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Chapter 893: Comprehending Life Dao

The two jade strips left behind by Fire Emperor contained two peak profound martial skills. Even the Void Emperor might not be able to create battle skills of this level. After all, integrating various kinds of profounds at full circle was too difficult. Furthermore, even if he could, he still needed a basic framework, an overarching vision for the battle skill. Neither of the two were dispensable.

Currently, Ye Chen had no intentions of studying these martial skiils. It was not because he felt he couldn't do it, but because he couldn't be distracted. For the current him, the most important task was to comprehend the Life dao, verify it against his Death dao, and enter Life and Death realm. The moment he advanced to Life and Death realm, he would be in the state of one with the heavens, which would allow him to comprehend everything at a speed several times faster. Thus, it made no sense to waste his time on peak profound martial arts.

“I should have peak three star battle strength as soon as I enter Life and Death realm, or it would be disappointing.”

Peak three star battle strength was the strength of top high-step King, second only to peak grade Kings. Ye Chen's current strength was more or less about that of ordinary mid grade Kings. A somewhat stronger high step King could kill him in one strike, and powerful high step Kings could kill him from hundreds of li away, much less to speak of peak Kings.

At this point, the difference between each grade was enormous. This was because it was no longer the matter of cultivation base from hereon, but true battle power.

Ace would be a ace, and jack would be jack from hereon.

Even Ye Chen had no chance to defeat a three star King with two star battle power. If he could, it would mean that his strength was not two star but three star.

“Gao Zhiyuan, this sword is for you.”

In the supreme elder hall, Ye Chen took out the Hundred Eras Sword. With a wave of his hand, the sword landed on the ground beside Gao Zhiyuan, emitting a dense sword Qi.

“Supreme elder?”

Gao Zhiyuan hesitated. He could see that the immortal power inside this sword was far stronger than his immortal sword intent. He could feel that this sword would be no weaker than a pseudo supreme grade sword in his hands.

“You've already become a half-step King. How can you not have a good sword?”

Half a year had pa.s.sed since Ye Chen arrived in Eternal Sky Sect. In this half year, the sect had grown nicely due to its connection with him. The strength of disciples had doubled, but the true elites of the sect were still were few. Gao Zhiyuan had lived up to the expectations in this regard, advancing to half-step King realm half a month ago.

A talented half-step King was completely different from an ordinary King, but he still needed a weapon. Ye Chen's storage ring had many semi supreme grade swords, but they were not as good as the Hundred Eras Sword. The immortal sword intent contained in this sword was extremely fitting for Gao Zhiyuan. In his hands, this sword was no different than an ordinary pseudo supreme grade.

“Many thanks to supreme elder!” Gao Zhiyuan bowed and thanked.

“Alright. I'll be leaving Eternal Sky Sect for a while, it might be a year or two. You and Elder Lu are responsible for protecting the sect in this period of time. With you and him, the sect shouldn't suffer anybody's suppression.” When Elder Lu had become an imbecile at that time, it was merely blood coagulations in his head. With the pa.s.sage of time and several precious body nurturing pils given by Ye Chen, he'd slowly recovered. With him and Gao Zhiyuan, as long as there was no large scale invasion of the sect, there should be no problems.

“Supreme elder can be rest a.s.sured. I'll guard the sect.” Gao Zhiyuan had persevered even when the sect was in dire situation, much less to speak now.

The next day, Ye Chen left Eternal Sky Sect. To comprehend the Life dao, he must roam the world and completely immerse himself in it.


On the vast ocean, black clouds were touching the horizon; powerful gales were swirling the ocean water into sky-reaching pillars, and silver lightning snakes flew amok in the sky. Every once in a while, two lightning snakes intertwined, creating a thick lightning dragon. The frightening lightning currents seemed to be numbing the sky itself.

Under the black clouds, a figure was flying across.

“The great nature has its own vitality. When its calm, everything is suns.h.i.+ne and roses, but when its furious, everything changes color, as if everything is emitting a killing intent.”

Lightning snakes struck Ye Chen and dispersed immediately. At the same time, sky-reaching pillars seemed as if trying to take him along the ride. In this environment, even Astral Reaching experts,, who were capable of flying in the sky and penetrating into the earth, had to be extremely cautious. The storms in Boundless Ocean were nothing like the storms in the continents.

Of course, to Ye Chen, it was mere tickling.

The storm's scope was limited. Flying few ten thousand li, Ye Chen left the storm and arrived in a clear sky with bright suns.h.i.+ne. When he looked back, all he saw was an endless darkness of the storm. It was like heaven and h.e.l.l.

A rainbow was stretching across the sky. Ye Chen seemed to have vaguely understood something, but not at the same time.

“Comprehension is still not enough.” And thus, he continued the process.

