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Chapter 1426 Mo Qingwu, Dream and Reality

Flat Mountain Ridge, southeast region of the Upper Three Heavens.Chu Clan!

Several months back.

Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and the others had been diligently practicing martial arts. Ever since they had escorted Han Xiaoran and others to the Chu Clan, the pa.s.sion to cultivate had increased day by day.

After wandering outside this time, both of them realized one thing — The Nine Heavens are full of experts, and their current cultivation was worth nothing at all!

So the two brothers put in full efforts. Every single day, they found an open s.p.a.ce and fought until the sky went dark. Mo Lei’er and Mo Qingwu fought against each other.

Occasionally, the two also practiced fighting with Dong Wushang.

Rui Butong was badly beaten up by Dong Wushang every single day, but he provoked him recklessly everyday.

Occasionally, if the two had new insights, they would muster up the courage and go together to challenge Yue Lingxue.

Yue Lingxue mercilessly beat up the two every time!

There were fewer external martial forces in Flat Mountain Ridge… and it became more peaceful.

Too many had died here. Not all martial artists were brave…

Mo Lei’er accompanied Mo Qingwu the whole time, but during this period of time, she realized something strange — Mo Qingwu’s character seemed to be changing day by day.

Mo Qingwu was really strange during this period of time.

As a fourteen-year-old girl, her body was gradually growing taller and fuller, looking like a swinging willow in the wind; she gradually began to radiate a kind of peerless beauty!

Although they were both women, Mo Lei’er sometimes looked at Mo Qingwu with admiration in her eyes.

Mo Lei’er was a beauty herself, and before this, she never thought that there was any woman who could earn her appreciation in this world.

But right now facing the beauty of Mo Qingwu, who was just in the growing stage, she sincerely felt ashamed.

So, Mo Lei’er paid more and more attention to Mo Qingwu. She wanted to find out what Mo Qingwu was better than her in, but the more she looked, the more she felt herself as inferior, and the more she appreciated her…

Mo Qingwu right now could be called perfect!

That kind of innocence seemed to be fading away, and what replaced it was not the gentleness of a young woman, but instead, it was imposing spiritual energy, giving one the feeling that such a woman seemed to not belong to the human world at all!

She should be high up in the heavens, singing and dancing!

The quiet elegance that emanated from her spirit, her soul, her every move and every expression made anyone regardless of gender feel ashamed of themselves the moment they saw her.

Mo Qingwu’s changes were not limited to this. There were also changes in her att.i.tude toward people.

Originally, when she saw Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan, she would eagerly go to them, especially Yang Ruolan. She stayed around her sweetly, lest the future mother-in-law would not like her…

But now, when seeing Yang Ruolan, Mo Qingwu would immediately get shy, and with a blushed face, she would escape.

Regarding the changes in Mo Qingwu, Yang Ruolan smiled and said, “The little girl has grown up and actually knows how to be shy now…”

But Mo Lei’er gradually realized that it wasn’t… so simple.

Mo Qingwu became quieter and reserved. Some of her habitual gestures also changed unconsciously…

For example, in the past, when she was thinking, she liked to squat or sit on the stone steps, her hands holding each side of her chin, her eyeb.a.l.l.s staying still.

But now, she would put one hand on her lap, one hand gently supporting the temples, her eyes looking down at the ground.

In the past, when she was happy or heard something funny, she would open her mouth and laugh without scruple; but now, she would just lift the corner of her mouth, showing a smile.

But even if it was a genuine smile, in Mo Lei’er’s eyes, there was still a kind of almost gentle and melancholic sense…

What is going on here?

Mo Qingwu was perhaps the only one who knew about these changes.

The little girl was also very confused; she also had a feeling of being at a loss about her changes.

She didn’t know since when she started having such strange dreams repeatedly. She was very scared and perplexed. Why am I having such dreams?

Besides, every time, it was more realistic, more comprehensive, and closer in distance than the last…

Until the most recent time, when it scared Mo Qingwu…

In the dream, she grew up little by little, and then got injured, her talent wasted, then her clan became indifferent… And she suffered from all kinds of bullying…

Furthermore, when she was injured, her second brother who loved her the most happened to be going on a journey. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, hoping her second brother would help her, yet the second brother sighed and turned away.

Back then, her whole body was cold.

Mo Qingwu clearly remembered that her life was the same as in the dream, the only difference being — In the dream, there was no Chu Yang at this point of time. In actual life, she was holding Qing Wu Dream Saber, and the clan s.n.a.t.c.hed even her saber away…

Of course, what was in the dream was the same in reality; Second Brother also sighed and turned away, refusing to help.

