Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 1379 - Orders of the Dharma Supreme

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Chapter 1379 Orders of the Dharma Supreme

A dark shadow appeared next to him in a flash and said, “Yes. At present, the Li Clan runs the entire north-west, and all affiliated families are mobilized together. It is already watertight! Place guards all around and allow only entrance but no exit. Mark a division line using fresh blood and write, whoever enters this line dies!”

The Dharma Supreme’s long hair swayed despite there being no wind. “Bold!”

The black shadow’s voice was calm like water, his description straightforward. “I guess the law-enforcement branch we sent to the north-west may have already been uprooted.”

“Those who entered the Li Clan, I’m afraid they may also have already been slaughtered. And Master Lang Yilang pursued the followers of the Extraterrestrial Demon into the north-west only to be ruthlessly killed by the Li Clan. This is beyond doubt.”

The Dharma Supreme nodded slowly.

The black shadow continued. “According to my a.n.a.lysis, there must be a reason that the Li Clan suddenly became so strong!”

The Dharma Supreme said, “Oh?”

The black shadow replied, “Lord Dharma Supreme, the Li Clan had always been compromising and accommodating before, but this time, they suddenly became extremely and inexplicably domineering!”

“Yet today, I suddenly understood.”

The Dharma Supreme said, without changing his expression, “You mean…”

“Yes! It’s about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! The Li Clan suddenly became domineering, and after their mobilization, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master also just happened to obtain the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, open the pa.s.sageways of Nine Heavens, and embark on the real conquest as a Nine Tribulations Sword Master!”

“You mean, the Li Clan had known all this since long ago…” The Dharma Supreme’s expression was distant.

“Exactly!” The black shadow smiled lightly. “Besides this, I really can’t think of any other reason that can drive the Li Clan to go against the Eight Great Clans and law-enforcement officers at the same time so madly!”

The Dharma Supreme took a few steps, frowned and said, “I remember that you never believed that Li Xiongtu was one of the Nine Tribulations.”

The black shadow seemed a bit embarra.s.sed, and his voice which had been emotionless the whole time also finally changed. He said, “About this… Before, I really couldn’t believe that the Nine Tribulations would be exposed like this, but the Li Clan’s operation this time was apparently to lead the way for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master. If I still can’t get it, I’d have to… kill myself.”

The Dharma Supreme paused and said, “I still have some doubts in my heart… I always thought that Li Xiongtu is not one of the Nine Tribulations… But since matters have come to this point, the Li Clan would have to get rid of him regardless of whether he is or not!”

The black shadow replied in a low voice, “Yes. If he is not, to create such chaos is perverse and sinful. If he is, to kill him would end the potentially huge crisis of the Nine Tribulations gathering!”

“That’s correct!” The Dharma Supreme nodded slightly. Then immediately he asked, “How are the Eight Great Clans doing?”

The black shadow replied, “All of the Eight Great Clans have sent secret forces to the north-west and sent letters to request the law-enforcement officers to a.s.sist in destroying the Li Clan. Besides the Chen Clan, who offended Wu Juecheng on their way and had forty to fifty people killed, all the other Great Clans still have their strengths intact.”

He paused and added, “The Lan Clan is slightly weaker!”

“Hmm.” The Dharma Supreme nodded. Immediately, he gave it a thought and ordered, “Pa.s.s my decree: The law-enforcement officers across the world shall act immediately, all from the Main Hall, Hunter Hall and Secret Hall are to be dispatched! One-third from the Elder Hall is to be dispatched as well! Gather all your strength, collaborate with the Eight Great Clans and destroy the Li Clan first!


“Go! Wait!” The Dharma Supreme hesitated, and his expression was somewhat complicated. “The person I asked you to pay attention to?”

The black shadow paused. “Master means… Diwu Qingrou?”

“Correct.” The Dharma Supreme said, “Send orders to the Zhuge Clan and let Diwu Qingrou rush to Law Enforcement Hall overnight. And then, this coming battle of besiege will be commanded by Diwu Qingrou!”

The black shadow was startled. “Commanded by Diwu Qingrou?! He… This…”

The Dharma Supreme waved. “Do it immediately!”

His voice was resolute, not allowing any questions.

Though the black shadow was full of doubts, he could only take the order and back out.

“The bloodline of Diwu… Whether it can be revived, it’ll be up to you.” The Dharma Supreme’s black hair fluttered, and he muttered to himself while looking at the sky.

Meanwhile, the Ye Clan.

Ye Chenchen walked out of the room holding Ye Zui.

After Ye Zui returned, Ye Chenchen had kept him here, and then he examined him little by little. Finally, he realized to his horror that this great-great-grandson of his really practiced an evil kind of martial arts.

Besides, right now, he was already changing into a demonic body!

Such a discovery made Ye Chenchen almost helpless! He had to shut Ye Zui into the Chamber of Icy Heart, hoping that the powers of Mysterious Ice and the righteous energy of heaven and earth would get rid of the demonic aura on him!

Though he knew it was unlikely, Ye Chenchen was really reluctant to give up on Ye Zui directly right now!

Among the younger generation of the Ye Clan, Ye s.h.i.+feng had died, Ye s.h.i.+yu left a letter and went out to find some medicine. He actually said it very clearly: If he couldn’t find it, he would be gone for life.

All the rest were pretty much killed by Ye Zui…

If he were to kill this Eldest Young Master, Ye Zui… the Ye Clan would be in an awkward position.

Ye Chenchen sighed and couldn’t decide for a moment.

Then he saw a vision of heaven.

Ye Shenchen’s expression changed greatly. After a long time, he returned to the ancestral temple and sat quietly for an hour.

Could the Ye Clan have come to its end so fast?

And then, Ye Zui walked out and only said, “I’ll be out for a while to check on the Xiao Clan.” And then, he brought his two old brothers along and the three left together.

Inside the Purple Crystal cave.

“Third-grade peak-level Sword Supremacy!” Chu Yang laughed. “If I see Ye Zui right now, even if he’s a peak-level fourth-grade, I can beat him up!”

The Sword Spirit chuckled. “Congratulations, Lord Sword Master, your way to conquer the Nine Heavens starts today! Right now, all the pa.s.sageways of the Nine Heavens have all opened.”

Chu Yang stopped short. “Already opened?”

The Sword Spirit nodded with certainty.

“Then I have to leave now and rush to the Lower Three Heavens to take a look,” said Chu Yang. “Though Ning Tianya has gone… I still won’t be rea.s.sured without seeing it myself.”

The Sword Spirit nodded, smiling. “Okay!”

Chu Yang walked out, but at this moment, he suddenly stopped and immediately his whole body trembled.

The Sword Spirit was stunned.

Chu Yang also felt perplexed. Just now, he was about to walk out, and a force suddenly came to him, halting his footsteps. It was so strong that he almost lost his balance.

Moreover, there was an urgent kind of emotion within this force.

“What’s going on?” Chu Yang looked at the Sword Spirit in confusion and asked.

“Huh?” The Sword Spirit was stunned.

“Where’s the problem?” Chu Yang scratched his head in wonder. Looking around, he only saw a ground covered with Purple Crystal powder and nothing unusual on the stone walls.

He lifted his foot to walk out again, and the same thing happened yet again.

It held him back strongly!

Chu Yang frowned and looked carefully but discovered nothing.

“Master, here!” The Sword Spirit suddenly said, pointing to the bottom of the cave.

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