“That giant whale most likely can't win against the ocean snake.”

Battles occured in the boundless ocean all the time. The battle for territories could be seen everywhere. In Ye Chen's gaze, a ninth grade giant whale and a ninth grade ocean snake were fighting. The waves their battle set off didn't pale to a small storm. The weather fluctuated intensely, sometimes sunny, and other times dark clouds, accompanied by lightning and thunder.

At the center of the chaotic waves, an enormous, island-like giant whale was battling against a several thousand meters long ocean snake. if an ordinary person were to see this scene, their knees would go soft.

In the end, the snake bit the whale's neck, sticking its poisonous fangs inside the whale's body. As a result, the giant whale slowly stopped struggling and turned completely still.

“Mother nature is cruel—natural selection, and the survival of the fittest.”

Although Ye Chen was already aware of this principle, he had never understood its deeper meaning with a calm heart. There would be many people who knew the general principles, but those who could understand these principles at a deeper level were extremely rare.

Mother nature had a cruel side but also a gentle one.

In his journey, Ye Chen flew over many vibrant islands. The islands were lush and had people living in peace; farmers were working their fields, fishermen fished in the ocean, women were doing household work with little children following them. It brought a sincere smile on his face.

Sometimes, Ye Chen spent some time on the island. He farmed, fished, teased children, chatted with elders, and heard their adventures, developing an appreciation for their lives. Gradually, he grew a beard, which grew increasingly thick. However, his refined and handsome appearance made many women infatuated with him.


“Pirates are here!”

A fisherman jumped off the boat and yelled at the top of his lungs. Ye Chen turned his head and saw dozens of fully-armed battles.h.i.+ps approaching. All the battlefields had a white skull flag at the forefront.

There were martial-artists on the s.h.i.+p, but the highest cultivation was only at the Clasping Yuan realm. Moreover, there were only a few of them. Most of the martial artists had Qi Condensation cultivation base.

After all, his was merely an ordinary island.

“Haha, kill all the men and take the pretty women.”

On the s.h.i.+p at the forefront, a one-eyed man guffawed, and the pirates behind him began to laugh one after another. Such an ordinary island was worthless to them, but they could get some pretty women and curb their inner fires. Then, they would feed them to the fishes in the ocean. This was not the first time they were doing such a thing.

“Young man, I know you're a powerful martial artist, but you can see the number of pirates. You can still escape if you hurry!” The elder with whom Ye Chen usually chatted urged him.

“No need to worry elder, it's just a bunch of pirates!”

A cold light flickered in Ye Chen's eyes. Although he was comprehending the Life dao—meaning that life could be bright but also dark—it only meant he had to understand life and death, and not ignore it.

His body leapt forward, unsheathing the Evil Shattering Sword and slas.h.i.+ng at the ocean. A thousands of meters long frightening sword light cut open a huge tunnel in the ocean, so deep that even the ocean bed could be seen.

“Ah, a powerhouse! Escape!”

The pirates were terrified before they could even approach the island. They instantly tried to turn their s.h.i.+ps around amidst complete chaos.


However, all the battles.h.i.+ps were slashed apart. The pirates caught in the sword light directly disintegrated, whereas the pirates nearby turned into blood mist.

All dead!

Rumble! The water flowed in reverse, filling the deficiency created by the sword light. Meanwhile, everybody on the island was dumbstruck.

“He's actually a powerhouse! I thought he was an ordinary drifting martial artist.”

Some women felt disappointment. They were not a good match for such a person.

Upon exterminating the pirates, Ye Chen realized that even though he'd helped them for the time being, he could not help them forever. To survive in this world, one must have sufficient strength.

One of the youngsters on the island had a cultivation base of Clasping Yuan realm. Seeing that Ye Chen was so powerful, he immediately asked the latter for his tutelage.

Ye Chen taught him a few days and left some resources for him before leaving. In the future, perhaps that youngster would be killed by the pirates, or perhaps he would become a powerful expert. Who knew what the future held? Ye Chen could only give him the hope to become strong.

In the depths of the starry sky was an enigmatic and mysterious black region of primal chaos.

Deng Deng Deng!

From the depths of primal chaos, a light flickered and a frightening aura spread out. In the next moment, a roar resounded, and a blood mist sprayed out, sprinkling on a small star nearby. The small star shook and was flooded by blood water in the next moment.

“Humph, a mere five star also dares to come to this place?” From the depths of primal chaos, a voice came out.

“Hehe, a thousand years ago, a five star took advantage of our carelessness and slipped out. Now, they think that they can pa.s.s if their luck is good.”

“That only happens once in ten thousand years. With our watch over this place, not a single person from True Spirit World should even think about pa.s.sing.”

“Of course! But, when the next person shows up, let me act. I haven't moved in a long time. The time to switch is coming soon.”

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