“Perhaps this was why I was very dissatisfied with Second Brother,” muttered Mo Qingwu to herself.

Then, when she finally grew up, in the middle of a few gloomy years, she received a marriage proposal.

And that person was someone she extremely hated, and he was a known playboy…

How could Mo Qingwu be willing to marry someone like this? So Mo Qingwu chose to ask for help from her Second Brother.

At that time, her second brother was in the Canglan war zone. After her letter was sent out, there was no reply. Then, the woman who had been with the second brother came back. She told her — “Just give up on that, Second Master is very busy, he does not have any time to bother about your business!”

That woman was the woman of Elder Brother in this life, but when she was dispatched to Second Brother’s side, she was controlled by him.

But in the dream, the news she brought made her give up all hope, and from then on, she held no more emotional attachment toward her clan…

Her mother was also begging her to marry…

So having lost all hope, Mo Qingwu chose evasion. Back then, she herself from the dream chose to escape from the clan, look for a place not too far away to hide… She thought to herself that if the clan and her father got worried or upset, then she would just marry over for the sake of getting an ally for the clan.

But, they didn’t.

Her father did not become worried. After she went missing, he just did a rough search, and after two days, he reported to that clan that she had gone missing and then chose another woman from the clan to marry over…

From then on, he never mentioned her anymore.

Therefore, she lost all her hope and started to wander around the world!

Finally one day in a Purple Bamboo Forest, she found a lone swordsman — His name was Chu Yang!

This lone swordsman had the same name as Big Brother Chu Yang in this life; in the dream, Mo Qingwu even felt that they looked the same…

Both were lonely people, they were like two lone wolves who had been lonely in the desert all their lives meeting each other.

Mo Qingwu suddenly commiserated with him — Every time she saw this lonely person, she seemed to feel a sense of comfort in her heart…

So she felt more and more that this person was very pitiful, and she wanted to console him…

After the two separated, she still missed him from time to time — “Is he as lonely and helpless as I am now?”

Finally, once more… When she was in her favorite Purple Bamboo Forest, she met him again.

At that time, he seemed to be missing something; he was very timid… so she casually comforted him with a few words.

However, when he raised his head, the despair revealed in his eyes and the little bit of tenderness that pa.s.sed by hit her heart like lightning.

She told him her name and the two became familiar.

Then to comfort him, or perhaps for some other reason, she said, “Don’t be sad anymore… How about I dance for you?”

Her mother warned her that she shouldn’t dance lightly, and she asked her to be careful that a dance might make her whole life miserable…

But at that time, she wanted to dance for him. Even if it would give her a miserable life…

The moment her red dress fluttered, she saw clearly the appreciation, tenderness and a kind of admiration in this person’s eyes!

It was this kind of admiration that conquered herself in that instant.

This man was a swordsman and believed in ruthless swordsmans.h.i.+p, in which one who had emotions could not reach the pinnacle! So he said at the beginning, “I can’t hurt you… I just want to practice swordsmans.h.i.+p! Please leave!”

But I was very persistent… I had decided that even if you didn’t want me, I… was willing to use my whole life’s loneliness to fill the void of your loneliness.

So she said, “I’m willing to let you use me for sword practice even if you crush my love… If you can get the essence of swordsmans.h.i.+p that you want here… I’m willing!”

When two lonely people were together, they were no longer lonely.

I’m willing to give… not for you to accept me, or to hurt me… I just want to give what I have for you …

I am also willing to be hurt by you …

So step by step, they entangled, separated, and came together again. That ruthless person actually occupied all the s.p.a.ce in her heart gradually…

However, he never forgot to avenge his master, his brother and his mentor… He bore a b.l.o.o.d.y vengeance… She could even feel the pain in his heart, its bitterness was so thick that it felt like it could condense…

She had a feeling that if he tortured himself like this, sooner or later, he would collapse…

He held his sword in his sleep, and every day when he was free, his eyes were glued to his sword. The sword was all his hope. His hope for revenge!

She was very curious — “Could this be that for a man, a cold sword was actually more pretty than a beautiful woman?”

“Am I more good looking or the sword?”

He often woke up from a dream while shouting, “I’m gonna kill you all!”

Every time that happened, she hugged him tightly until he quieted down… Each time, her heart always felt so heavy that she cried…

For this man…

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