aura, appearing to be an upper-grade Saint.

In the north of the lake was Heavenly-sword Saint Son from Sword Saint Sect. He was tall, with sharp eyebrows, bright eyes, and aggressive aura. He was carrying a saint sword, with energy penetrating upward through the sky.

In the south was Furious-blade Saint Son from Blade Saint Sect. He was 1.9 meters tall, even taller than Heavenly-sword Saint Son. He had a strong body and a rough face, looking very arrogant.

Heavenly-sword Saint Son and Furious-blade Saint Son were also upper-grade Saints, exuding powerful aura.

Besides these upper-grade Saints from the four upper-grade sects, there was one more standing in the other direction.

He was outside these four supreme sects but had furious energy all over his body. No self-cultivator dared to underestimate him.

He was The Nine-headed Golden Lion and was once a demonic beast, but then he transformed into human shape with his cultivation.

Qingfeng Li used to kill his avatar in the mysterious sun realm. If Qingfeng Li was here, he could easily recognize the lion.

Beside The Nine-headed Golden Lion was another person. It was no one else but The Blood Sea Saint. She was currently tied up by The Nine-headed Golden Lion with spirit rope.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion found her in Fallen Immortal Arena and caught her after realizing she was from Crimson Fire Continent.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion hated those from Crimson Fire Continent very much.

The Blood Sea Saint looked coldly at The Nine-headed Golden Lion with anger.

She wanted to get rid of the spirit rope. But it was a middle-grade Dharma Treasure. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break it. So, she could only put her hope on Qingfeng Li.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion turned around and took a look at The Blood Sea Saint, saying, “You said Qingfeng Li is your friend and will save you. But he hasn't come after such a long time. I'll wait a few more minutes. If he doesn't come then, I'll throw you into Thunder Lake and feed those thunder beasts.”

The Blood Sea Saint smirked and said, “Do you really want him to come? He will kill you when he comes here.”

The Nine-headed Golden Lion showed a freezing look, generating sharp power, s.h.i.+ning all over the sky and earth, and then said, “You're asking for death.”

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